Saturday, November 24, 2012

Lady gaga little monsters

  • Lady Gaga Fans Break Into Singer's Garage On Thanksgiving

    Well, that's exactly what happened to Lady Gaga on Thanksgiving. Mother Monster herself revealed that while she was asleep, 35 little monsters busted through her garage at the house she was staying at in Peru. "#MONSTERFACT when gaga is asleep try to ...

  • Little Monsters to play dress up for Lady Gaga SA shows

    ... translucent egg to perform her new song "Born This Way" at the 53rd annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. Image by: LUCY NICHOLSON / REUTERS.

  • Lady Gaga found thirty 'little monsters' hiding in her garage Hungry, naked ...

    Last night (22 November), Lady Gaga woke up to discover that thirty fans had broken into her garage and were hiding there. The singer was celebrating Thanksgiving with her family in the house that the fans - nicknamed 'Little Monsters' - managed to ...

  • Lady Gaga find fans in garage

    Gaga has a great relationship with her adoring fans and she regularly interacts with them on twitter and her own social networking website When the flamboyant pop star brought her 'Born This Way Ball' to Brazil she sent burgers and ...

  • Lady Gaga Clarifies ARTPOP Song Title

    Gaga took to her Little Monsters site to clear up some confusion about the new track, which is produced by Zedd. By James Montgomery (@positivnegativ).

  • Watch: Lady Gaga fans 'Little Monsters' burn Madonna t-shirt

    The YouTube video, titled Brazilians Little Monsters Burning Madonna's T-Shirt, has 24 dislikes to only 4 dislikes and shows a group of Lady Gaga fans attempting to set a Madonna shirt on fire. The comments seem mostly disapproving of the video, with a ...

  • Lady Gaga Gives Fans A Taste Of Her 'Cake'

    On Wednesday, the singer gave fans a taste of "Cake" with a short teaser clip. Shot by pal and celebrity photographer Terry Richardson, the grainy teaser is only 15 seconds long but certainly gives Little Monsters a good idea of what's to come.

  • Finally an Enterprise Roadmap for Capturing the Full Power of Social

    Lady Gaga's Little Monsters online community, designed by Backplane, quickly attracted a million unique visitors soon after launching in July 2012.

  • Lady Gaga to Perform for Penn State's Little Monsters

    International pop superstar, Lady Gaga, is scheduled to visit Penn State's little monsters at the Bryce Jordan Center on March 2nd.

  • Lady Gaga's Latest Meat Dress Involves A Hot Dog

    *golf claps* Over the weekend Gaga posted a video to her Little Monsters social network called "DJWS Vision No.

  • Lady Gaga gets new 'R¿O' tattoo on her neck to thank her 'little monsters ...

    Lady Gaga's latest piece of body art is yet another nod to her mammoth army of 'little monster' fans. The Born This Way singer got inked again on Saturday night in Brazil, then proudly posted the results on Twitter.

  • Video: Madonna hits out at Lady Gaga - and her Little Monsters Will the ...

    Lets face it - Madonna and Lady Gaga are never going to be friends. It's just not going to happen. Just days after Madonna seemingly paid a compliment to her 'Born This Way' rival on a TV appearance with Ellen, the MDNA star is back to bashing Gaga ...

  • Opinion: Lady Gaga concert

    Atlehang: No. Even to someone who is not necessarily the biggest Lady Gaga fan, the furore over her concert just seems a little unwarranted.

  • Lady Gaga Bikini: Mother Monster Poses In Miller Lite Bathing Suit And Reveals ...

    But despite what her little monsters think, Gaga is not a fan of bathing suits. "me on the beach today," she tweeted, posting a picture of herself sporting a Miller Lite swimsuit.

  • Lady Gaga Gets Herself Decent In A Bikini Top, Treats Little Monsters To ...

    Lady Gaga Gets Herself Decent In A Bikini Top, Treats Little Monsters To McDonalds [PHOTOS]. November 7th, 2012 // Leave a Comment.

  • Schooling Little Monsters

    Colorado Springs seems like an odd home base for a prominent anti-bullying advocate like C.J. Pascoe, who's now helping the cause on behalf of Lady Gaga's Born This Way Foundation. Consider: On April 20, schoolkids across the nation shut their traps in ...

  • Lady Gaga's garage broken into by 35 fans on Thanksgiving

    The 'Born This Way' singer detailed on Twitter how she had spotted the army of fans, who she dubs 'Little Monsters', on the security camera footage at her house. Gaga, who is not thought to have contacted the police about the disturbance according to ...

  • Lady Gaga's BF Taylor Kinney Insists Spaceship-Obsessed Girlfriend Is 'Normal'

    Taylor Kinney, who any self-respecting little monster knows is Lady Gaga's hunky boyfriend, was on the TODAY show this week, promoting his new series 'Chicago Fire,' which is doing well in the ratings.

  • Lady Gaga, Sick: Singer Suffers From Multiple Ailments While on Tour in Colombia

    Eager to not let her Little Monsters down, Gaga insisted, "All i can think of is how i want to be a superstar for columbia [sic] tonight.

  • Lady Gaga Leaks Kendrick Lamar Collaboration 'B**ch Don't Kill My Vibe'

    (PacificCoastNews, Getty)Many Little Monsters were disappointed when Lady Gaga's collaboration with rapper Kendrick Lamar didn't make the final cut of his new album good kid, m.A.

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