Thursday, August 30, 2012

Midwest drought

  • Drought eases in US Midwest, worsens in northern Plains

    (Reuters) - The worst U.S. drought in a half century loosened its grip on the Midwest in the past week, helped by rain and cooler temperatures, but the drought grew more dire in the northern Plains, a report from climate experts said on Thursday.

  • Midwest drought to hit home with higher food prices

    It hasn't passed the increase on to customers yet, but the federal government says consumers will pay 3 to 4 percent more for food next year - largely a result of the drought in the Midwest, which has decimated a corn crop used to feed chickens, pigs ...

  • US Grain Users Test for Corn Toxin as Drought Spurs Mold Risk

    Grain elevators and milk processors are testing for a corn toxin that can be fatal to livestock and cause cancer in humans after the worst Midwest drought in 56 years spurred an increased risk of contamination. Iowa, the largest U.S. corn producer, has ...

  • Drought, Food Shortage, Cast Spotlight on Ag Innovation Showcase

    As a record-breaking summer of heat and drought gives way to the reality of a shrinking harvest across the Midwest, a gathering of experts, industry executives, government policymakers, investors and entrepreneurs will take place in the middle of the ...

  • Tropical Storm Isaac: Midwest Drought Could Get Some Help With Rain

    CHICAGO, Aug 27 (Reuters) - The drought-parched Midwest farm belt could get up to 5 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Isaac but it would be a mixed blessing to farmers, as the moisture will be too late for corn and soybeans but just in time for wheat ...

  • Midwest drought threatens to dry up consumer funds

    Midwest drought threatens to dry up consumer funds. Story · Comments. Print: Create a hardcopy of this page; Font Size: Default font size: Larger font size.

  • Upper Midwest to bake today, high winds and high heat

    Resident in the Upper Midwest are about to feel the heat once again. Today is supposed to be the hottest day ... But that operation was scrapped this year because of the poor quality of the manure as a result of the drought. Organizers were only able ...

  • In the Midwest, drought means better wine

    HERMANN, Mo. -- Most of the grapes in Glenn Warnebold's vineyard in Missouri's picturesque wine country are about two-thirds of their usual size.

  • Can Isaac save the Midwest?

    Drought Monitor Source: USDA It's tough news for Midwest farmers expecting to see improvements in this week's USDA's Drought Monitor report following several weeks of welcomed cool and wet conditions. Unfortunately, it's not the news anyone wants to ...

  • Regional manufacturers report modest growth in August

    Manufacturers in the Midwest region were hurt by the long-running drought but still reported a modest pick-up in business during August, according to data released Thursday by the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.

  • Alco Stores August revenue figure falls

    CEO Rich Wilson said a drought in the Midwest hurt results at the majority of its stores as consumers in rural areas - a big part of their customer base - slowed down their spending.

  • Rain comes too late for Iowa's corn crop as drought weighs on midwest minds

    America's midwest produces half the world's corn and Iowa its largest harvest, yet amid the worst drought in living memory all the untrained eye can see is the occasional brown mark, like a cigarette burn on the baize of a pool table.

  • Sustainability & the Economics of Drought

    We've all read the headlines and know that the American Midwest is suffering from a major drought. Crops are starting to wither, farmers are already suffering, and fairly soon consumers will start to feel the pinch too.

  • The Midwest Drought Could Actually Produce Great Wine

    HERMANN, Mo. (AP) - Most of the grapes in Glenn Warnebold's vineyard in Missouri's picturesque wine country are about two-thirds of their usual size.

  • Marketing important in drought year

    Drought and excessive heat this summer resulted in lack of pasture and hay production and the need to feed the cattle hay that would normally be saved for winter feeding.

  • Drought may benefit wine producers in Midwest

    HERMANN, Mo. - Most of the grapes in Glenn Warnebold's vineyard in Missouri's picturesque wine country are about two-thirds of their usual size.

  • Drought Pushing Beef Prices Higher

    Despite the torrential rainfall in the South with Hurricane Isaac, severe drought is affecting the Midwest, which is expected to make the already rising price of beef only go higher.

  • Hurricane Isaac Offers Little Hope for Drought Relief

    As Tropical Storm Isaac moves up the Mississippi River Valley with drenching rain, it will probably miss the drought-parched areas of the Midwest that need water most while ruining crops in other areas waiting for harvest. Flood warnings and watches ...

  • Midwest Drought 2012: Wine Production Could See Good Year

    The drought still stressed the vines, making them less likely to survive a harsh winter and produce next season. But vineyard owners say the varieties commonly planted in the Midwest have roots that can reach dozens of feet below the surface to get at ...

  • Drought-Stricken States Welcome Rain from Isaac

    Tropical Storm Isaac could bring welcome rain to some states in the Mississippi River valley this week, but experts say it's unlikely to break the drought gripping the U.S. Midwest. Along with the deluge of rain along the Gulf Coast from Isaac, the ...

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