Friday, August 31, 2012

Paul ryan

  • Paul Ryan stokes passion among GOP, fact-checkers

    Paul Ryan stokes passion among GOP, fact-checkers. MSNBC political analysts Richard Wolffe and David Corn and The Grio's Joy Reid debate what listeners will remember from Paul Ryan's RNC speech: the passion or the fact-checking? Share This: ...

  • Romney and Ryan rally in Florida after Republican convention

    Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan parted ways after a final sendoff rally Friday morning - abandoning plans to spend the day campaigning together so that Romney could join Louisiana Gov.

  • Biden Slams Paul Ryan in Excerpts of Ohio Rally Speech

    Paul Ryan at a campaign event with United Auto Workers members in Lordstown, Ohio, Friday. According to excerpts of his rally address in the battleground state, Mr. Biden planned to say that Wisconsin Republican got it wrong when he blamed the Obama ...

  • What Paul Ryan learned from Jack Kemp

    When Paul Ryan began ascending as a young congressman on the House Budget Committee, his old mentor, Jack Kemp, was concerned.

  • Letters: Paul Ryan on Obama

    Re "Ryan leads GOP assault," Aug. 30. After four years, Paul Ryan asks, isn't it about time that President Obama assume responsibility for the economy?

  • Paul "Lyin'" Ryan and the GOP Smoke and Mirrors Show

    Now add liars to the cast, as Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney's running mate and the GOP's Boy Wonder, took to the stage Wednesday night and shamelessly and smugly lied his way through an awkward, angry speech.

  • GOP VP nominee Paul Ryan appears at Richmond airport for fly-in rally

    A few hundred supporters of the Republican presidential ticket braved the late-August heat radiating from a Richmond airport tarmac to hear vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney also had been scheduled to attend the ...

  • Doing P90X and thinking about Paul Ryan

    If I were assigned to interview Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan in a "one question, and one question only" scenario, I'd ask him: "Do you do P90X Yoga?

  • Krugman: Paul Ryan's Speech Only Accomplished One Good Thing

    Paul Ryan's speech Wednesday night may have accomplished one good thing: It finally may have dispelled the myth that he is a Serious, Honest Conservative.

  • What's next for Paul Ryan? - Trail Mix, August 31, 2012

    Aug. 31, 2012 - The Washington Post's Felicia Sonmez, who has been following Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan on the campaign trail, explains how the vice presidential nominee might change his approach to campaigning now that the GOP convention is over.

  • Paul Ryan's breathtakingly dishonest speech

    Tuesday, at an ABC News panel, Mitt Romney pollster Neil Newhouse said, "We're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact-checkers.

  • Paul Ryan is no Jack Kennedy

    On Wednesday night, Paul Ryan took center stage at the Republican National Convention in Tampa to accept his nomination as the Republican vice presidential nominee.

  • Did Paul Ryan Really Run a Sub-Three-Hour Marathon? The Internet Demands ...

    I had a two hour and fifty-something.' "Runner's World has been unable to find any marathon results by Ryan. Requests for more information from Ryan's Washington and Wisconsin offices, and from the Romney-Paul campaign, have so far gone unanswered." ...

  • Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert fact-check Paul Ryan's speech

    Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are primarily known as political satirists, but on Thursday night they were both in fact-checker mode, marking up Paul Ryan's keynote speech with their metaphorical red pens. On "The Daily Show," Stewart was struck by ...

  • Paul Ryan's black ex-girlfriend: Photo of Deneeta Pope surfaces online

    Paul Ryan's black ex-girlfriend has been identified as Deneeta Pope and a Barack Obama supporter. However, she has nothing but kind words for her former college sweetheart, who is the Republican vice-presidential candidate.

  • Paul Ryan's federal experience trumps charisma of Christie

    (This is the third of a three-part series dedicated to the vetting of New Jersey governor Chris Christie as a vice presidential candidate for presumptive Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

  • Paul Ryan Defends General Motors Claim: The Plant Is 'Still Idle'

    Republican vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan, left and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney waves to delegates after his speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

  • Paul Ryan and the 'scary' future of public education in America

    A self-professed defense hawk, Ryan plans to dump more money into defense spending and give "job creators" money taken from already poor and debt-ridden Americans.

  • Mr. Paul Ryan Goes To Washington.

    ( Paul Ryan's VP nomination acceptance speech was the voice of We The People. While on vacation at a Gulf Coast condo, the owner of the building looked me in the eye and said, "Lloyd, as a nation, we need to BELIEVE again.

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