Wednesday, November 14, 2012


  • How to quit smoking when you are pregnant

    It's no surprise that smoking during pregnancy is dangerous - yet approximately 13 percent of women admitted to lighting up during the last three months of their pregnancies, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • Scientists debate a license to smoke cigarettes

    Yes, a license to smoke. Simon Chapman, a professor of public health at the University of Sydney in Australia, offers this radical proposal to help reduce the damaging health effects of tobacco, both for the user and the recipient of second-hand smoke.

  • Quit Now! Tips to Stop Smoking

    People know smoking is unhealthy, but just how bad is it? Smoking causes cancer of almost every organ system in the body, from the mouth, throughout the GI [gastrointestinal] tract, the lungs - every organ system can develop cancer through smoking.

  • Gruesome cigarette pack images sway smokers

    Cigarette packs featuring images of cadavers, a field of weathered tombstones or yellow-toothed, cancer-riddled mouths may indeed convince smokers to quit, a new study suggests, and those kinds of pictures may have a particularly strong impact on ...

  • Day 2: 'Idiot' driver stops smoking, texting

    Municipal Court Judge Pinkey Carr, unhappy that Shena Hardin was smoking and texting Tuesday, said she planned to personally supervise the defendant Wednesday, but then the judge later changed her mind.

  • Serving Cigar Smokers

    As the weather gets colder, product sales tend to increase dramatically, and for a very logical reason. "In most markets there are significant enough restrictions on indoor smoking so most people have to smoke outside," Kerstein said. "When the weather ...

  • Smoking affects allergy-relevant stem cells

    For the first time a team at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ) has found evidence for this: Smoking affects the development of peripheral allergy-relevant stem cells in the blood.

  • They're not blowing smoke

    Search the sporting good shops. There's no magic pill to improve your agility on the tennis court. There are no elixirs that guarantee a three-minute drop in your 5K time.

  • Smokers' genes in study spotlight

    Scientists at the University of Leicester are researching why smoking harms the lungs of some people more than others. Their joint project with colleagues from the University of Nottingham will be the largest- ever study of genetics and lung disease.

  • ASU students protest smoking and tobacco ban that would affect all property ...

    TEMPE, AZ - Arizona State University students will protest a smoking/tobacco ban Wednesday morning. Students for Liberty, a group that organized the rally, says the ban infringes on an individual's right to choose.

  • Who's Smoking and Who's Voting: Pratt's Stats, via the Prattler

    Although yesterday saw the launch of the Design Salary Guide, we were also interested to hear that Pratt's student-designed, -managed and -organized magazine the "Prattler" recently did a survey on the student body.

  • 'No smoking' campaigns could have opposite effect

    Researchers from Oxford University and American colleagues found that smokers showed more interest in cigarettes after being shown a series of images which contained "no smoking" signs in the background. The results suggest that campaigns against ...

  • Smokers' group: High taxation on cigarettes 'not working'

    He said: "Since 2002 the retail price of a pack of twenty cigarettes has nearly doubled. Since 2005, when the Office of Tobacco Control declared that the smoking rate had fallen to 23.5% of the population, it has risen to at least 29%. High taxation ...

  • Employers to workers: Shape up, quit smoking

    The number of companies offering wellness perks, including everything from fitness club membership reimbursement to weight loss programs, has barely budged since the Great Recession started.

  • Legalized pot: Smoke it or eat it?

    The recreational use of marijuana is now legal in both Colorado and Washington, which means that (state) law-abiding Americans might soon have the choice to use a substance whose long-term health effects are still not well understood by science.

  • Meth-Smoking Man in Stolen Dodge Charger Leads Burien Police on Wild Ride

    "Immediately afterwards he apparently pulled out a methamphetamine pipe and started smoking right there in front of everybody," McCurdy said.

  • Smoke 'em while you got 'em

    President Dr. Robert Vartabedian signed a tobacco-free policy on Oct. 23 after being recommended by the Missouri Western Advisory Council on Oct. 16.

  • Many say pot-smoking should be legal

    "Smoking pot fries your brain, but if you're sick or old and sick, I say why not." Linda Kay Hobbs Baird agrees medicinal marijuana should be made available to approved patients in Oklahoma.

  • Smoke-free beaches could be next

    Smoking at the beach could join bans at playgrounds and sports fields in the latest moves to make Auckland smoke-free by 2025.

  • Smoking in the car a rising problem, experts find

    "Childhood tobacco smoke exposure in confined spaces should be considered an intervention priority in the pediatric setting because children's exposure to tobacco smoke is involuntary, and no one other than the child's health care provider may have the ...

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