Saturday, November 24, 2012

Day laborers

  • Day Laborers, Helping Hands

    About 50 or so people gathered outside a storm-ruined taco restaurant on Saturday morning in Coney Island, on a backstreet behind the Boardwalk near the Wonder Wheel.

  • Thanksgiving celebration held at Pomona day laborer center

    Jason Conley and fellow Pomona police officers load more than 100 turkeys to be distributed to needy families. Day laborers and their families also got free turkey dinners on Tuesday at the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center. (Thomas R. Cordova Staff ...

  • Day Laborers Will Be Key to Recovery After the Storm

    Day laborers, migrant, and low-wage workers will be key to rebuilding New York and other affected areas. The workers who lend their labor to homeowners and contractors on a daily basis are gathering at worker centers and at street corner hiring sites ...

  • Day Laborers Play a Role in Sandy's Aftermath

    These day laborers are mostly illegal immigrants. They're not authorized to work in the United States, but they have long been part of the city's fabric.

  • After Hurricane Sandy, Day Laborers Play Central Role in Cleanup, Rebuilding

    These are day laborers, nearly all of them undocumented immigrants, who are helping to clean up and rebuild New Jersey and New York after the storm that left power lines down, homes and buildings flooded, sidings contorted ,and trees lying across ...

  • Wind of Spirit hosts Sandy day laborer relief brigade Sunday

    Day laborers in New York and New Jersey are mobilizing to offer their most valuable asset, their labor, for communities that have been damaged by Hurricane Sandy, according to a news release.

  • Sandy Sweeps Away New York City's Only Day Laborer Center

    A storm surge from Hurricane Sandy unmoored the Bay Parkway Community Job Center, New York City's only center for day laborers, and moved it a couple hundred feet inland from the Bensonhurst shore, cracking one of its walls in the process.

  • While rebuilding Sandy-struck areas, immigrant day laborers are undergoing ...

    Some of the community groups that advocate on behalf of the New York metropolitan area's day laborers pointed out on Nov. 8 that some hiring sites have been damaged during Hurricane Sandy, that many workers' families have been forced to evacuate their ...

  • Man arrested for Thanksgiving Day nail gun assault

    A Burlingame man was arrested on Thanksgiving afternoon after firing a nail gun at two day laborers and their truck because he felt they were being too noisy working on a fence at a nearby construction site, according to prosecutors.

  • Mexican immigrants in NY and NJ left homeless, jobless in Superstorm Sandy's ...

    Groups that are part of the National Day Labor Organizing Network have also brought day laborers to do volunteer cleanup activities on weekends.

  • Oakland municipal ID, debit card program expected to roll out in January

    Day laborers are often paid in cash. No bank account means they often carry that cash around. No U.S. ID means they're often afraid to report any crime, for fear of being deported.

  • What a Little Land Can Do

    In India, landlessness is a better predictor of poverty than illiteracy or belonging to castes at the bottom of society. At least 17 million rural households in India are completely landless, living on others' land and working as sharecroppers or day ...

  • Video: Giving Thanks: St. Anthony of Padua Church Provides Meals to the Needy

    The parish at St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church has provided breakfast to hungry day laborers on Caesar Chavez Street for the past 15 years.

  • Myanmar's Rush to Democracy Leaves Its Poor Behind

    Children splash in filthy puddles along deeply rutted roads, and day laborers sleep away the afternoon in rickety wooden shacks awaiting jobs that come too rarely.

  • Dominican Republic farm laborers get wage hike to US$210 per month

    The salaries of farm workers compete with those of day laborers in construction for some of the region's lowest paying jobs, with RD$400 per day, or RD$9,000 per month.

  • Cellphones Reshape Prostitution in India, and Complicate Efforts to Prevent AIDS

    Indeed, the recent closings of hundreds of ancient brothels, while something of an economic victory for prostitutes, may one day cost them, and many others, their lives. .... The lane was teeming with laborers, uniformed schoolchildren, and veiled matrons.

  • Lots More Food Still Needed for Community Thanksgiving Meal

    For the past 16 years, Malibu community members have rallied around an all-volunteer effort to feed up to 300 homeless and day laborers on Thanksgiving Day. To make that happen again this year at Malibu United Methodist Church, more volunteers are ...

  • Obama's Army of Illegal Election Workers

    It is a "partner" with the far-left Center for Community Change (CCC) and the National Day Laborers Organizing Network (NDLON).

  • 'The Harvest' screening at The MV Film Center, November 24

    While Victor is often in the fields, he's glad his younger sisters are still spared the ordeal of picking up to 1500 pounds of tomatoes a day. Scenes from THE HARVEST/LA COSECHA have been presented to the US ... The organization runs an online ...

  • Coming Of Age In Khaki

    Dulled by her repetitive duties at a checkpoint for Palestinian laborers, one day, Lea is shocked by the stench arising from the trunk of a car.

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