Monday, November 19, 2012

Wedding dress giveaway

  • Free Wedding Dress From A Bride Who Wants To 'Pay It Forward' Given To ...

    In September, HuffPost Weddings introduced readers to Alissa, a generous newlywed who wanted to give away her wedding dress to a deserving bride-to-be. We helped Alissa spread the word about her gown and in October, we announced that she had ...

  • 42 wedding dresses in 2 hours

    Volunteer Katie Hipps helps Mandie Gahagan from Fort Bragg, NC try on shoes to go with the gown she selected during the 2nd Annual Brides Across America Gown Giveaway at Poffie Girls bridal and formal boutique in Gastonia on Sunday November 18, ...

  • Millersburg bridal shop to give away 100 gowns to military personnel

    ... ivory, white dresses with black, wine or chocolate-colored sashes or accents. Besides the free dresses, Latshaw will also have wedding shoes reduced to $10 a pair, as well as discounts on veils, headpieces and other accessories the day of the giveaway.

  • 2 wedding shops to give away gowns to military brides

    Two Atlanta-area bridal boutiques are participating in a nationwide wedding gown giveaway for military brides. Every year, Brides Across America teams up with shops across the country to donate designer gowns at no charge to women who have served in ...

  • Free Wedding Dress From A Bride Who Wants To 'Pay It Forward': Winner

    That's why she was intrigued when she read the Huffington Post Weddings story of a Washington, D.C.-based newlywed who had decided to give away the $800 Cambodian silk wedding gown she'd worn for her September nuptials to a deserving bride-to-be.

  • The Hero Bride Dress Reveal

    Kristin Smith models the winning dress. The votes are in! We collected more than 4,800 votes for the Hero Bride project's dress giveaway. The project's mission is to not only donate a Rosa Clará gown to a military bride-to-be, but also an entire ...

  • Free wedding gowns given to military brides

    Many couple's wedding dates are quickly approaching because of deployment, so the brides said the dress giveaway was a big relief. Marketta Johnson was one of the brides-to-be to receive the gift. "I want to make him teary-eyed and I think it will ...

  • 1000 wedding dresses donated to Sandy victims

    There's no extra money now for a wedding dress, but that's okay. Gail Comerford, the owner of True Love Bridal, is giving away a thousand wedding gowns.

  • Vercher Family's Foreclosed Home Robbed After Offering Craigslist Giveaway ...

    The family posted an ad on Craigslist offering a giveaway of several household items they'd put out in their driveway for all those interested.

  • Venus Jewelers in Somerset offers the ultimate wedding package

    Venus Jewelers announced today its partnership with local businesses and the charitable organization Operation Jersey Cares to give away a beautiful designer diamond engagement ring and ultimate dream-wedding package, to one lucky military couple. "We ...

  • Celebrating Veterans With Freebies And Deals

    (You don't have to live in the area where the giveaway is taking place. Dresses are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

  • Fuddling up my mucking words again

    It is said he once intoned, "Our Lord is a shoving leopard", and another time, while officiating at a wedding, he told a shy bridegroom, "Son, it is now kisstomary to cuss the bride.

  • You and Beyonce: two steps of separation

    I was born with this passion of creating and making dresses and working in fashion was more my destiny than anything else. I was always surrounded by beautiful women, so the desire to dress them and make them look elegant and stylish was my constant ...

  • Wear your wedding dress again charity ball!

    On November 2nd 2012, a novel charity ball will take place at the Woodlands Hotel and Leisure Centre where guests are invited to wear their beloved wedding dress again to help raise funds for Samaritans Ireland. ... This unique event, titled "Bridal ...

  • The following costumes are rated TV:MA and are intended for mature wearers only

    Do not dress your child as a gross giveaway pig. DO NOT DRESS YOUR CHILD AS ANY OF THE CHARACTERS FROM JERSEY SHORE.

  • Palisade to host The Wedding Pink

    That day is coming soon for Erin Price and Ben Schabert of Alexandria, W. Va., who were selected as the recipients of this year's The Wedding Pink, an annual wedding giveaway package created by 21-year breast cancer survivor, Cheryl Ungar of Denver ...

  • Halloween Costumes for Grown-ups Who Happen to Be Cheapskates

    Pull the crinoline-like slip from under your wedding gown, slip on Mom's 1940s sequined bolero jacket, sprinkle tiny metallic star confetti from an old silk pouch - and I was a fairy godmother.

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