Saturday, November 17, 2012

California bullet train

  • Calif. bullet train moves forward, judge denies farmers' plea to halt project

    SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California's $69 billion bullet train will continue zooming toward a groundbreaking next year after a judge on Friday denied a last-ditch request from Central Valley opponents to halt all work on the state's high speed rail project.

  • Letters: Second thoughts on California's bullet train

    But what really caught my eye was the line that reads: "Fully operational, the bullet train will need an estimated 2.7 kilowatt hours of electricity every day - about a quarter of Hoover Dam's daily output.

  • A Short Stretch Of California's Bullet Train Is 'The Project Of The Century'

    An early stage of California's plan to build a network of high speed trains faces engineering challenges that will make it the "project of the century," UC Berkeley civil engineering professor Bill Ibbs says.

  • Calif. bullet train route will be engineering feat

    LOS ANGELES—A bullet train linking Northern and Southern California will be an audacious engineering feat because the line must cross two mountain ranges and a half-dozen earthquake faults, experts said.

  • Bullet-train planners face huge engineering challenge

    A plan as audacious in the 21st century as Hood's was in the 19th century is taking shape on the drawing boards of California's bullet train planners. The crossing of not only the Tehachapi Mountains but the San Gabriel Mountains is seizing the ...

  • TN MOVING STORIES: California Bullet Train Schedule Pushed Back, Gondolas ...

    Nissan's CEO finally admitted the automaker will not meet its sales target for its all-electric Leaf. (Detroit News). California's High-Speed Rail Authority is adding 12 months to the construction schedule for 130 miles of track in the Central Valley ...

  • State Senate candidates travel separate tracks on bullet train

    Galgiani's campaign is touting that she authored the legislation that put the California High-Speed Train Bond Act of 2008 on the ballot, where voters approved the project.

  • California Choice Between Taxes or Schools No Bluff, Brown Says

    We don't need high-speed rail." Brown received authorization from the Legislature in July to spend $4.75 billion from bonds sold for the purpose of beginning construction of a bullet-train system to link San Francisco with Los Angeles. California will ...

  • In California's Central Valley, farmers fight in their fields and court to ...

    While Central Valley construction workers are eager for the high-speed train to come to town, a vocal anti-bullet train sentiment has spread across the farmlands of small, conservative Madera County, which now stands as the last barrier in the path of ...

  • Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and TrafficHigh-Speed Rail: Could It Lose ...

    We've been covering the controversy over California's multi-billion dollar bullet train project. Now we've learned that delays may be putting the entire project in jeopardy of losing its federal funding.

  • High-speed rail construction schedule pushed back

    The California High-Speed Rail Authority has pushed back the deadline to finish the first stages of the bullet train system in the central San Joaquin Valley. The authority is now saying in bidding documents being considered by contractors that it has ...

  • Our View: Privatize post office, Amtrak

    This is vital as the California High-Speed Rail Authority prepares to start laying down track for a bullet train that strikes us, and many others, as folly.

  • Mind your sign language

    Then, instead of routing the HSR track along the relatively depopulated west side of the Central Valley where land acquisition costs would have been low, the California High Speed Rail Authority (CHSRA) chose to run the train parallel to existing track ...

  • Judge denies injunction to halt high-speed-rail

    SACRAMENTO, CA - The future of California's controversial 800-mile, $68 billion dollar High Speed Rail Project hinges on the outcome of a lawsuit filed by farmers, water districts and other interests in the Central Valley.

  • High-speed Chicago to St. Louis train hits 111 mph

    A new generation of bi-level passenger cars for Amtrak's Midwest and California corridors is slated to be built at an Illinois plant operated by the U.S.

  • Learning From California: Don't Hike Taxes On The Rich

    Brown has promised he won't waste any of voters' hard-earned cash, but voters shouldn't take that seriously as it's coming from a man who wants to spend $68 billion for a high-speed rail that critics have called a "bullet train to nowhere." Which, by ...

  • The Other California Tax Grab

    Last year Governor Jerry Brown suggested using the gusher to finance his bullet train, which is a mere $50 billion to $90 billion short.

  • California Gov. Jerry Brown clear to embark on more visionary policy

    High-speed rail: With President Barack Obama's re-election, Brown expressed hope in stepping up construction of the first stages of the $69 billion bullet train. Water: Brown hopes to work with environmentalists, Southern California farming interests ...

  • Stockton Rail Facility Gets $11 Million Boost From State

    California state transportation officials allocated nearly $11 million in high-speed rail funds this week to shore up the infrastructure for existing passenger rail service passing through Stockton to other points in Northern California. Approved by ...

  • Prop 30 passage means no furlough days for Pleasanton teachers, staff

    Moonbeam Brown said that Proposition 30 will let California COMPLETE IT'S VISION! Things included in the vision that Prop.

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