Thursday, November 1, 2012

Health care

  • Boomers' health insurance at stake at the polls

    Romney says his health-care plan wouldn't increase costs, and it would give people the option to choose between a government health plan and a private health plan.

  • How the Election Will Affect Health Care Law

    America's Health Insurance Plans is advocating that the law's rating bands be changed to 5:1 to prevent what the group describes as "rate shock" for younger people and families.

  • Health Care System Bends Under Hurricane Sandy But Doesn't Break

    The health care system seems to have withstood the worst of Hurricane Sandy despite some high-profile breakdowns, including the evacuation of several New York City hospitals.

  • Local Outlays Vary for Drugs, Healthcare

    Policies that target large hospital referral regions in an effort to level out geographical variations in federal spending on healthcare may not accurately reflect more local needs, a national analysis suggested. For instance, within the established ...

  • Hobby Lobby asks judge to stop health care provision requiring coverage for ...

    OKLAHOMA CITY - An arts and craft supply company says part of the new federal health care law should be blocked because it requires coverage for morning-after and week-after birth control pills.

  • Planned Parenthood court case postpones launch of Texas Women's Health ...

    Despite comments Wednesday morning from Texas Health and Human Services Commission Executive Commissioner Kyle Janek indicating the program would be ready to start on Nov. 1, an agency spokeswoman confirmed that the state-led program would ...

  • Health care is top priority for voters

    New consumer research released today by Research Australia says 91 per cent of one thousand people surveyed say improving hospitals and the health care system is the number one priority of federal government action. Health care was placed ahead of ...

  • Two Health Care Industry Leaders Seek the Country's Healthiest Workplaces

    Taken together, the outcomes from these pillars benefit both the employee workforce and the organization from health care and financial positions.

  • Interim HealthCare Celebrates National Home Care and Hospice Month

    SUNRISE, Fla., Nov. 1, 2012 - /PRNewswire/ -- November is National Home Care and Hospice Month and Interim HealthCare, the nation's first and finest home healthcare franchise, marks the celebration by launching five inspirational real life stories ...

  • Beaumont, Henry Ford merger driven by health care reform

    Royal Oak - In a move being labeled by Beaumont CEO Gene Michalski as "a game changer in our market," Beaumont and Henry Ford officials are planning to merge the two health systems, possibly as soon as in the first half of 2013. The result, say those ...

  • Cleveland Clinic, GE Healthcare join tenant roster for Cleveland medical mart

    With much fanfare, Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Executive Ed FitzGerald announced that the Cleveland Clinic and GE Healthcare will be participating as tenants in the under-construction medical mart in downtown Cleveland.

  • Electing a President Means Choosing Your Health Care

    The underlying rationale of Romney's health care approach supposedly consists of "unleashing the free market," a process that will somehow improve quality and reduce prices.

  • Why Are Profits In the Healthcare Sector So Demonized?

    Each year when my employer—a major university-associated health care system—publishes its annual revenue and profit figures, local media activists reliably portray the chief executive officer as some variation of Darth Vader, and the "non-profit ...

  • How Three Federal Initiatives Are Set To Transform US Health Care

    The U.S. health care system today is fraught with wasteful spending that does not contribute to better outcomes for patients.

  • National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions Partners with Extend Health ...

    (BUSINESS WIRE)-- The National Labor Alliance of Health Care Coalitions (NLAHCC) and Extend Health - operator of the nation's largest private Medicare exchange - today announced a partnership that will improve NLAHCC member organizations' access ...

  • Justice Dept. OKs new arguments in healthcare lawsuit

    Although the Supreme Court has already ruled that the healthcare law's individual mandate is constitutional, Liberty has asked for a new hearing because it challenged the mandate on different grounds.

  • Employers, unions demand to know how much health care costs

    The coalition said it wants to see health care providers, by January 2014, remove any restrictions on health plans from making price and quality information available for use in transparency tools.

  • Musician Health Care Crisis: Rapper POS Crowdfunds New Kidney

    This May, at the Soundset hip-hop festival near Minneapolis, Stefon Alexander—the punk-influenced indie rap emcee who performs as P.O.

  • Gerson: Health-care victory hurt Obama

    Change came in the form of a law that a plurality of Americans opposed, at a time when other issues were more urgent, by methods that disgraced its advocates.

  • Simplee's payment portal for for health care gets boost from Medicare support

    WIth a new integration that enables Simplee to support millions of Medicare beneficiaries, as well as other recent partnerships with healthcare companies, the Palo Alto, Calif.-based health tech startup is moving closer to its goal of being a ...

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