Thursday, November 1, 2012

Natural disasters

  • FEMA funding provides more than natural disaster relief

    Most people only hear about the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) during natural disasters like Super Storm Sandy but areas don't have to be under water to receive FEMA funding.

  • Climate Change And Natural Disasters Related, Most Americans Say: Poll

    Climate scientists have warned that more frequent hurricanes may be related to climate change, and a new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds that half of Americans think that climate change is indeed related to more frequent and severe natural disasters ...

  • Victims of Economic Disasters Also Deserve Help

    Natural disasters are often highpoint moments for the public sector, reminding us of the power of common institutions that allow citizens to help each other in times of need.

  • From generators to insurance, disasters are similar (Frances Coleman column)

    Every natural disaster may be unique, but Hurricane Sandy -- with its flooded streets and rooftop rescues so evocative of Hurricane Katrina -- is a reminder that all disasters share some common issues and challenges.

  • FEMA Is Necessary, But Only for Large Scale Disasters

    Over the last two decades, more and more routine natural disasters that from 1787 to 1992 would have been entirely dealt with and paid for by states and localities have been nationalized by FEMA.

  • Natural Disasters in Cinema

    In the end, natural disasters are part of our lives and we have to be prepared to face them. Sometimes thinking of the consequences and trying to prevent them, some others smiling in front of the tragedy, because it gives us the strength to overcome it ...

  • America's 5 Costliest Natural Disasters Since 1980

    Hurricane Sandy is having a profound impact on the northeast and the rest of the country, and some estimates put damages from the storm at roughly $50 billion.

  • Tips to Help Consumers Avoid Loan Scams After a Natural Disaster

    (Source: CFPB) - UPDATE: As Hurricane Sandy continues to make its way up the East Coast, we wanted to highlight this blog post from last year's hurricane season.

  • Allen: States need FEMA following natural disasters

    Republican U.S. Senate candidate George Allen doesn't see eye-to-eye with Mitt Romney, his party's presidential nominee, when it comes to the question of whether the state or federal government should take the lead after natural disasters strike. Allen ...

  • FEMA Can Deal With Disasters in a Way States Can't

    FEMA offers disaster expertise that states cannot match. Because weather and other natural disasters are unpredictable, it is difficult for state officials to have sufficient working knowledge about all disaster contingencies.

  • Superstorm Sandy Reminds Departments About the Importance of Dependent ...

    Twenty years before Hurricane Katrina, former U.S. Deputy Fire Administrator Charlie Dickinson and others advocated the importance of developing a dependent care program.

  • 5 ways to help kids cope in a disaster

    (CNN) -- Small children can be particularly vulnerable when natural disasters strike. They may be unable to understand what turned their lives and those of their families upside down.

  • Natural Disasters: Unfair Stimulus

    A natural disaster that will cost tens of billions of dollars and one that is sure to resurrect the 160 year old debate as to whether destruction of property is a good thing in the long run.

  • Prioritizing Education in the Face of Natural Disasters

    The effects of the storm are a powerful reminder of the type of disaster experienced by many communities around the globe and the need for effective relief.

  • Mitt Romney offers answer on his FEMA stance

    WASHINGTON There's nothing like a natural disaster to test the depth of politicians' preference for small government.

  • Fannie Mae Announces Assistance to Homeowners Who Have Been Affected in ...

    (Source: Fannie Mae ) - WASHINGTON, DC - Fannie Mae (FNMA/OTC) is reminding servicers of options that are available to homeowners affected by natural disasters in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Under Fannie Mae's existing guidelines, servicers have ...

  • Most expensive natural disasters in history

    The thing about the worst natural disasters is no one, no country, rich or poor, can hide. No country is immune to the crippling hazards that are out of our control.

  • Federal Disaster Relief Poll: Majority Supports Government Help In Times Of Crisis

    A new HuffPost/YouGov poll finds that a large majority of Americans think the federal government should help provide assistance to those impacted by natural disasters. Some politicians, including Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, have in the ...

  • How Small-Business Owners Can Survive Natural Disasters

    When someone who you do business with is in an area of the country affected by a natural disaster (and they will be) make it a point to reach out to them and offer help.

  • Can elections be blown off course by natural disasters?

    The social and political context in which a natural disaster happens can have far-reaching political implications, according to Professor Mark Pelling of King's College London in a 2008 study on the politics of disasters.

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