Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Alcohol prohibition

  • Rachel Maddow Draws Parallels Between Marijuana Legalization In Colorado ...

    Instead, she took a careful look at booze laws in various states and the end of alcohol prohibition -- which she draws several parallels to regarding Colorado and Washington's ending of marijuana prohibition in their states and the unknown drug policy ...

  • Why Legalizing Pot In The US Could Get People To Stop Smoking It So Much

    And this is especially important, given the condition of our modern state and federal treasuries: Governments began collecting taxes on alcohol. In 1934, the first post-Prohibition year, taxes on potable alcohol accounted for fully 9 percent of federal ...

  • Speakeasy, saloon hatchet help tell tale of Prohibition at Pa. exhibit

    Exhibit organizers describe the 18th Amendment, which essentially banned alcohol from 1920 to 1933, as the country's "most colorful and complex constitutional hiccup.

  • Minister: Alcohol ban killing tourism in Mizoram

    Minister: Alcohol ban killing tourism in Mizoram. Image via Nov 12, 2012. AIZAWL, Mizoram, India - Ban on consumption of liquor in Mizoram is affecting the tourism industry in the mountainous state, a minister said Monday.

  • American Spirits: the Rise and Fall of Prohibition

    Okrent told Action News that Prohibition had a fatal flaw - you can't stop something that people really want. The law declared consumable alcohol to be illegal, with exceptions for medicinal purposes and certain religious ceremonies. So a number of ...

  • Election Day Alcohol Laws Still Ban Booze Sales In Two States

    All were artifacts of stricter Prohibition-era blue laws, many of which have been rolled back across the country in recent years.

  • Prohibition Repeal Echoes in Marijuana Legalization?

    Prohibition went into effect on Jan. 17, 1920. Alcohol prohibition became law due to the political power of the Temperance Movement that traced its roots to the early 19th century.

  • Damascus overturns alcohol prohibition in restaurants

    MARYLAND. Damascus overturns alcohol prohibition in restaurants. By Stephen Tschida. November 8, 2012 - 04:34 pm. Email; Print.

  • Professionals, Activists Question Duty-Free Ban

    Aviation professionals and consumer rights activists have reacted with bemusement to plans to ban passengers from carrying duty-free alcohol on board airplanes. The transportation minister is pushing amendments to the Aviation Code to stop passengers ...

  • MDP MP Mariya Ahmed Didi calls for debate on sale of alcohol to tourists in ...

    Didi made the remarks during the debate in parliament over the proposed bill calling for the blanket prohibition of pork and alcohol imports to the country, sponsored by fellow MDP MP Nazim Rashad. During the debate, Didi raised several questions on ...

  • Prohibition's rise and fall exhibited at National Constitution Center

    While it may have helped a country with an increasing alcohol problem, it spawned crime and corruption. "American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition," is running at the National Constitution Center through April 28, 2013. The temperance movement ...

  • Longview committee forms seeking further alcohol sales in 'dry' areas

    Currently, Longview alcohol sales are based on elections held after Prohibition that legalized alcohol sales on the southern and eastern part of the city to the Gregg-Harrison County line.

  • County bans alcohol at park

    County commissioners reluctantly have imposed an alcohol ban at a boat landing in north Eugene after years of complaints from neighbors about drinking and rowdy behavior at the Santa Clara area park.

  • Alcohol Regulation Roundup: Election Hangover Edition

    Michigan: Michigan's state Liquor Control Commission decided on October 24 to not enforce a law that prohibits candidate signs in businesses that serve alcohol. The move came after the owner of Aut Bar in Ann Arbor sued the state on First Amendment ...

  • The Feds' Fight To Keep Pot Illegal Looks A Lot Like 1920s-Era Prohibition

    The fight over "marijuana prohibition" is reminiscent of some of the battles over alcohol prohibition in the 1920s. The 18th Amendment outlawed "the manufacture, sale, or transportation of intoxicating liquors" in the United States, and it was enacted ...

  • minister slams federal 'prohibition'

    According to Northern Territory Minister for Alcohol Policy Dave Tollner, the draft minimum standards for alcohol management plans announced by federal Minister for Indigenous Affairs Jenny Macklin yesterday were "simply about prohibition", which, he ...

  • Gladstone alcohol prohibition film to go to Cannes

    The movie 80 Proof, which is about alcohol prohibition, is the creation of Gladstone filmmaker Jarvis Alston. He says community support, including donated props and free hotel stays, have brought down costs.

  • Alcohol ads get OK for Pullar

    Nov. 6, 2012 2:45 p.m.. Prohibition, of sorts, came to an end at Pullar Stadium Monday evening as the Sault Ste. Marie City Commission passed a resolution that could bring Pabst Blue Ribbon and various other alcohol advertisements to the rink on a 5-2 ...

  • Damascus:?Vote yes on lifting alcohol ban

    Bill Thimmesch in his letter ["Damascus: Vote no on lifting alcohol ban," Sept. 5] postulates that legalizing the sale of beer and wine in Damascus restaurants is the first step in developing Damascus as a regional center such as Germantown.

  • Sunday alcohol sales poses problem for business owners

    He says the recent vote to allow alcohol sales on Sunday is one of the biggest "alcohol sell" changes in Muscogee County since prohibition. He does not believe the Sunday sales will be good for business. "We don't think we will sell anymore, we don't ...

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