Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney military

  • Mitt Romney Didn't Serve In Military, But Many Mormons Do

    WASHINGTON/SALT LAKE CITY, Nov 2 (Reuters) - While neither of the candidates in next week's U.S. presidential election was in the military, Mitt Romney's age - he was eligible to serve in Vietnam - has raised questions during the campaign about why he ...

  • Can Romney count on 'the military vote'?

    WASHINGTON - Mitt Romney and Barack Obama are said to be tussling over the fabled "military vote," and during this extraordinarily tedious election season, both have highlighted their fondness for all things military. Despite the efforts of both ...

  • Obama and Romney: Where they stand on the issues

    Romney: Promises to cut $500 billion per year from the federal budget by 2016 to bring spending below 20 percent of the U.S.

  • Military for Romney

    On their behalf, who's going to make sure they have the best equipped, best manned, best lead military in the world? It's Romney." General James Conway, former Marine Corps commandant, says that Romney "gets it" when it comes to national security.

  • Veterans: President Obama Has Stood By Us

    But when Governor Romney and today's Republican Party look at our military, they only see weapons systems like ships, tanks and missiles, and tangible capital, not the people -- the human capital -- who are truly the "weapons system" that makes the ...

  • Military chops weak in campaigns

    While affirming readiness to use military force as a last resort, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney steered clear of provocative remarks on Iran during their third debate.

  • Ex-general Clark: Romney isn't qualified to lead military

    Speaking Friday at Youngstown State University, Clark, a 2004 Democratic presidential candidate, said Romney, the Republican presidential nominee, "has repeatedly attempted to change and reset his pronouncements on foreign policy.

  • The Choice: Mormon Missionary Romney Or Community Organizer Obama

    Romney has said his experience in France deepened his faith in Jesus Christ, but it not-so-incidentally enabled him to avoid the draft as well.

  • The United States and the World

    Both are in favor of strong military, political and financial support of Israel. Obama has shown this by his actions while in power, and Romney couldn't have done more than he has. He wouldn't go to war against Iran for the same reasons Obama wouldn't ...

  • Romney mentions 'bayonets and horses' in Virginia Beach speech

    As a military plane flew overhead, Mitt Romney paused during his standard stump speech Thursday evening and said, "I love the sound of those jets.

  • Romney comparison of service unbelievable

    When I heard Anne Romney compare her husband Mitt's and her five sons as having served our country by going on missions for their church I could not believe it.

  • Some military families in Kentucky are torn over election

    Living just outside the sprawling Fort Knox base, Ashley Bush's husband, Army Sgt. Alex Bush, has endured two long deployments to Afghanistan.

  • Romney AWOL: Not Fit to Serve as Commander in Chief

    Mitt Romney wants to increase our military budget by $2 trillion per year even though our generals think we don't need it.

  • On the Stump With Rubio, Romney Appeals to Military Friendly Panhandle

    Kicking off his three-stop Floridian tour today, Mitt Romney appealed to the military-centric community here, pledging a stronger commitment to the military. In doing so, Romney brought up one of President Obama's quips from last week's presidential ...

  • Romney wins endorsement from 150 former POWs

    "I am deeply honored to have the support of these American heroes who suffered so much for our nation and her people," Romney said in a statement. "Our military men and women are America's best. They put everything—including their lives and their ...

  • Defense in 2013 - by Kevin Baron and Gordon Lubold and John Reed

    But there are some areas in which a Romney administration would take the U.S. military down a path much different than the Obama administration would.

  • Romney a strong leader

    It made me sick to my stomach to read the hateful, vitriolic letter calling Mitt Romney a coward for not having military service. He would make a great commander-in-chief. He is a proven leader who has accomplished much in his life. The primary ...

  • Nov. 3 Letters: Obama, Romney

    I'm retired military and a former long-time Republican turned independent and I support President Obama for reelection.

  • 500 Admirals, Generals to Endorse Romney

    The Romney campaign has not sanctioned this ad buy, a spokesman said, and the members of the group are paying the fee themselves. The spokesman added that 389 of the individuals on the list are on the Romney Military Advisory Council, too.

  • Romney warns against re-electing Obama

    Indeed, whoever is elected will face the so-called fiscal cliff - a combination of tax increases and domestic and military spending cuts set to take effect Jan. 2 unless Congress and the White House agree on a plan to stop it.

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