Saturday, November 24, 2012


  • Superstorm Sandy meets Hollyweird

    Superstorm Sandy meets Hollyweird. October 30 2012 at 12:56pm. Comment on this story. IOL pic oct11 lindsay lohan. Reuters.

  • DOD elite live extravagant corporate 1% life George Kelley. You will never see this kinds of articles going after the high incomes and lavish lifestyles of doped up rock stars and Hollyweird movie stars. The Left only goes after businessmen and in this case ...

  • Hip-Hop Rumors: Does Lil' Wayne "Wanna Bang" Paris Hilton?!

    I'm sure it had to be more than a few stacks. Check out the track below. Are you feeling it at all? The autotune on this track is so obvious, it hurts my ears.

  • Nicolas Cage Acting His Way Out Of Tax Debt

    ... ago (11:02 AM). I wonder if Nic is one of the Hollyweird elitists who support Obama hiking taxes ? pnut166: I wonder if Nic is one of the Hollyweird elitists. ...

  • Before they were famous: Bradley Cooper asks Sean Penn a question on 'Inside ...

    ... cool and a great Talent. v1/comments/context/98350e89-eadd-301f-ba95-69e59d80f863/comment/1353713415959-88444388-8f90-4c3d-ac84-0916f27dde4d.

  • Selena Gomez Forgives Justin Bieber For Dating and Flirting With Victoria's ...

    There's only so much heartache and death threats from Beliebers that a sane person can take but Selena lives in Hollyweird and different rules apply. Selena is a star in her own right, but Justin is a galaxy onto himself at the moment and she is the ...

  • Champagne socialists

    Back to your Hollyweird bubble, Babs. Your state's as broken as Greece and your hero's consigning America there. Pampered wankers like Babs can swan off to Fiji and buy islands.

  • Lisa Ling: Pregnancy Makes Me Nervous

    Asian women's skin is awesome why on earth did she succumb to the Hollyweird madness? MR W on November 16th, 2012. I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU MS LING ON YOUR PREGNANCY CONGRATULATIONS.

  • Obama's America: 'Twins' Sequel Will Star Eddie Murphy

    While details are scarce, Deadline is reporting that these "Hollyweird" libs will shoehorn Eddie Murphy into the cast as a long-lost brother in order to further promote their twisted agenda.

  • Connie Britton Slams Romney for Motto

    forever but HollyWeird is complaining about this? Predictable. v1/comments/context/7125efbd-7d01-3247-af89-d821b861bcd4/comment/1351563978357-8c544828-2e84-40d6-9155-795825cadd0d.

  • RZA Recalls Wu-Tang Clan Gang Bangs & Becoming Quentin Tarantino's ...

    2nd)—talks about everything from his Shaolin come up to his current life as a key player in Hollyweird. RZA's directorial debut is billed as being presented by Quentin Tarantino, who he worked with previously while putting together the Kill Bill ...

  • Lindsay Lohan to have probation revoked

    ... offense, Lindsay will have her probation revoked from her infamous jewelry theft. What this all means is the troubled starlet will face yet another hearing after being arraigned.

  • Hollywood full of Halloween haunts

    While Arbuckle was later acquitted of the charges by several juries, the scandal effectively ruined his career. Just a couple more instances of the sort of spooky stuff that goes on here in the land of Hollyweird, especially right around this time of ...

  • Contest: Win Nicholas Ray's We Can't Go Home Again On DVD & Blu-ray

    Nick was/is the reason I ended up chasing the dream in Hollyweird. During the filming of "You Can't Go Home Again/The Gun Under My Pillow" he told us amazing stories about working with great actors and sleeping with starlets.

  • Weekend BO Nov. 2-4 ('Ralph' And 'Flight' Above The Fray; 'Skyfall' slays ...

    My recommendation is that RZA come out from underneath Tarantino's shadow and find his own voice. I admire his collaborative and humble spirit which is rare in Hollyweird, but the man who guided the fortunes of Wu-Tang, several movie soundtracks, and ...

  • Media still playing catch-up on last night's huge gay rights victories

    Culturally, in many ways Hollyweird has led the way, including Archie Bunker, The Jeffersons, Will and Grace, Ellen, Glee, etcetcetera.

  • Halle Berry Denied Move to France

    Boy, these Hollyweird folks change husbands and wives at the frequency that most people change cars. Soon everyone of them will have been married at one point or another to everybody else.

  • All Time Low Riding High

    AM: It's Hollyweird. You've got to think of something. AG: Well, I was thinking of being a joint costume -- like a cross between a wizard and a small Hispanic child, like Dumbledora the Explora!

  • Denzel Washington, The Flight, Racial Stereotypes, etc.

    IF Hollyweird had actually portrayed African people as human with ranges from honorable to dishonorable and honored them and their craft accordingly, then one could see this movie solely on the merits you all speak off.

  • Is an Electric Pickup in Our Future?

    The only thing Tesla has on the market now is a 80K+ battery barge, and if they were to make a pickup it would also have to be at least 80K+ just right for the hollyweird types but not the reg guy that need to make a living with his truck! I am not ...

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