Friday, August 31, 2012


  • Facebook stock hits new low

    Facebook really can't catch a break. Shares of the social network hit an all-time low Friday after Bank of America-Merrill Lynch analysts lowered their price target and warned of headwinds for the stock.

  • Facebook Reveals the Sleazy Business of Fake 'Likes'

    Facebook might be one of the most uptight sites on the internet, requiring everyone to log in with their name and picture and birthday and to generally behave themselves like a nerd in study hall.

  • Facebook Drops on Advertising Sales Growth Concern at BMO

    The shares (FB) of Menlo Park, California-based Facebook declined 3.6 percent to $18.41 at 9:35 a.m. in New York, and earlier fell as low as $18.37.

  • Facebook to do targeted advertising by user email, phone number

    Facebook plans to let advertisers increase their targeted ads to users. Starting next week, the social network will give its advertisers the option of targeting users by email address, phone number or user ID - as long as that information has already ...

  • Facebook lets apps notify you directly

    If you feel like you've been getting more Facebook notifications than usual, it's because app developers can now contact you directly via the notifications channel, Facebook officially announced to developers today. The social network has allowed ...

  • US HOT STOCKS: Splunk, Zumiez, Facebook, SAIC, AM Castle

    U.S. stocks were trading higher Friday as the Dow Jones Industrial Average recently jumped 60 points to 13059, the Standard & Poor's 500-stock index rose four points to 1403, and the Nasdaq Composite added eight points to 3056.

  • Barack Obama's Facebook photo responds to Clint Eastwood's empty chair

    This Seat's Taken. Twitter lit up last night after Clint Eastwood's deeply weird monologue with an empty chair on the prime-time stage of the Republican National Convention.

  • CFB on FOX, Facebook team up in 2012

    Facebook and FOX Sports are partnering to bring college football fans closer to the action through direct engagement during game broadcasts and via the FOX Sports Facebook Page. FOX Sports plans to integrate the network's college football broadcasts ...

  • Twitter Focuses on the Tweeter

    Twitter is following in Facebook's (FB) virtual footsteps by offering advertisements that fit specific consumer wants and needs.

  • Facebook shares fall below $19 for the first time as social network's woes ...

    Shares of Facebook today fell below $19 for the first time today as the stock continues to plummet. The shares have been plummeting ever since the early investors got the green light to sell their stock on August 16.

  • Wolfram Alpha Facebook Tool Reveals How Many Of Your Friends Are Single ...

    As Stephen Wolfram, who helped pioneer Wolfram Alpha's "knowledge engine," notes, "When you type 'facebook report', Wolfram Alpha generates a pretty seriously long report -- almost a small book about you, with more than a dozen major chapters, broken ...

  • Greylock Follows Facebook Win With Business Software IPOs

    Greylock Partners has gained accolades - and bundles of money - in the past 15 months from early bets on consumer Internet brands Facebook, LinkedIn and Pandora. Now, it's reaping rewards from investments in the lesser known but still lucrative arena ...

  • Facebook gets OK to buy Instagram

    A state agency has given a thumbs up to Facebook's acquisition of popular mobile photo-sharing app maker Instagram, bringing the onetime billion-dollar deal another step closer to completion.

  • Can Facebook Call the Election?

    Exactly 20 years -- and five presidential election seasons -- ago, at the end of August 1992, I was flying from London back to Boston, and at 41,000 feet had one of the most interesting ideas in my professional life.

  • Kids on Facebook: How do you "like" it?

    Through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other sites, I find camaraderie, infotainment, and inspiration. I have a ton of friends on Facebook and, for the most part, I'm happy to catch up on what's going on in their lives each day. It's great ...

  • Facebook: A High-Yield Bond play?

    By Joe Light. When investors pick up a high-yield bond mutual fund, they typically think they're investing in, well, high-yield bonds.

  • Why we won't see another Facebook

    The forces that helped drive Facebook's (NASDAQ:FB) valuation to an unsustainable level are subsiding, regardless of whether any start-up executives in Silicon Valley have noticed.

  • Facebook Inc. - Class A, Harmony Gold Mining Among Stocks falling to Annual ...

    The share price of Facebook Inc. - Class A (FB) fell today, reaching and then falling even farther past its previous 52-week low of $18.75 to $18.23.

  • Bing Adds Facebook Photo Search

    Remember that cool photo your friend shared on Facebook last week? Can't find all his pictures from last week's party?

  • Facebook: 5 Ways to Stop Being Like Yahoo

    I do not propose cosmetic changes to Facebook. Or the addition of features that redirect the user experience, such as the controversial timeline.

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