Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Letters of note

  • Steve Jobs autographed computer chip

    Letters of Note is a wonderful repository of "fascinating letters, postcards, telegrams, faxes and memos," and a favorite destination of several members of the TUAW staff.

  • Read the Letter HG Wells Sent Joyce After Reading Part of 'Finnegans Wake'

    (If we're being completely honest, we might not have made it all the way to the end.) As a post over on Letters of Note explains, HG Wells found early excerpts of Joyce's final novel just as obtuse as the rest of us, and he wasn't shy about telling him ...

  • Letter from Alabama AG to head of the KKK: "Kiss my ass"

    This succinct note from Bill Baxley, Attorney General of Alabama in 1970, to the Grand Dragon of the KKK, is admirable in its brevity, forcefulness, and clarity.

  • Hendrix spent army career playing guitar, masturbating

    The fantastic Letters of Note blog tweeted a deposition from Hendrix's sergeant urging the man be discharged from the army.

  • Norquist's no-tax pledge has survived challenges before

    Jeff Sessions, R-Alabama, sounded a similar note: ''Oh, I signed it,'' he said. ... Last year, 40 Republicans joined 60 Democrats as co-signers of a letter that expressed a willingness to consider revenue increases as part of a deficit solution. And ...

  • TEXT-Fitch affirms Hess Corp's IDR at 'BBB, outlook is stable

    Hess also has $1.1 billion in letters of credit (LoC) outstanding at Sept. 30, 2012, with most linked to margining requirements for its energy marketing group.

  • Dear Santa, did you get my letter?

    Waiting on a reply to a personal letter or note can be a bit on the excruciating side. Did he get it? Will he reply?

  • Letter: Train crew also suffers in Midland parade tragedy

    Copyright 2012 Amarillo Globe-News. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

  • Hen Hud Softball Star Signs Letter of Intent

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  • Former Attorney General Bill Baxley's 'Kiss My A**' Letter To Ku Klux Klan ...

    This is not the first time that Baxley's letter has been celebrated in the media. In 1977, People magazine featured the story of Baxley and his note, describing the man's dedication to finding the culprits behind the bombing. "Now I could do what I had ...

  • Obama wins - now what? November 8, 2012

    We're taken by a story on Letters of Note. If you are unfamiliar with the site, go take a look. It's a treasure trove.

  • 49ers look at two kickers known for playoff misses

    Don't use all capital letters. That's akin to yelling and not appreciated by the audience. You should also know that The Sacramento Bee does not screen comments before they are posted.

  • FDA May Tap Experts on Energy Drinks

    Any regulatory outcome is likely to be "benign," Judy Hong, an analyst at Goldman Sachs, said in a note to investors, according to Bloomberg News.

  • Resignation letter to R-2 board

    (Editor's note: the following is the letter of resignation submitted by Superintendent Dr. Russ Brock on Nov. 19.

  • Mom's letter to Santa Claus

    But this letter isn't about us, Dude! Shit got real last week so I knew I had to shoot off a quick note, not just to thank you for being decent to me, but also to give you the 411 on the haps in my life and ask you for help.

  • Letters to the President #1408: 'Christmas cards'

    Reporter's Note: President Obama has people to help him with his Christmas cards, and perhaps even to read my daily letters to the White House. Dear Mr. President,. My wife and I were discussing Christmas the other morning and wondering why it seems to ...

  • Monster Shares Rise as Goldman Downplays Regulatory Risk

    Any regulatory outcome is likely to be "benign," Judy Hong, an analyst with Goldman Sachs, said today in a note. "Our overall impression of the FDA letter would be that, at this point, the FDA has little reason to think energy drinks are unsafe when ...

  • European Court to Rule Over ECB's Secret Greek File

    In April 2009 -- seven months before the Greek crisis erupted -- ECB officials spotted "a swap operation in unusual terms," according to the March 2010 cover note. Repeated revisions of Greece's budget ... The Strasbourg-based EU agency, which handles ...

  • Santa Claus Can Pen A Personal Note To Your Child This Christmas

    To prove it, 'Ole Saint Nick will send a personalized letter - complete with a North Pole stamp - to any child, in any part of the world for a minimum $15.00 donation to the Diabetes Research Institute Foundation.

  • Letter: Note to Obama: Be fair with taxes

    Over the past year there have been a number of letters from Mukhtar Ali in opposition to the lower tax rates on capital gains and dividends.

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