Saturday, November 3, 2012

Romney military service

  • Mitt Romney Didn't Serve In Military, But Many Mormons Do

    Rather than joining the armed forces, however, Romney later that summer chose another path. He obtained a deferment allowing him to avoid military service and traveled to France to work as a missionary for his Church, a traditional form of service for ...

  • Romney comparison of service unbelievable

    When I heard Anne Romney compare her husband Mitt's and her five sons as having served our country by going on missions for their church I could not believe it.

  • Can Romney count on 'the military vote'?

    Romney hopes it will, and right-wing conspiracy theorists are convinced it will - that's why they keep huffing and puffing about alleged Obama campaign attempts to suppress military votes, through methods as devious as neglecting to inform service ...

  • Romney a strong leader

    It made me sick to my stomach to read the hateful, vitriolic letter calling Mitt Romney a coward for not having military service. He would make a great commander-in-chief. He is a proven leader who has accomplished much in his life. The primary ...

  • Romney AWOL: Not Fit to Serve as Commander in Chief

    Whoopi Goldberg, on the "The View" on ABC, tried to trap Ann Romney with a "gotcha" question on Mormonism and military service. Ann Romney had to correct Goldberg on the Mormon faith's view of military service. Goldberg wrongly said that service in the ...

  • Some military families in Kentucky are torn over election

    Martin, 33, said she has traditionally supported Republicans and has placed a premium on candidates with military experience. This year, however, she is still undecided.

  • Veterans: President Obama Has Stood By Us

    Rather than honor the sacrifices of our service members and families and make them a priority, Governor Romney has chosen not to propose any significant plan to directly put veterans back to work.

  • Forum: By evading military service, Romney loses this vote

    President Obama has had some important accomplishments during his first term, such as reforming Wall Street, restoring the auto industry, eliminating Osama bin Laden, ending the Iraq conflict, credit card reform, increased support for veterans and ...

  • The Choice: Mormon Missionary Romney Or Community Organizer Obama

    From July 1966 to December 1968, in fulfillment of his missionary service, a task facing all Mormons in their early twenties, Romney served on France's northwest coast before transferring to Paris -- not too shabby, but was confronted with anti-Vietnam ...

  • Romney warns of economic consequences if Obama is re-elected

    One year ago: The Congressional Gold Medal was awarded to some 19,000 Japanese-Americans who'd served in the 100th Infantry Battalion, the 442nd Regimental Combat Team and the Military Intelligence Service. Today's Birthdays: Rhythm-and-blues ...

  • Going on Mormon Mission Does Not Equal Military Service

    I thought I had heard it all from the Romney/Ryan team. Then Ann Romney went on The View. Whoopie Goldberg may not have been "nice" in her question regarding Mitt's military service or lack of it but for Ms. Romney to suggest that going on mission for ...

  • Whoopi's "gotcha" fails big--Ann Romney answers military service questions

    Back in September 2010, Examiner published a piece by this author titled, "Everything you know about Mormons may be wrong." Perhaps Whoopi Goldberg should have read that article before attempting a "gotcha" moment with Ann Romney on "The View.

  • Four Pinocchios for a Virginia Democratic party mailer: Romney proposed ...

    Would he slash funding for veterans and the military community or throw heaps more money at them? The defense ... But these Democratic claims send mixed messages about how a Romney presidency would affect current and former service members.

  • Military chops weak in campaigns

    While affirming readiness to use military force as a last resort, both President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney steered clear of provocative remarks on Iran during their third debate.

  • Romney wins endorsement from 150 former POWs

    11/2/2012 11:46 AM. RESIZE: AAA. Print. Not long ago, the Romney campaign announced it had recruited more than 300 retired military generals for a special advisory board. Now the campaign boasts the endorsement of 150 of the nation's most revered ...

  • Obama and Romney: Where they stand on the issues

    Romney: Appears to present a clearer U.S. military threat to Iran and has spoken in more permissive terms about Israel's right to act against Iran's nuclear facilities without explicitly approving of such a step and while describing a U.S.

  • The United States and the World

    Both are in favor of strong military, political and financial support of Israel. Obama has shown this by his actions while in power, and Romney couldn't have done more than he has. He wouldn't go to war against Iran for the same reasons Obama wouldn't ...

  • How could veterans support Romney?

    As a veteran, I found it offensive that Mitt Romney never mentioned our service personnel in Afghanistan or our veterans in his acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

  • In military-heavy swing states, Romney attacks budget cuts while Obama touts ...

    In a White House campaign this hard-fought, no interest group can be ignored. But veterans are an especially prized group since so many live in battlegrounds including Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, Nevada, North Carolina and Virginia.

  • FEMA the newest front in sequester war - Female ex-generals backing Romney ...

    DoD UPDATE: CLEANING UP THE MESS - More than 7,000 National Guard forces have been called to active duty in New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, New Jersey, Delaware, Connecticut and Maryland.

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