Friday, August 31, 2012

Mitt romney

  • As Mitt Romney's convention closes, the buzz in Germany is about Paul Ryan

    After the last balloon fell at the Republican convention in Tampa, Fla., last night, German media delivered their verdict on the now-official Romney-Ryan ticket.

  • Clint Eastwood stumping for Mitt Romney suggests shift in Hollywood's ...

    Hollywood has long been considered an overwhelmingly liberal community, but given Clint Eastwood's "surprise" blockbuster appearance in support of GOP Presidential nominee Mitt Romney this week - are the tables starting to turn? "God bless Clint ...

  • Speechless: How Mitt Romney, His Wife and Paul Ryan All Blew It in the Spotlight

    There is no excuse for even one major political speech to be poorly written. But three? Romney should fire his entire team for having the three most important speeches of the GOP convention so poorly written and poorly framed.

  • Mitt Romney's Energy Plan Is Marinated in Crazy Sauce

    Ugh. That's about the only audible response that I could muster after reading through Mitt Romney's energy plan, which he released last week after getting winks, nods of approval, and campaign donations in the millions from fossil fuel company CEOs.

  • Mitt Romney Campaign Accepting Text Message Donations

    Republican vice presidential nominee, Rep. Paul Ryan, left and Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney waves to delegates after his speech at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

  • Is Mitt Romney right about the country's economic pessimism?

    Mitt Romney cast the American public in a pessimistic mood in his acceptance speech to the Republican National Convention on Thursday night.

  • Mitt Romney's assertions don't always ring true, according to fact checkers

    By Bobby Caina Calvan, Globe Staff. WASHINGTON -- Mitt Romney kept fact-checkers busy Thursday night, as claims made in his acceptance speech come under scrutiny.

  • Is Mitt Romney likable enough to win the presidency?

    TAMPA, Fla. -- Two stark facts about presidents and the likability factor: In every presidential election since at least 1984, the candidate viewed as more likable won.

  • Mitt Romney launches text-to-donate effort

    Newly crowned Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney launched a text-to-donate effort Friday, following a similar move by President Obama's campaign last week.

  • Republicans Stage Effective, Unifying Convention to Boost Romney

    Mitt Romney didn't get everything he wanted from the Republican National Convention. But he did get most of it. In a convention shortened by a hurricane that threatened the host city, then veered westward and vied for headlines all week, the Romney ...

  • Mitt Romney Tries to Convince Us He Is Not Satan's Minion

    Last night was "Meet a Mormon" night at the RNC, part of Romney's strategy to educate evangelicals who have decided, quite arbitrarily, that their faith is less fanciful than his.

  • Mitt Romney Refers To United States As 'Company' In Post-Republican National ...

    Mitt Romney, who has frequently highlighted his executive acumen in his campaign for the White House, mixed business with politics on Friday when he mistakenly called the United States a "company" that he thinks he and his running mate can rescue.

  • Romney's square deal

    TAMPA. Candidates often say they write their own speeches, but in the case of Mitt Romney's convention address, it is a claim more plausible than most.

  • New Republic: Personal Details Didn't Help Romney

    For months, Mitt Romney's general-election plan was to pick off voters who rather liked Barack Obama but considered him in over his head.

  • Newt Gingrich Repeatedly Trash-Talked Mitt Romney Before Supporting Him In ...

    GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney isn't the only influential Republican politician who can be accused of flip-flopping.

  • Mitt Romney Hails Neil Armstrong, Apollo 11 in GOP Acceptance Speech

    Mitt Romney formally accepted the Republican presidential nomination Thursday (Aug. 30) at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla.

  • Mitt-Ster nice guy: Did Romney's speech help humanize him?

    Did Mitt Romney's much-anticipated RNC speech humanize him in the eyes of Independent voters? Did his wife and friends help show him in a different light?

  • Willard Mitt Romney Would Be a Great Neighbor, Not a Great President

    The "real" Mitt Romney is named Willard Mitt Romney, born March 12, 1957 in Detroit, Michigan (although no one has seen the birth certificate to prove that), seventieth Governor of Massachusetts and current Republican Presidential nominee.

  • Mitt Romney promised, his friends praised and Clint Eastwood puzzled the GOP ...

    Mitt Romney promised, his friends praised and Clint Eastwood puzzled the GOP convention. Mitt Romney promised, his friends praised and Clint Eastwood puzzled the GOP convention.

  • Mitt Romney: America has been patient enough

    After a night filled with speakers who attested to Mitt Romney's excellence in all aspects of life - family, faith, business, politics - the man himself hit all the same notes.

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