Friday, November 16, 2012

Minimum wage

  • NJ may be on verge of minimum-wage hike

    New Jersey Senate President Stephen Sweeney (D., Gloucester) has wisely agreed to post a bill that would increase the state's minimum wage much faster than his proposal to embed the pay hike in the state constitution. The bill increasing the lowest ...

  • Minimum wage hike would lead to job cuts across Illinois

    These numbers are significant because, nationally, 49 percent of all people earning the minimum wage are 24 years old or younger.

  • Yankee Stadium's hospitality company stiffed servers: suit

    A blistering lawsuit says the Stadium's hospitality company paid its banquet servers less than minimum wage and stiffed them on overtime compensation.

  • Missouri's minimum wage will increase

    An increase in Missouri's minimum wage will amount to a meager increase of $200 per year in wages for workers. In 2006, voters collected signatures to change the way we raise minimum wage to match the actual cost of living. "Here we are seeing the ...

  • Board increases minimum wages for non-union employees

    The difference between the two is that in a step system, employees move through a pay scale step by step at standard intervals, while in a scale system there is just a defined minimum wage and a defined maximum wage with employees at various pay ...

  • Feds go after Colorado child care wage violations

    The U.S. Department of Labor has collected more than in $393,000 in minimum wage and overtime pay it claims was improperly withheld from 867 child care employees along the Front Range.

  • WHERE WE STAND: Tie minimum wage to the cost of living

    New Jersey's Democratic Senate and Assembly leaders have finally agreed on a minimum-wage increase bill. But will the governor agree?

  • Americans Want to Raise the Minimum Wage

    Yet action to raise the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour is completely stalled at the federal level. It's been stuck for over three years and it still isn't indexed to inflation.

  • Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary to pay $21336 in back wages after violations found

    INDIAN SHORES - The Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary has agreed to pay nine employees a total of $21,336 in back wages after a federal investigation found it violated minimum wage and overtime laws. Investigators from the U.S. Department of Labor's Wage ...

  • Winners, losers, spend big money on minimum wage increase in ABQ

    The battle to raise the minimum wage $1 an hour in Albuquerque cost three well-financed groups nearly $500,000. Despite public opinion polls showing Albuquerque voters overwhelmingly supported the increase, two groups who opposed the measure ...

  • Indonesia Mulls Minimum Wage Boost Amid Protests: Southeast Asia

    Indonesia may boost the average minimum wage by as much as 50 percent next year as labor groups demand higher pay amid economic growth that has exceeded 6 percent for eight straight quarters.

  • CNM Faculty Laboring for Little Pay

    Last week voters in the city of Albuquerque, by an unambiguous 2-1 margin, approved a $1 per hour increase in the minimum wage, taking it to $8.50 per hour and leaving little doubt about their feelings about the state of economic inequality that has ...

  • Phil's Findings: Columnist recalls first minimum wage of 25 cents per hour

    My pay was the newly Congressionalized minimum wage of 1938. Concerned Congress had tried in 1933 for a minimum wage, but did not succeed. Then in 1935 President Roosevelt approved a National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), which included the ...

  • The Need to Explain the Issues

    Mitt Romney, for example, inadvertently showed his lack of preparation when he indicated that he was in favor of indexing the minimum wage rate, so that it would rise automatically with inflation. That sounds fine. But the cold fact is that minimum ...

  • San Jose Salary Hike Hits Chinese Business Owners

    According to the Chinese language World Journal, small and medium sized business owners in San Jose are facing difficult times following the passage of Measure D, which raised the city's minimum wage from $8 to $10 per hour. Chinese restaurateurs say ...

  • Missouri minimum wage will rise 10 cents to $7.35

    1, putting it above the federal wage floor for the first time since 2009. The Missouri Department of Labor announced last week that the minimum wage will rise to $7.35 an hour from $7.25, as we predicted two months ago based on inflation figures ...

  • Are royals really poorer than minimum wage workers' families?

    In seeking once again to blame the poor for poverty, UK work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith has implied that several children of members of the royal family may be poorer than many living on the breadline with parents earning the minimum wage.

  • Philippine household service workers to receive monthly $400 minimum in Dubai

    An agreement between recruitment agencies in Dubai and the Philippines will ensure that Filipinos working in Dubai will receive a minimum monthly wage of $400 U.S. Philippine Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said: "I am happy to note that the new SEC ...

  • Missouri Minimum Wage increase

    She's one of the 420 minimum wage workers employed by the university who will be impacted by a recent decision to increase minimum wage in Missouri. "I think it will help my budget in little ways like i'll be able to expand it a little like spend a ...

  • Raise minimum wage without annual COLA

    New Jersey's minimum wage of $7.25 per hour - the same as the federal minimum - needs to be raised. If the Democrats in Trenton would stop playing games, it could be.

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