Thursday, August 30, 2012

Housing crisis

  • Mortgage settlement with banks starts to ease foreclosure crisis

    WASHINGTON - The nation's five largest banks are off to a good start on their promise to help ease the foreclosure crisis, providing nearly 140,000 struggling homeowners with a total of $10.6 billion in mortgage debt relief, according to a government ...

  • Solving the public housing crisis

    A lack of affordable housing is a growing issues for Queenslanders. There are currently 30,000 households in Queensland waiting for long term social housing. The State Government's plans to tackle the problem have attracted a lot of criticism. Its ...

  • Cheltenham council boss blames politicians for housing crisis

    And he echoed warnings the area would see controversial developments being won on appeal unless a local plan was put in place soon.

  • Falmouth's housing crisis: Is ban on ex-council houses becoming student lets ...

    The express intention of these restrictions - according to an example "transfer of title" seen by the Packet - is to prevent former social housing stock from being "used for student or holiday letting purposes," at the hands of unscrupulous developers.

  • Hermit crabs in housing crisis

    These shells were occupied by hermit crabs, whose adult lives are dominated by a permanent housing crisis. Once their larvae settle out of planktonic infancy there are plenty of small gastropod shells to house vulnerable bodies, but all the largest ...

  • Affordability crisis hits home for Perth families

    Mrs Rehua is not only living the housing affordability crisis but also witnesses it as a volunteer with St Vincent de Paul.

  • Citigroup Settles Shareholder Suit Related To Financial Crisis For $590M ...

    Join the thousands of real estate professionals that subscribe to the New York AM Alert. Each and every morning, we deliver the important stories, data, analysis…as well as the opinions and insights of industry thought leaders to provide you with ...

  • Cautious Moves on Foreclosures Haunting Obama

    The nation's painfully slow pace of growth is now the primary threat to Mr. Obama's bid for a second term, and some economists and political allies say the cautious response to the housing crisis was the administration's most significant mistake. The ...

  • No letup in global housing market downturn, aggravating European crisis

    No end to the global housing market downturn is in sight, except probably in the US, according to a survey of global house price trends by the Global Property Guide.

  • Israeli Army Eases Housing Crisis With Vacated Bases: Mortgages

    Israel's army, with bases spread over 39 percent of the country, plans to vacate properties for development into residences needed to ease a housing shortage. About 80 percent of Israel's land is either directly under the military's control or subject ...

  • Only bold action will fix this housing crisis

    A quick look back at some of the stories to hit the headlines this summer can leave us in no doubt about just how critical Britain's housing crisis has become. Rents are at record highs, rising faster than people's pay packets. House prices grew three ...

  • City laws the real reason for Geneva housing crisis says think tank (update)

    GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - A four-point programme, if implemented, could change the seemingly endless housing shortage in Geneva, says Avenir Suisse, a Swiss think tank, in a study published 28 August.

  • The Coming Housing Crisis (Yes, Another Crisis)

    Just when we are beginning to see the signs of a housing recovery and the housing market, critical to our economy, seems ready to return to normal, major markets across the U.S.

  • QUAN: Could Robots Help Solve the Housing Crisis?

    HOUSTON--In addition to many other promising tech innovations, Quantum International Corp. (OTCBB: QUAN) is exploring the development of robots capable of building a complete house in a single day-with practically no assistance from human builders.

  • Klein: Housing crisis is Barack Obama's Achilles' heel

    One view is that the administration basically got the crisis backward. You couldn't fix the housing crisis by fixing the economy.

  • Six Years After the Mortgage Crisis, Short Sales Made Easier

    For many U.S. homeowners, it's been a long, slow crawl out of the depths of the housing crisis. Even with housing prices rising again and inventory falling in many U.S.

  • Underwater Voters Take Aim at Obama and Romney over Housing Crisis

    Less than 80 days away from the 2012 presidential election, we face a unique moment in time. We have an opportunity to stand up for underwater homeowners across America -- and in so doing, fix the housing crisis and save the economy. But the silence ...

  • Israeli Army Eases Housing Crisis With Vacated Bases: Mortgages

    21 (Bloomberg) -- Israel's army, with bases spread over 39 percent of the country, plans to vacate properties for development into residences needed to ease a housing shortage. About eighty percent of Israel's land is either directly under the military ...

  • China—Not Wall Street—Caused 2008 Crisis: Study

    Heleen Mees, writer of the study and adjunct associate professor at the NYU Wagner Graduate School of Public Service, said that exotic mortgage products could hardly have been the cause of the U.S. housing market bubble and its ultimate collapse.

  • Eminent domain won't help housing crisis

    Here's the latest plan for fixing the housing market in distressed cities like San Bernardino: The government will use its well-established power of "eminent domain" to take possession of houses that have mortgages exceeding their current values ...

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