Monday, November 19, 2012

Sense and sensibility

  • 'Sense and Sensibility' rewritten as modern-day medical drama for CBS

    Boardwalk Empire writer Margaret Nagle is developing a modern-day take on Sense and Sensibility for CBS. Nagle - who has scripted eight episodes of HBO's gangster series - will rework Jane Austen's famous novel as a medical drama, The Hollywood ...

  • It all makes Sense ... and Sensibility

    "Sense and Sensibility explores themes such as love, relationships, trust, family and coping with loss and rejection," said Ken Hildebrandt, artistic director of Gallery 7. "These are realities we all encounter.

  • Retrospective: The Films Of Ang Lee

    Superficially, the Taiwanese-born, American-trained filmmaker has an deeply eclectic and diverse taste in subject matter, setting and even style (one could never imagine that "Sense & Sensibility" and "Hulk" came from the same director from the ...

  • Gallery 7 makes Sense

    Abbotsford's community theatre Gallery 7 opens its season with Sense and Sensibility, a Jane Austen classic that is a favourite with audiences and actors.

  • Austenophiles Rejoice: Book By You Adds "Northanger Abbey" to its Collection ...

    The latest title joins Jane Austen classics "Emma," "Pride & Prejudice," and "Sense & Sensibility.

  • Director Ang Lee up to the challenge

    ... Lee has applied his filmmaking talents to romantic comedy ("The Wedding Banquet"), mystical martial arts ("Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon"), comic books ("Hulk"), 19th-century literary romance ("Sense and Sensibility"), family drama ("The Ice Storm ...

  • Fast and furious

    Though it's not quite Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility, neither does Mohan C Padman want it to be. The author of Incense and Serendipity (Rs 295) describes his approach to his debut novel saying, "It was written for the movie screen.

  • Local director helms first Gallery 7 show

    The Abbotsford company's first play is the English classic Sense and Sensibility, adapted for the stage by Jon Jory. For Gallery 7, Hu has directed productions of Steel Magnolias and The Family Man, and has appeared on stage in Around the World in 80 ...

  • Ang Lee On 'Life Of Pi' And Being A Slave To Film

    But Lee, whose films include everything from period pieces like Sense and Sensibility to big-budget action films like Hulk and epic romances like Brokeback Mountain, decided that he was up to the challenge.

  • EXCLUSIVE: Karan Johar interviews Ang Lee

    Karan: To come from a totally different culture and yet produce and direct a film like Sense and Sensibility which is completely English, or be a family man and yet project homosexuality with such sensibility in Brokeback Mountain, is putting yourself ...

  • 9 Love Lessons From Jane Austen

    Marianne Dashwood was swept off her feet by Willoughby in <em>Sense and Sensibility</em>, but found true happiness with Colonel Brandon whom she'd first dismissed as "an absolute old bachelor.

  • W&M's Wulf named Omohundro Institute director

    ... the history of eighteenth-century family history practices, she authored Not All Wives: Women of Colonial Philadelphia (2000) and has co-edited books including Sense and Sensibility in the Age of the American Revolution: The Diary of Hannah ...

  • Heads Up: Life of Pi

    Prime movers Ang Lee - Brokeback Mountain; Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; Sense and Sensibility - continues his genre-busting directorial career.

  • iPod Designer Invents Easy Interactive Building Blocks For Kids

    Fun aside, the blocks are designed so that kids can get a sense for how the Atoms, and their internal mechanisms, work. LED lights dim based on how ... The lesson stuck and he is now trying to bring a similar sensibility to his products. iPod ...

  • Journalism Next from Southeast High School: Perlman's pearls of wisdom ...

    Sex and Sensation sells, Sense and Sensibility sinks. Ratings are king and society has become focused on "music" with overused melodies and meaningless repetitive lyrics.

  • TV listings and previews: plan your week's viewing - 19-23 November

    Soon they're flirting clumsily like inept teens. Aside from the septuagenarian Sense and Sensibility, plenty is going on in the love lives of respective daughters Gillian and Caroline, suggesting dark secrets yet to be uncovered beyond this engaging ...

  • 'Life of Pi was self-examination'

    Ever since he has had a formidable run with films such as Eat Drink Man Woman, Sense and Sensibility, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Brokeback Mountain to his credit.

  • Critic's pick: Led Zeppelin, 'Celebration Day'

    The fury within the brilliant blues rampage of Since I've Been Loving You still chills the marrow. But there is also a sagely cast to it now.

  • 'Experiencing Nirvana': Sub Pop Co-Founder Revisits Defining 1989 Tour

    And there without question was a culture and a style and a sensibility that came out of Seattle, particularly with [Nirvana, Tad and Mudhoney], and I wanted to embrace that.

  • Wehbba ready to spin his web

    Do you think the fact that you're from Brazil gives you a music sensibility that sets you apart from other producers in your genre, in the sense that your musical landscape could be more varied than let's say someone from Europe? I wouldn't say so ...

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