Saturday, November 17, 2012

California high speed rail

  • Judge allows California high-speed rail to move forward

    A judge denied a request Friday from Central Valley farmers who sought to halt work on California's ambitious high-speed rail project, allowing work on the $68-billion project to continue at an aggressive pace. Sacramento County Superior Court Judge ...

  • Judge backs Calif. high-speed rail over farmers

    Groups representing Central Valley farmers had hoped to stop the California High-Speed Rail Authority from all planning and engineering work because of their claims that the authority did not thoroughly weigh the potential environmental harms of the ...

  • CA high-speed rail faces crucial court ruling

    Central Valley farmers have asked a Sacramento Superior Court judge to grant a preliminary injunction that would prevent the California High-Speed Rail Authority from buying land and continuing work on the project. A green light in the injunction could ...

  • Judge Backs CA High-Speed Rail Over Farmers

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) - A judge has denied a request from Central Valley farmers to temporarily block California's ambitious high-speed rail project. Sacramento County Superior Court Judge Timothy Frawley on Friday denied a request for a preliminary ...

  • Lawsuit may derail California's high-speed train

    A lawsuit filed by farmers in California's Central Valley is threatening to put the state's $68 billion high-speed rail project on hold. The suit claims the state agency overseeing the project failed to carry out a thorough environmental review as ...

  • California high-speed rail faces court decision Friday

    A court ruling expected Friday could temporarily halt California's high-speed rail project, with a judge in Sacramento deciding on a request for a delay from farming interests, the Chronicle reports.

  • High-Speed Rail Jobs Plan May Give Priority To Down-On-Luck Workers

    Job-creation advocates in Fresno said they moved a step closer Wednesday to ensuring that local workers who need a job can compete for one building California's high-speed rail system. Their hopes were boosted during the California High-Speed Rail ...

  • High-Speed Rail Association Names New Chair

    In California, the planned $6 billion, 140-mile first phase of a proposed $68 billion high speed rail project will break ground next spring, produce about 20,000 jobs and encourage other states to build fast trains, Diridon said. "Once California goes ...

  • In California's Central Valley, farmers fight in their fields and court to ...

    Curran, 70, says he's caught city folk from the state's $69 billion high-speed rail project "sneaking" onto his land to survey his farm, where California is getting ready to begin building its biggest public works project in history next year. The ...

  • High-speed rail planner pushes back deadline

    FRESNO -- The California High-Speed Rail Authority has pushed back the deadline to finish the first stages of the bullet train system in the central San Joaquin Valley.

  • Farmers against the California high-speed rail

    Kole Upton, right, and his son Darin, owners of the Lost Wagon Wheel Ranch, stand in their corn-nut/almond field (they rotate every year) in Chowchilla, Calif.

  • Residents rail on high-speed plan

    Residents of Acton and Agua Dulce cited safety, environmental and community concerns during a meeting Wednesday night held to raise awareness about the local impacts of California's proposed high-speed rail project. About 100 community members ...

  • Bullet train segment's completion date pushed back

    The California High-Speed Rail Authority said Thursday that it was adding 12 months to the construction schedule for 130 miles of track in the Central Valley, easing what some outside experts have contended was an overly aggressive and risky timeline.

  • Meeting set tonight for high-speed rail

    However, the California High Speed Rail Authority's 2009 business plan set the estimated ticket price to 83% of airfares, raising the one-way high speed rail ticket price between Los Angeles and San Francisco to $105, as this price point appears to be ...

  • Judge denies injunction to halt high-speed-rail

    SACRAMENTO, CA - The future of California's controversial 800-mile, $68 billion dollar High Speed Rail Project hinges on the outcome of a lawsuit filed by farmers, water districts and other interests in the Central Valley.

  • Obama's New Cabinet Can Make Trains Run on Time

    The president's original goal was to give 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail within 25 years, but so far only California's increasingly embattled system is scheduled for completion by then. High-speed-rail lines in Wisconsin and Florida ...

  • California High-Speed Rail Bidding Deadline Extended

    The California High-Speed Rail Authority is pushing back Friday's deadline for bids to design and build the first stretch of high-speed rail line through the Fresno area.

  • Wendell Cox: Global warming bill could become big pork barrel

    One of the principal justifications for the California High Speed Rail line planned from Anaheim to San Francisco is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Can the Asian Example Save California High Speed Rail?

    SAN FRANCISCO, November 8, 2012 - High Speed Rail systems in Japan, Korea, China, and across Europe are popular with riders, consistently turn profits, and significantly reduce both auto fatalities and CO2 emissions.

  • High-speed rail must tame California's tricky terrain

    "It is the project of the century," said Bill Ibbs, a civil engineering professor at UC Berkeley who has worked on high-speed rail projects around the world. The $68 billion first phase of the project is expected to run more than 500 miles between San ...

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