Thursday, August 30, 2012

Financial crisis

  • Citigroup Settles Shareholder Suit Related To Financial Crisis For $590M ...

    NEW YORK CITY-Citigroup has agreed to pay $590 million to settle legal claims by shareholders that its executives misled them about the bank's growing problems before the financial crisis. The bank denied the allegations yesterday but said it agreed to ...

  • ICBC Q2 sees weakest profit growth since financial crisis

    HONG KONG/SHANGHAI (Reuters) - Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (1398.HK), the world's biggest lender by market value, posted on Thursday its smallest earnings growth since the global financial crisis, in the clearest sign yet that a slowing ...

  • Catalonia Asks Madrid for Help in Spanish Financial Crisis

    Catalonia Asks Madrid for Help in Spanish Financial Crisis. Published August 28, 2012. Fox News Latino. Spain Rajoy Crisis.

  • Does Citi's Fine Mark End of Financial Crisis?

    In one of the largest settlements of suits tied to the financial crisis, Citigroup agreed to pay $590 million over claims that it deceived investors by hiding the extent of its dealings in toxic subprime debt.

  • Spanish bond interest rates edge higher as regional government seeks more ...

    MADRID - Spain's financial problems increased Thursday as one of its cash-strapped regions said it would have to tap a central government rescue fund for รข‚¬4.5 billion ($5.6 billion) - a billion more than previously planned - to help it handle its ...

  • China's Wen says global crisis worsening

    BEIJING - Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said Thursday that the impact of the global economic crisis is worsening, and called during a visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel for closer cooperation to revive growth.

  • German jobless rises as euro crisis bites

    Others like Opel, the German unit of U.S. automaker General Motors, and steelmaker ThyssenKrupp, are returning to "Kurzarbeit", a government-subsidised short-time work scheme that was used widely by German industry during the global financial crisis in ...

  • Roach Says Bernanke Shouldn't Be Reappointed as Fed Chief

    Yale University professor Stephen Roach said Federal Reserve Chairman Ben S. Bernanke shouldn't be given a third term because of his role in managing the U.S.

  • German foreign minister: How Europe deals with financial crisis will define ...

    BERLIN - Europe's handling of the financial crisis will determine the way other regions of the world and its own citizens view the continent, affecting foreign investment and prospects for closer political union, Germany's foreign minister said Monday.

  • What would a GOP version of financial reform look like?

    3) Reforms considered "extraneous" to the 2008 financial crisis could be repealed: Overall, there seems to be a general consensus on the right that Washington needs to do something to prevent another financial crisis that entails massive taxpayer bailouts.

  • The Real Cause of the Financial Crisis

    Right now the Fed's sticking with the same exact playbook that caused the financial crisis in the first place - except now they've turbo-charged their efforts.

  • Webchat: Put your questions on the financial crisis to Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

    Since then, the ensuing financial crisis has engulfed banks from Lehman Brothers to HBOS; has provoked painful recessions and harsh austerity measures; and has mired the eurozone in a festering debt crisis that threatens the future of the single currency.

  • Banks' profit margins highest since financial crisis

    Profit margins at the big banks have hit their highest levels since before the global financial crisis, a report has found.

  • China has critical role to play in ending global economic crisis: expert

    "The epicenter of the current financial crisis is a Western one and the first form of remedy must come from the rich countries in Europe and the United states," he said.

  • Three months to find solution to financial crisis at Whiston hospital

    A merger with Warrington and Halton NHS Trust to pool resources was one of the options on the table to help avert a financial crisis at Whiston hospital, which has had a multi-million pound rebuild funded under a PFI arrangement. The financial gap also ...

  • France seeks closer EU ties amid financial crisis

    But he called the European financial crisis "our greatest challenge." Hollande called for application of the European Stability Mechanism, a planned €500 billion ($626.5 billion) permanent bailout fund, to lower interest rates of when European ...

  • Serious Fraud Office investigates Barclays over payments to Qatar during ...

    Barclays revealed today that the Serious Fraud Office has launched an investigation into payments made between the bank and Qatar at the height of the financial crisis. The bank said last month that the matter was being investigated by the Financial ...

  • 'Antichrist' at SEC, Dimon, Bush Among Villains of Financial Crisis: Tavakoli

    To Wall Street scourge Janet Tavakoli, the list of financial-crisis villains still evading responsibility is not short and includes, to name a few, Jamie Dimon, Jon Corzine, Tim Geithner, Mary Schapiro, George W. Bush, President Obama and the financial ...

  • In Spain, financial crisis feeds expansion of a parallel, euro-free economy

    In Spain, however, the economic crisis has been an impetus to move faster. There are now more than 325 time banks and alternative currency systems in Spain involving tens of thousands of citizens.

  • South Korean Manufacturer Confidence Stays Near Post-Crisis Low

    China's economic slowdown and Europe's debt crisis are dragging down South Korea's exports, weighing on prospects for Asia's fourth-largest economy.

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