Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Marital infidelity

  • Must one lose a job over infidelity?

    (CNN) -- Should David Petraeus -- or anyone, for that matter -- lose a job because of marital infidelity? Four experts weigh in.


  • RICHARD WYNN, Braintree: Benghazi bus runs down Petraeus

    President Obama accepts General David Petraeus' resignation because of marital infidelity. The FBI said there were no security breaches, so one of the most outstanding generals/statesmen of our generation is thrown under the bus for marital infidelity.


  • Letter: Consider: Is marital infidelity incompatible with public trust?

    The recent disclosure of marital infidelity and subsequent resignation of respected CIA Chief and retired four-star Gen. David Petraeus prompts reflection on ethical standards today and yesterday, here and around the world.


  • Ret. military chaplain: Infidelity is an 'epidemic'

    The recent sex scandal that's rocked the armed forces and the CIA has highlighted an often-unseen problem in military families: Marital infidelity. Anthony Mason and Rebecca Jarvis speak with two Army wives to understand if infidelity is the military's ...


  • Marital infidelity: less shocking than in the past, equally destructive

    SALT LAKE CITY - When you hear the word "affair," many names probably come to mind. In fact, former CIA director David Petraeus probably gained a place at the top of your list in recent days.


  • Nothing more than a case of marital infidelity

    she shot back, mock-seriously and a touch dismissively. I agree. In the US, the antiquated sense of moral indignation at marital infidelity needs a new coat of paint. And marital infidelity is all that David. H. Petraeus was guilty of. That a mere ...


  • Marital infidelities to blame for Sunday crash

    A mother drove her vehicle into a truck her daughter was driving Sunday to confront a passenger about marital infidelities.


  • Broken trust after an affair

    David Petraeus to resign as CIA director was breaking just when hundreds of professionals who work with couples gathered at UCI to hear nationally recognized experts discuss infidelity. Article Tab: couples-getting- .... But as unfaithful partners do ...


  • Before saying 'I do,' think about drafting a marriage contract

    They've been known to cover everything from infidelity to weight gain, but the real benefit of marriage contracts - prenups and postnups - is wealth management, financial experts say.


  • The Closing Gender Gap in Infidelity

    A friend passed along this article from the Wall Street Journal, about the shrinking gap between men and women in terms of who reports marital infidelity. It relies on the good old General Social Survey, whose numbers can be compared from year to year ...


  • US General's wife pens op-ed about infidelity

    US General's wife pens op-ed about infidelity. Rebecca Sinclair, wife of Brigadier Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair, talks about the toll of war and its impact on family and marital relationships. Share This: facebook · twitter · googleplus. Related videos ...


  • The Return of Infidelity

    It may also prove to be a pivotal event in the long war against public shaming of married people who commit infidelity, who violate the "sacrament" of monogamous marriage. According to current estimates, more than half (53%) of first marriages end in ...


  • The Petraeus affair: It's time we quit feigning outrage over infidelity

    The ideal of an inviolate, monogamous marriage is relatively new. As Elizabeth Abbott writes in Marriage, A History, it's an 18th-century construct that was a business arrangement above all.


  • Ask Amy: Father's infidelity isn't cause to cut ties

    You should seek to arrive at that tender spot of equilibrium where you don't get sucked into their marital drama but provide emotional support and a decent relationship with both of them.


  • Gen. David Petraeus (Getty Images)

    As General David Petraeus's marital infidelity comes to light and his storied career comes to an end, questions have arisen about his marriage, his life in the military, and whether members of the military are - or should be - held to a higher ...


  • Anna Karenina Review

    The story tells a tale of marital infidelity and the Russian society that readily overlooked male infidelity but damned any woman who fell in love with a man other than her husband, refusing to allow her to leave a husband in order to start a life with ...


  • Petraeus' downfall doesn't end heroism or ideals

    While reports of marital infidelity and family breakdown are nothing new, public discussions of famous individuals' private struggles are always a bit troubling.


  • The Infidelity of General Petraeus: Factors that Lead to Extramarital Affairs

    Crouch reviewed the literature available on marital infidelity and reported the following findings: Historically, men have been more likely to engage in infidelity than women.


  • Robert Rector: Is marital fidelity too much to ask of our leaders?

    Unfortunately for his country and his family, you can add infidelity to his resume. Recently named to head the CIA, Petraeus was forced to resign when it was discovered that he was having an extramarital affair with a woman who wrote a fawning ...


  • For lessons on risk management, take a leaf out of Enda's book

    No, not the marital infidelity thing. Perish the thought and you're a disgrace for thinking it, so you are. What they actually have in common is that each was approached by a writer with a view to co-operating on an account of their life.


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