Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marriage infidelity

  • Wife of U.S. general says infidelity a toll of wars

    (Reuters) - The wife of a U.S. Army general facing adultery and sex charges said on Monday military marriages have suffered from the extended U.S.


  • Sexual privacy under threat in a surveillance society

    Editor's note: Naomi Wolf is the author of "Vagina: A New Biography." (CNN) -- Once again we see the scenario unfold: A powerful man, with tremendous responsibilities, apparently "caught" in a compromising sexual situation with a woman who is not his wife.


  • How can a marriage survive an affair?

    David Petraeus' admitted affair have remained behind closed doors, but the scandal has presented a major relationship question: Can a marriage survive infidelity? TODAY's Natalie Morales reports and psychologist Dr. Judith Sills describes the three ...


  • Must one lose a job over infidelity?

    (CNN) -- Should David Petraeus -- or anyone, for that matter -- lose a job because of marital infidelity? Four experts weigh in.


  • Letter: Consider: Is marital infidelity incompatible with public trust?

    The recent disclosure of marital infidelity and subsequent resignation of respected CIA Chief and retired four-star Gen. David Petraeus prompts reflection on ethical standards today and yesterday, here and around the world.


  • Semper Fi, Honey?

    Most of the time, my long-married military friends and I don't think about infidelity. We don't worry about divorce.


  • Infidelity news alert: CIA Director David Petraeus resigns

    In the world of love and marriage, we certainly hope that infidelity mavens will not start calling him a "cheater" as they did Kristen Stewart.


  • Peggy Vaughan, Infidelity Expert, Dies at 76

    Peggy Vaughan is the first person I know of to go on national television to talk about infidelity in her own marriage. Monica Lewinsky was just seven years old (Bill Clinton was 34) when Vaughan and her husband shared the intimate struggle to rebuild ...


  • BUCKHOLTZ: There's a dirtier secret than infidelity

    "I never saw it coming," one friend told me after discovering that her husband had multiple affairs during a series of deployments, and who has stayed in the marriage. "But in the military, you're given more opportunities for infidelity, and there are ...


  • When the strains of war lead to infidelity

    None of this is meant to excuse infidelity. I expected more of Jeff, and I think he expected more of himself. But we're fooling ourselves if we don't recognize the larger reality.


  • Ex-CIA Director David Petraeus' admission of infidelity puts military ...

    Jim Gibson was a colonel, three pay grades above then-Capt. David Petraeus when both were posted in Hawaii in the 1980s. Petraeus was viewed as a brilliant scholar and rising military star.


  • Marriage Counselor: I Cheated With My Wife's Best Friend And Lived To Tell ...

    ... Against Infidelity," host Caroline Tehrani explored how cheating affects different relationships. Guest Rick Reynolds, the founder of affairrecovery.


  • Before saying 'I do,' think about drafting a marriage contract

    They've been known to cover everything from infidelity to weight gain, but the real benefit of marriage contracts - prenups and postnups - is wealth management, financial experts say.


  • The Petraeus affair: It's time we quit feigning outrage over infidelity

    Of course, two people are deeply affected by this infidelity: Broadwell's husband and Petraeus's wife. They, not we, are permitted to pass judgment, and mete out justice according to their own values.


  • New divorce rumors spoil Barack Obama's re-election victory

    The fact that the Obamas have a loving marriage that can serve as a shining example to other couples, is apparently more than some envious people can bear.


  • Ask Amy: Father's infidelity isn't cause to cut ties

    Dear Motion Sick: You have rightly identified your powerlessness over your father's behavior and your mother's choice to stay in the marriage. However, I don't think that ceasing communication is necessary, and it could impact your mother negatively.


  • Pastor, wife confront in-church infidelity on 'Iyanla Fix My Life'

    Confronting his infidelity, which involves affairs with numerous women that attend the church and a married woman he impregnated as well, Iyanla Vanzant tries to help him understand what he has done and how it has affected more than his marriage.


  • Gen. David Petraeus (Getty Images)

    As General David Petraeus's marital infidelity comes to light and his storied career comes to an end, questions have arisen about his marriage, his life in the military, and whether members of the military are - or should be - held to a higher ...


  • Cheating Signs: Relationship Expert Talks Red Flags Of Infidelity On 'Dr. Drew ...

    He is currently <a href="http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/blogs/national-affairs/newt-and-callista-an-affair-to-remember-20120126">married to Callista Gingrich</a>, a former House of Representatives staffer that he cheated on his second wife with ...


  • Kenyan Church Leaders Say New Laws Would Weaken Christian Standard Of ...

    Under current law, Christian marriages in Kenya can be dissolved on grounds of infidelity, abandonment and cruelty, but the new bill introduces others, such as chronic illness, irreversible brokenness and mutual consent, according to Mutiso.


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