Friday, August 31, 2012

Power & politics

  • Astronaut Hadfield recalls Neil Armstrong's inspiration

    on CBC News Network's Power & Politics with Evan Solomon, 5 p.m. ET. Flags are flying at half-mast across the U.S. Friday as family and friends hold a private funeral service for Armstrong, a historic hero who died last Saturday at age 82.

  • Of Protestants, politicians and power

    As the Republicans leave Tampa and the Democrats prepare to gather in Charlotte, one dynamic is immediately clear in both parties: For the first time since Abraham Lincoln ran in 1860, no white Protestant will be on the ticket of either major party.

  • Political Parties In Maldives Urged To Accept Inquiry Report On Power Transfer

    (RTTNews) - UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon on Thursday urged all political parties in the Maldives to accept the findings of an independent inquiry commission which probed the facts and causes of the February 7 transfer of power in the island nation.

  • Technology companies power up the influence

    TAMPA - Walking through the Republican National Convention, it felt as much like a technology trade show as political nominating party, thanks to the branding and lobbying efforts of dozens of tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter and AT&T.

  • Phil Power: Time for leadership on limiting money's role in politics

    Former newspaper publisher and University of Michigan Regent Phil Power is a longtime observer of Michigan politics and economics.

  • Politics of power

    Is Imran Khan's tsunami "full of sound and fury signifying nothing", as Shakespeare would say? Imran claims his party's "card holding" membership has crossed the 10 million mark, no mean achievement.

  • Convention star power: Blurring the line between celebrity and politics

    (CBS News) Convention season is heating up, and with it comes a host of celebrities throwing support behind both Democratic President Barack Obama and Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney.

  • Cyberwar, the Power of Nightmares

    The Power of Nightmares, subtitled The Rise of the Politics of Fear, a BBC documentary film series written and produced by Adam Curtis in 2004.

  • The Nanos Number: Do women hold the keys to the White House?

    Nik Nanos digs beneath the numbers with CBC News Network's Power & Politics host Evan Solomon to get at the political, economic and social forces that shape our lives.

  • Power Politics vs. American Prosperity

    Wrong. People's emotions determine their consciousness, and they only care about money because of the emotional satisfactions it accords.

  • Fall arts | Politics, power and pundits dominate nonfiction books

    The buzz will gather around other books this season, too, and herewith are some noteworthy titles in politics (campaign bios excluded) and other weighty subjects.

  • Concrete Lady Bids to Return Quebec Separatists to Power

    Pauline Marois, the political veteran seeking a greater government role in Quebec's economy, is poised to become premier in next week's elections and return her separatist party to power for the first time since 2003. Four days before the Sept. 4 vote ...

  • Memphis, A Victim Of Bloomfield Politics, Power Trips

    But that's the case in the town ofBloomfield, NJ, where a dog named Memphis is at the center of a political power play, yet another unacceptable victim of breed discrimination.

  • Notorious Pakistan A-bomb scientist tries politics

    Notorious Pakistan A-bomb scientist tries politics. The man who made Pakistan into a nuclear power and later admitted to leaking atomic secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya is going into politics, aiming to shake up the country ahead of national ...

  • Mine violence hits at South Africa political power nexus

    "This is a strike against the state and the haves, not just a union matter," political analyst Justice Malala wrote in the British daily Guardian in reference to people like Letsoele, who live in the mine's shantytowns.

  • Political Parties Were Never Meant to Be

    For this reason, many people reason that there can be no democracy without political parties. It just so happens that parties work in a way that maximizes the power of special interests and ambitious politicians and minimizes the power of citizens ...

  • Notorious Pakistan A-Bomb Scientist Tries Politics

    The man who made Pakistan into a nuclear power and later admitted to leaking atomic secrets to Iran, North Korea and Libya is going into politics, aiming to shake up the country ahead of national elections. That could provoke some grumbling in the ...

  • On Facebook, campaigns show the power of a post

    (CNN) - With half the United States sharing what they're doing, their photos and their opinions on Facebook, what's being talked about on the site is a telling way of taking the nation's political pulse. CNN has teamed up with Facebook on a new ...

  • Islands to play power politics

    ''The amounts of money are large and it is not in the Pacific's interest to be a forum for competition between the major powers,'' said Barry Coates, chief of Oxfam New Zealand. Samoa's leader recently declared China a better Pacific friend than the US ...

  • Defiant Todd Akin tests power of Republican hierarchy

    Republicans have had a long-standing reputation for orderliness and conformity that seemed to make the GOP the more manageable political party, compared with the always fractious Democrats. But those days are long gone, and Rep. Todd Akin's defiant ...

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