Monday, November 19, 2012

Pushing hands

  • Retrospective: The Films Of Ang Lee

    Initially, they refused to fund the winner, "The Wedding Banquet," because of its gay subject matter, so instead "Pushing Hands" was the one which ended up in production. A gentle culture-clash comedy-drama, the story follows Mr. Chu (future Lee ...

  • Ang Lee, 'Life of Pi' Director, Talks Culture Shock, Anxiety And Why His Films ...

    "Pushing Hands" and "The Wedding Banquet," Taiwanese films that Lee shot in America, got the attention of American producers, who then entrusted him with Jane Austen's "Sense and Sensibility," even though his own grasp of English was still far behind ...

  • Gregoire reflects on two decades pushing for Hanford vit plant

    Earlier this year, Chu assembled a hand-picked team of top experts in diverse fields, most of whom he knew personally, to take a look at the plant's issues, and Chu spent several days in the Tri-Cities with the team.

  • Lincoln snowplow will push tolerance, acceptance

    ... yet in the hands of a small group of Northeast High School students, it becomes something else, too: a vehicle for change.

  • Ang Lee on piecing together the Life of Pi

    In 1992, his Taiwanese movie Pushing Hands won over critics and film fans. The Wedding Banquet followed the next year, earning a best foreign language Oscar nomination as did his follow up two years later, Eat Drink Man Woman.

  • An Agenda for Revitalizing Our Democracy

    As Justice Brandeis wrote a century ago, "We can either have democracy in this country or we can have great wealth concentrated in the hands of a few, but we can't have both." The greatest barrier to ... President Obama can make good on his impromptu ...

  • An Unorthodox Jockey and Predictable Winner

    Dominguez is known for his quiet hands, his tremendous patience and his strong, signature style of pushing and driving in the final furlongs.

  • Beijing supports Asian free-trade area

    Premier Wen Jiabao said on Monday China supports pushing forward an Asian free-trade area, which will cover 28 percent of world's total export volume.

  • Mitt who?

    It appears that most of the Republican establishment want to forget Romney, pushing him off the national stage while washing their hands of any blame for the election debacle. Washington Times: · Mitt Romney's excommunication from the GOP continued ...

  • Congo rebels advance to outskirts of Goma

    KINSHASA (Reuters) - Rebels in Congo, who U.N. experts say are backed by neighboring Rwanda, reached the outskirts of the eastern city of Goma on Sunday after pushing back U.N. peacekeepers and government troops, but a rebel spokesman said they did not ...

  • Free Head Exam: Green Bay Packers

    The sight of Fairley pushing Dietrich-Smith into the backfield early on is one that will linger. Given the circumstances, I thought Sunday marked one of the Packers' most impressive defensive games since we started this ... It probably should have been ...

  • How US 'Pivot' Could Hurt Reform in China

    The story of Wang Anshi, a controversial official during the Northern Song period (960-1127AD), serves as a reminder for the party of the potential dangers of aggressively pushing through reforms. Wang came to prominence during the second half of the ...

  • Syrian Islamists reject Western-backed opposition

    After months of fierce fighting for control of the vital Aleppo-Damascus highway, the rebels have succeeded in pushing the Syrian army out of the center of Maraat al-Numan located on the highway between Aleppo and Hama.

  • Vocational classes take off in area schools

    I grew up at a time when you said "Merry Christmas," and we didn't have retailers pushing Christmas down our throats.

  • Second Chances

    I saw myself enduring the pain, pushing that baby out quickly and cradling a bundle in my arms. I saw myself glowing and blissful, and in those visions I ... The skin on my hands ripped. My ankles were rope burned, and purple welts on my legs made ...

  • Without You Meddling Libertarian Voters, Romney Could Have Lost By Only 2.7 ...

    Libertarians of both the large-L and small-l variety (I am the latter) have a strong interest in pushing both parties in the direction of smaller government and bigger freedom.

  • Video Game Console Review: Nintendo Wii U

    Nintendo's first-party titles and several of Ubisoft's initial offerings show the originality that the Wii U hopes to cultivate, and they show plenty of variety.

  • The I Am So Far Behind in My Book Reviews Review

    Scattered throughout the book are short interviews with famous guitarists - they give you a few words of wisdom on tuning, picking, setting practice goals, developing your own sound, and just pushing through the frustration. Unless you're just born to ...

  • The Secret Ingredients for Marijuana Legalization: Moms and Hispanics

    A few days before last Tuesday's election, New Approach Washington, the group pushing a ballot issue to legalize marijuana in the state, posted its final ad of the campaign.

  • Bellator 81 Judo Chop: Marcin Held and the Lost Art of the Toe Hold

    The left hand has to control the left leg of Held and the right hand can be seen trying to extend out to preserve Rich's base.

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