Friday, November 16, 2012


  • Austin HRA approves part-time position for new executive director Erichson

    4, in a part-time role working an average of 30 hours per week. He will be paid hourly at a wage of $38.80 per hour, or Step E of the pay schedule, making his annual wage approximately $60,528.

  • Schuylkill County Prison to hire part-time officers

    The Schuylkill County Prison Board approved a motion Wednesday to hire part-time correctional officers to help save the county on overtime expenditures at the prison.

  • Owner of 45 restaurants threatens to put entire staff on part time hours due ...

    John Metz, the owner of 40 Denny's restaurants and five Hurricane Grill and Wings restaurants in Florida, Virginia and Georgia has said that in order to avoid the requirement to provide healthcare for some 1,200 employees, he is cutting their hours ...

  • Working the part-time job shift

    The white hot tech sector is creating jobs in San Francisco and those happily employed workers have the disposable income to buy a raft of services and goods that employ many others, writes economist Enrico Moretti in the upcoming Chronicle Insight ...

  • Part-time FEMA employees to get health coverage

    President Barack Obama shakes hands with Federal Emergency Management Agency workers at FEMA headquarters in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 28.

  • University Police Officer Bethany Hayes now part-time

    Officer Bethany Hayes is now working part-time for Muskingum University's campus. Hayes has been hired to be Director for Campus Security and Assistant Director of Operations for Ohio University and Zane State College campuses in Zanesville and ...

  • New Albany City Council ordinance to provide insurance to part-time employees ...

    NEW ALBANY - By a 7-2 vote, the New Albany City Council voted down an ordinance that would have provided a health insurance subsidy to permanent part-time employees Thursday night. The measure passed the first two readings at the last council ...

  • How to Switch to Part-Time Work

    Once upon a time, part-time jobs were what you took if you were unskilled or unable to secure a full-time job. But now, with an increase in the number of flexible roles in the workforce, we're seeing professionals step out of their 40-plus hours a week ...

  • Lawsuit: Club hired felon who took nude photos of teen

    In a lawsuit filed Wednesday in Cook County Circuit Court, an 18-year-old woman says she went to Zale Hoddenbach last year looking for advice on a part-time job to help with household expenses. Hoddenbach allegedly told her she could make more ...

  • Part Time Agency Sales Executive South East

    Are you an experienced travel professional looking for part time hours? Would you like to use your travel skills and experience in an on the road, agency sales role?

  • Part Time Financial Controller

    My client are a wealthy family with homes across the UK. They requires a part-time qualified-by-experience or ACCA part qualified Accountant to supervise their finances and investments whilst he is in and out of the country.

  • Records Assistant (Part Time)

    Applicants should be specifically seeking part time hours and be able to commit to the role for a 6 month period. Interested?

  • Asiye's Boutique Seeking Part-Time Fashion Marketing Assistant

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  • Traditional view of part-time work is challenged by women's organisation

    This report reveals that 72 per cent of the public do not think someone can have a senior level career on a part time basis.

  • Careers Coordinator (part-time)

    St Philomena's Catholic High School for Girls in Carshalton in Surrey are seeking to appoint a part-time permanent Careers Coordinator to provide professional leadership for Careers, including providing advice to students and subject leaders about UCAS ...

  • Surge in part-time employment shows standard unemployment rate inadequate

    The alternative unemployment rate that is most often mentioned is U-6. This includes the total number of unemployed, plus all those marginally attached to the labor force, plus those working part-time jobs who would like to be working full-time. It's ...

  • A Part-Time, Low-Wage Epidemic

    By MORTIMER ZUCKERMAN. As Americans head to the polls, they face a disastrous new normal: For the first time, the U.S. economy has shifted in the direction of a part-time, low-wage workforce. The number of Americans now working part time has soared ...

  • Full Time Work Disappearing in California

    At KPIX-CBS, Channel 5 in the Bay Area, Ms. Sandra Lee, the assignment editor, focused instead on one of the key dynamics behind these numbers, the increase in part time work. The brief segment below is worth watching alone for the strength of the main ...

  • UK becoming a part-time nation, figures reveal

    Part-time employment increased in the three months to September by 49,000 to 8.1m, close to a record high, while the number of people working part-time because they could not find a full-time job reached 1.4m, up 143,000 over the year. Almost half of ...

  • Part-time FEMA workers now eligible for health care benefits

    The Office of Personnel Management is issuing an interim final rule, obtained by Government Executive, to expand the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program to part-time workers with FEMA, known as reservists. The rule takes effect immediately.

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