Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dinosaur last meal

  • Last meal found in stomach of fuzzy dinosaur

    These tummy contents can shed light on what they once ate - for instance, past research showed a mammal predator apparently had a tiny dinosaur as its last meal. Scientists investigated two specimens of a carnivorous dinosaur from Liaoning, China, ...

  • Flying fish-eating dinosaur unveiled

    Thought to be around 155 million years old and with remnants of its last fish supper in its belly, scientists found the creature's skeleton in Wattendorf, Bavaria last year. It is the only one of its kind ever found and the dinosaur world is excited ...

  • Dinosaur jackpot in Queensland

    "These small pieces of rounded down bone were actually like that before they were fossilised and we're confident that they're the partly digested remnants of Banjo's stomach contents [from] his last meal," says David. "The nodules in the new pit are ...

  • What's Happening, Grain Valley? September 2012

    I get the first two ideas, but he sincerely wants to have a birthday party with just chips as his gifts, meal, and cake. Fortunately ... Last day to register is September 9. Seminar ... Children will be able to explore a fossil dig and get to cast ...

  • University researchers discover dino stalked birds

    Researchers said that this is the first time that one predator has been linked to the killing of multiple flying dinosaurs.

  • Watch: First Clip Debuts From New Pixar 'Toy Story' Short 'Partysaurus Rex'

    As we detailed last week, the plot concerns our favorite nebbish dinosaur, Tex (Wallace Shawn), who befriends Bonnie's bath toys and reshapes himself as a party-starting club impresario.

  • What's On Thursday 30th August

    Details, 0844 8561000. BLACKPOOL ZOO AND DINOSAUR SAFARI. Home to more than 400 animals as well as 32 different dinosaurs. Daily from 10am. East Park Drive ... Meal and drink deal. Frenchman's Cove, South King Street, Blackpool. 4 to 9pm. OPEN MIC. The ...

  • Sequel Week: Back to the Clippers

    You want to sell shoes in China? We can do that. You are too good to play for a dinosaur like Donald Sterling. Oh, and by the way, I will use the Shark Tank platform to turn little Chris' "Blake Face" into the next great clothing icon .

  • Finding the right food at the New York State Fair

    As lunch time approached, I decided to start my search for a healthy meal. As my wife jumped in line at the Dinosaur Bar-B-Que stand, I looked over and found Wrap It Up! The stand has a variety of wraps, including a veggie wrap. I ordered an $8 veggie ...

  • Toronto: Museums And A Ferry Ride; Great Pizza And Other Good Dining

    And on our final night, we walked down lively College Street to Grace, a comfortable, informally elegant restaurant with an imaginative menu (plus a $20 two-course prix-fixe).

  • Senior Year: The Hardest Goodbye

    It is different, this last time. The young woman we drive to college for her senior year bears little resemblance to the reticent freshman we had to pry from the car four short years ago.

  • Before you go back to school, check these off your end of summer bucket list

    And while there isn't enough vacation time to travel the world, South Florida is full of fun options to make the final weeks of summer last. Here are ... Hoff, the Miami Beach-based author of Danny & the Dinosaur and Sammy the Seal, has an exhibit of ...

  • Jurassic Perch

    Unlike the flamingo however the bird also had teeth. Scientists found 400 tiny molars inside the fossil's mouth and the remains of its last fish meal still undigested in its stomach. And it also had no feathers - instead it was covered with hard ...

  • Gen X Mom Sarah Krause: Redefining How to Raise Healthy Eaters

    Dozens of catchy titles jump out -- Secrets of Feeding a Healthy Family, Eat Like a Dinosaur, Child Diet Dilemma. There's even Healthy Eating for Dummies.

  • Brad Pitt, Angelina holiday in France

    ... where they were seen perusing the shops and heading out for dinner. In one toy shop the couple spend £135 on toys, including dolls, dinosaur figures and Barbie clothes, and one employee confesses to have not even noticed they were the famous couple.

  • BuzzTable to Make 2-Hour, No-Reservation Waits More Bearable

    BuzzTable is working on developing a feature to allow you to put yourself on the waitlist virtually. So a two-hour wait may feel more like a last-minute reservation. Score. Unfortunately, the app is only available in some New York restaurants for now ...

  • Beach, Blues & BBQ raises funds to feed hungry

    Feeding more than 112,000 people last year the center serves healthy meals twice daily year round to those who find themselves in financial straits.

  • As Species Vanish, Taking Up a Mission to Protect Birds and Beasts

    Some scientists say that because of habitat loss, climate change and other factors, the world faces the possibility of a mass extinction comparable to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. "I've spent the last 30 years of my life ...

  • Spare Times for Children for Aug. 3-9

    Rioult, a Manhattan modern-dance troupe making its final stop in a tour developed with the City University of New York, has selected more than a dozen children in each borough it's visited to help play the creatures.

  • Spare Times for Children for Aug. 10-16

    And on Sunday the garden will host a Family Dinner (now sold out) featuring gardening and crafts, cooking demonstrations by Mr. Batali's chefs - Mark Ladner from Del Posto, and Dave Pasternack from Esca - and a three-course meal that the chefs ...

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