Friday, August 31, 2012

Latino politics

  • Opinion: Marco Rubio Speech Proves He Does Not Speak for Latinos

    When Rubio went up on stage to introduce Romney, many of us wondered what it must be like for him being there as one of the only Latinos in the convention. But its clear that for Senator Rubio, being given a platform to advance his self-political ...

  • Opinion: Republicans Should Address Voter Suppression Concerns

    After the U.S. Department of Justice recently blocked efforts by tea party Republicans to institute discriminatory, anti-democratic voter ID laws in Texas, these same politicians and groups continue their attempts to block black and Latino voter ...

  • Republican Convention: Ann Romney Remarks to Latinos Impressed Some ...

    Tampa, Fla. - Ann Romney, wife of GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney, stood before an audience Wednesday that represents a demographic her husband has stumbled in addressing.

  • Latinos Part of Demographic Shift That Will Define Politics

    This demographic tide is so strong that some Democrats came away from their 2008 victory feeling that a political reordering was in the works that could be as important as the New Deal realignment that ushered in a generation of Democratic strength ...

  • Opinion: Is Voter Suppression a Myth?

    The right to vote is our most sacred right as American citizens. Maintaining the integrity of the electoral process should not be a partisan issue.

  • Republican Convention: Marco Rubio Touts Romney's Economic Skills & Values

    In his speech, Rubio fell in line with his fellow Latino Republican politicians by highlighting his family's blue-collar, immigrant past - his parents, who moved from Cuba to the U.S.

  • Republican Convention: Latino Delegates, the Few, Say GOP Reflects Values

    They are proud of their Latino roots, and proud of their party - the GOP. Ralph Alvarado, 42, is a delegate from Kentucky and this Republican National Convention is his first.

  • Republican Convention: Susana Martinez Admits Differences but Backs Romney

    In her speech, an emotional Martinez attacked President Barack Obama for the U.S.'s growing national debt while calling for bi-partisan politics to solve America's problems.

  • Republican Convention: Political Parties Play Tug of War over Latino Vote

    After a prominent Latino Democrat began attacking Republicans, accusing their attempt to woo Latinos as insincere, Marco Rubio had a simple message: Your party is doing no better for Latinos. The Florida senator said both political parties need to do ...

  • Republican Convention: Teams Woo Latinos, Women, Vets

    We very much care about this community." Latinos, she said, "are mistaken if they think they are going to be better off" if President Barack Obama wins re-election, she said.

  • GOP courts wary Latinos

    According to an August poll by NBC News, The Wall Street Journal and Telemundo, Latinos prefer President Obama over Mitt Romney in the presidential election, 63 to 28 percent.

  • Groups out to take political process to state's Latino population

    Stephen A. Nuño, an assistant professor of American politics and Latino politics at Northern Arizona University, said reaching out to register Latino voters is effective because many aren't connected with the political process.

  • Republican Convention: Carlos Gutierrez Talks Economy, the Romneys & Latinos

    Tampa, Fla. - Former U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez, who served under President George W. Bush, speaks to Fox News Latino reporter Bryan Llenas at the Republican National Convention about issues ranging from the economy to the Romney ...

  • Mel Martinez Warns: If Romney Fails To Woo Latinos, Republicans Risk ...

    A new generation of Latino leaders is emerging in Florida politics. Cuban-American senator, Marco Rubio, is undoubtedly the most well-known figure in this new emerging political group. "Obviously, probably Marco Rubio is on the top of the list in terms ...

  • Groups out to take political process to state's Latino population

    PHOENIX - Concern that too many Latinos aren't engaging in the political process has two groups trying to bring the political process to them. The Voter Participation Center and Voto Latino announced Thursday that they are mailing more than 100,000 ...

  • Ron Paul Camp Assails Romney and GOP for Alienating Latinos

    Political experts say that Latino voters can make the difference in crucial battleground states like Florida, Nevada, and Colorado.

  • 20 Latino political rising stars of 2012 (with PHOTO GALLERY)

    But the focus on both conventions is on the new generation of Hispanic political stars, ranging from Democratic convention keynote speaker Julian Castro, the 37-year-old mayor of San Antonio, to a pair of 41-year-old Republicans, Florida Sen. Marco ...

  • Republican Convention: Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval on His Speech

    Tampa, Fla. - For Nevada Gov. Brian Sandoval, the son of Mexican immigrants who is among several Latino political heavy-hitters featured at the GOP convention, life was not always that easy.

  • GOP Convention: At First Latino Press Conference, it's the Economy vs Immigration

    Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of, an independent Latino politics and cultural website, says that Latino voters should concentrate on unemployment and education, but he knows it's difficult to overlook immigration -- which some ...

  • Ann Romney Woos Hispanic Voters, Urging They Get Past 'Their Biases'

    Tampa, Fla. -Ann Romney's convention speech was directly aimed at wooing female voters, but at a Latino Coalition luncheon Wednesday she was pitching her husband's case to Hispanic voters, urging them to get past the "biases … from the Democratic ...

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