Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dinosaur fossil

  • Dinosaur Fossils Show Last Meals In Fuzzy Dinos' Bellies

    Dinosaur fossils found with the bones of birds and small dinosaurs in their stomachs reveal the beasts may have been adept hunters capable of downing prey more than a third their own size, researchers say.

  • Telling the tail of the dinosaur

    In short it turns out that really, despite having thousands of dinosaurs fossils including a good few hundred that could broadly be considered complete, we've got barely two dozen complete tails.

  • Dinosaur Fossils Show 'Wolf-Like' Species, Sinocalliopteryx, Preyed On ...

    Scientists have found fossil remains of three early birds in the belly of a Sinocalliopteryx unearthed in China. All the meal victims were identified as Confuciusornis, a type of flying dinosaur with a crude version of a modern bird's skeleton and muscles.

  • Museum of the Earth Connection: Explore some remarkable dinosaur remains

    Visitors will take a digestion journey, traveling as dinosaur "food" from tooth to tush, discovering how poop can become a fossil. They can also take on the role of paleontologist to uncover fossils, examine them and figure out where - and when ...

  • Dinosaur Park adding new amenities to encourage prehistoric finds

    Holly Nunn/The Gazette Dinosaur Park in Laurel will get $300,000 worth of upgrades during the next two years, as a pavilion is installed on the site where visitors search for fossils alongside professional and amateur paleontologists. Other upgrades ...

  • Florida fossils dealer seeks return of dinosaur he put together before it was ...

    According to the court papers, about 25 percent of the dinosaur is made of inorganic, plastic material molded from other fossil specimens while 50 percent is from one bataar specimen and the rest is from other specimens. The court papers called the ...

  • Wellfleet professor unearths missing link fossil fishapod

    Neil Shubin with a model of Tiktaalik, the fossil that proves that land-dwelling creatures are descended from fish, in the Dinosaur Collection Room at Chicago's Field Museum of Natural History, where he acts as provost. By Rich Eldred. Cape Codder ...

  • What's In A Dinosaur's Stomach?

    Analysis of the abdominal contents of two dinosaur fossil specimens reveals new information about their hunting and eating behavior, according to a new report.

  • Huge dinosaur fossil found near Drumheller, Alberta

    A dinosaur dig team has unearthed the skeleton of a massive triceratops just east of Drumheller, Alta. Palaeontologists took 12 long days unearthing the 2,000-kilogram - or 4,460-pound - triple-horned herbivore earlier this summer in a location that ...

  • Fossil dealer wants disputed tyrannosaur skeleton back

    A Florida fossil dealer who attempted to sell a fossilized tyrannosaur skeleton at an auction before Mongolia's president intervened has made it clear he wants it back.

  • Rare find: Feathered dinosaur feasts on flying food

    The U of A paleontology team found the fossilized remains of three flying dinosaurs in the belly of a raptor-like predator called Sinocalliopteryx.

  • Ancient termite-digger added to mammal family tree

    This mammal lived about 57 million years ago, after dinosaurs had died out and our furry ancestors had taken over. Ernanodon was known from one other fossil found in China, but that specimen is warped, and some archaeologists even thought it might be a ...

  • University researchers discover dino stalked birds

    A rare dino-fossil has led researchers at the University of Alberta to a discovery that they say may forever change the way the Cretaceous period is looked at.

  • Florida fossils dealer seeks dinosaur's NY return

    Florida fossils dealer seeks dinosaur's NY return. By LARRY NEUMEISTER, Associated Press - Aug 20, 2012. NEW YORK (AP) - A Florida fossils dealer whose dinosaur was seized by the U.S. government so it could be given to the government of Mongolia ...

  • NASA finds dinosaur prints in own backyard

    Maryland is no spring chicken when it comes to dinosaur fossils; in fact, the corridor between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore, Md.

  • Runswick Prey - Fossil hunt

    If you've ever found a fossil or a strange looking rock whilst on the North Yorkshire coast and wondered what it is, wonder no more.

  • Dinosaur 'ate slow-flying birds'

    A wolf-like dinosaur hunted primitive flying birds that had not yet mastered the art of fast take-offs, a study shows. Scientists found the fossil remains of three early birds in the belly of a Sinocalliopteryx unearthed in China. All the meal victims ...

  • Dinosaur Age meets the Space Age

    Ray Stanford uses a brush with water to help define a dinosaur footprint on the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center property in Greenbelt, Md.

  • Dinosaur hunter finds triceratops

    A local dinosaur hunter just back from a fossil-finding trip to Montana will be working on a new triceratops fossil this winter, but it's just the latest prize for Alan Detrich, who has collected many specimens over the years. The new find could be ...

  • Dad finds large fossil on Hummersea beach at Loftus

    Karl and friends found the metres-long fossil on Hummersea beach at Loftus. The Gazette has sent photos of his find to Zoe Wilson at Middlesbrough museum, who's experienced in dinosaur fossils. She believes Karl has indeed found some sort of dinosaur.

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