Saturday, November 24, 2012


  • Mexican immigrants in NY and NJ left homeless, jobless in Superstorm Sandy's ...

    NEW YORK - Superstorm Sandy plunged some immigrants living illegally in the U.S. into darkness and even deeper into the shadows.

  • Op-Ed: "We Need a Legal Immigration Process Fair for All"

    While this new approach to Latin American immigrants and Latin American countries would not assume to heal the harm of the last century's worth of misdeeds, it will go a long way in re-establishing trust and partnership with our neighbors in the South.

  • Immigrants and youth drive Catalan independence movement

    They are immigrants from the rest of Spain who have embraced separatism because they believe Catalonia, historically an economic powerhouse, would be more prosperous on its own.

  • GOP Pushes Bill to Expand Student Visas and Ease Rules for Relatives of ...

    Republicans are changing the formula this time by adding a provision long sought by some immigration advocates - expanding a program that allows the spouses and minor children of people with permanent residence, or green card, to wait in the United ...

  • Suit challenges prosecutions of immigrant-smuggling customers under Ariz ...

    PHOENIX - Before leading the way for other states to pursue immigration laws, Arizona passed a ban on human smuggling in 2005 that has led to more than 2,100 arrests and drawn criticism for a tactic in which people who pay to be sneaked into the ...

  • Steve Li stuck in immigration 'limbo'

    Li was a student at City College of San Francisco when immigration officials came to his Ingleside neighborhood home in September 2010 and took him away, eventually to a detention center in Arizona.

  • Immigrants Riot in Greek Detention Protest

    As Greece resumed its round up of people suspected of being unlawful immigrants, some 400 who were already in detention in a center in Komotini in northeastern Greece took their mattresses out and set them on fire to protest the conditions in which ...

  • Letters: immigration

    In response to "The time is now for immigration reform" (Editorial, Nov. 18): There are 13 million unemployed; 4 million on cash assistance who say they can't find jobs; 9 million on unemployment; and 4 million with suspicious disability claims ...

  • Ruben Navarrette: Mexico digs deep into denial on immigration

    MEXICO CITY - If you think the debate over immigration from Mexico into the United States is complicated, just take a trip south of the border and look at it from that side.

  • New immigrants formed clubs in old Bangor

    BANGOR, Maine - On Thanksgiving afternoon, Nov. 28, 1912, a century ago this week, the Ancient Order of Hibernians held its annual Old Folks' Card Party in its meeting hall at 107 Union St. Thirty-five tables were set up for 100 players.

  • Swedish gunman gets life in prison for shootings targeting immigrants

    STOCKHOLM - A Swedish gunman convicted of two murders and five attempted murders has been sentenced to life in prison for the spate of shootings that mainly targeted immigrants in the southern city of Malmo. The Malmo District Court on Friday also ...

  • Giving thanks for band of immigrants

    For the last few years - ever since reading a book by historian Timothy J. Henderson - I've included in my Thanksgiving list of people for whom I am grateful a particular band of illegal immigrants. Henderson picked up his bachelor's and master's ...

  • Want an Australian visa? Try investing $5.2 million

    While Australia tries to steer boats crammed with immigrants away from its shores, it is beckoning wealthy foreigners with a new visa that smooths the path to Australian residency - for a price.

  • Ill. Officials Push for Illegal Immigrant Licenses

    Illinois could become the third state in the U.S. to grant driver's licenses to illegal immigrants - a move top officials from both parties are pushing as a way to make roads safer and one that could have political implications for lawmakers seeking ...

  • Ntimama Defends His Remarks On Narok North Immigrants

    HERITAGE Minister William ole Ntimama yesterday defended himself over remarks that the immigrants in Narok North district should seek voters card in their place of birth.

  • Dem leaders defend immigrant tuition move

    BOSTON -- Despite fierce opposition from some lawmakers, state Sen. Jamie Eldridge does not expect the Legislature to overturn Gov.

  • Premiers call on Ottawa to grant them more control over immigration

    HALIFAX - The premiers are calling on Ottawa to give them more control over the number of immigrants they can recruit and the kinds of services they can provide to them.

  • Fake Dentist Preyed on Immigrants, Kissed Patient's Buttocks

    According to police, Collazos preyed on undocumented immigrants, and when one woman went to him to have some dental work done he allegedly made kissed her buttocks.

  • GOP answering wake-up call on immigration

    WASHINGTON - Carlos Gutierrez maintained a stony silence when Mitt Romney advocated "self-deportation" for illegal immigrants. He didn't dissent when the Republican presidential candidate blasted Texas Gov. Rick Perry for supporting in-state college ...

  • Massachusetts Dreamers Get In-State Tuition

    Certain young immigrants in Massachusetts will soon have a better chance at attending college after a move by Gov. Deval Patrick to grant them in-state tuition.

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