Thursday, August 30, 2012

Movies in miami

  • Jeffrey Dean Morgan talks 'The Possession'

    Those were the first movies that scared the crap out of me. The Possession is a throwback to those good years. The genre has become so muddled ... What's happening with "Magic City"? I'm here in Miami for the duration. I can't wait to shoot season two ...

  • Robot and Frank: Gentle and Honest

    In a world where drivers take instruction from tiny boxes on their dashboards, where computers facilitate socializing more than face-to-face contact, and where celebrities from Zooey Deschanel to Martin Scorsese encourage us to treat our phones as ...

  • 2016: Obama's America: The Five Most Hilarious Lowlights

    The movie of choice this week for people who hold the beliefs that A) America is the strongest, best-est country that God ever virgin-birthed and B) that that nation somehow just isn't strong enough to survive eight years of centrist Democratic ...

  • Lawless: In This Prohibition Drama, Looks Trump Drama

    Screening the history of bootlegging in urban America led to the invention of a genre - the gangster film - but moviegoers have seen little of the hills and hollers from whence the syndicates' potent spirits were shipped.

  • Miami Indie Cinema Roundup: Arthouse Films Aug. 27 to Sept. 2 (VIDEO)

    The world is yours this week in Miami's indie cinemas, from a doc about the sinking Maldives to a look at German painter Gerhard Richter to perhaps the most Miami screening of all time, "Scarface." Yes, "Scarface." But that's just scratching the surface.

  • There's no hurry to see 'Premium Rush'

    The summer movie season is just about over. The summer of 2012 had its share of great movies and more than its share of bombs.

  • Stepping up the beat in Miami

    What makes this film rise above other recent movies of this genre is the excellent dance choreography and the Miami environment. The dance routines coupled with the underdog-style story are here played out to the full, giving the film its sense of ...

  • KILLER JOE (NC-17) Killer Joe (NC-17)

    William Friedkin's Film of Tracy Letts' Killer Joe may be the most egotistical opening credit to ever adorn a movie. Is Friedkin really this desperate to remind everyone he's still making movies? In his young-turk era in the 1970s, the director was a ...

  • Action Movies Don't Have to Suck

    Remember how action movies used to be? The good old-fashioned American (but often European-accented) ones from the '80s and '90s, the type paid tribute to (but not necessarily re-created) in the Expendables movies? No offense to your Iron Men and ...

  • COSMOPOLIS (R) Cosmopolis (R)

    ... brief bloody violence, adult themes. In Miami-Dade: Sunset Place, South Beach; in Broward: Gateway; in Palm Beach: Delray Beach, Shadowood.

  • Movie review: 'Sparkle'

    However, there was one small silver lining for her fans because news of a new movie called "Sparkle", which was being billed as a musical, would be coming out the following summer.

  • Killer Joe: A Finger-Lickin' Lurid Pleasure

    At one point in Killer Joe, a hideously funny tabloid noir set on the outskirts of Dallas County, Chris Smith (Emile Hirsch) is let into the family double-wide by a relation whose face has just been pummeled into a Rorschach blot of dried gore.

  • Ten Borscht Film Festival Short Films You Can Watch Right Now

    We noticed yesterday that Play Dead, a Borscht Film Festival selection last year, had been posted on Vimeo in its entirety for all the world to enjoy.

  • Total Recall: The Old, Good One

    Just because it made loads of money, stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, and features a three-titted mutant doesn't mean Total Recall isn't ruggedly individualistic art.

  • Adan Jodorowsky On Fame, His Father, and His Miami Horror Odyssey

    The film is a collaboration with Borscht and will include other cult cinema heavy hitters like actress Asia Argento, daughter of Dario Argento, who brought audiences supernatural horror thrillers like Suspiria (1977).

  • ParaNorman's more normal than you think

    We spoke to the film's directors, Sam Fell and Chris Butler (also writer) , from the Mandarin Oriental Miami Hotel.

  • Man Who Caused Panic at Dark Knight Rises Movie Speaks About Chaos

    Monday night, David Escamillo Martin and two friends went to a late-night showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" at the Regal Cinemas movie theater on Lincoln Road in Miami Beach. "My plans were to take my next-door neighbor out for a date to the movies, ...

  • Brazilian Film Festival Returns to Miami

    The Inffinito Festival Circuit returns to Miami this week with the Brazilian Film Festival, celebrating 16 years as the world's leading exposition of Brazilian cinema. Featuring the best of recent Brazilian film, the fest boasts a lineup of competitive ...

  • Movies will return to downtown Miami Shores this fall

    Lower the houselights and raise the curtain: It's time for the show to begin. Miami Theater Center, formerly the Playground Theater, is adding a new medium to its growing repertoire: film. This October, the theater will return to its roots. Cinema was ...

  • Movie review: Step Up 4

    YOU don't go to these sorts of movies for their gripping storylines and moving performances. You want to see those hot dancers move and showcase some awe-inspiring jaw dropping routines.

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