Thursday, November 15, 2012

Vacation days

  • Americans get fewer vacation days in 2012, study finds

    That's what will happen to many of the vacation days workers don't use by December 31. Americans are expected to subject two days to this unfortunate fate in 2012, according to a study released Thursday.

  • Employees Say Vacation Days Make-or-Break a Job [INFOGRAPHIC]

    How would you like to work somewhere with unlimited vacation days? For most people, that answer is a resounding, "Yes!" If you're a job seeker, the number of days a company allots its employees can make-or-break your decision to take the job if hired ...

  • Thanksgiving Day workers not just in stores

    Black Friday nets a surprisingly large turnout at Crowders Mountain, according to Hyde. He's pulled his share of holiday duty. This year the park head will work on New Year's Day, when attendance is high enough that rangers offer a special "First Day ...

  • 5 Tips For Holiday Travel With A Baby

    With Thanksgiving days away, 'tis the season for screaming infants and squirming toddlers packed onto planes, right? Flying with a baby doesn't have to be a nightmare, even during the very busy holiday travel season. Whether you are flying home to ...

  • A Week Before your Walt Disney World Vacation

    If you are anything like me, you start planning and counting down to your next Disney World vacation many weeks or even months prior to the day you depart for Orlando. However, there's something special about the last week before your vacation starts.

  • Donating Your Vacation Time

    In recent years many companies have begun offering employees greater flexibility in managing their vacation time and other "leave" days, such as allowing them to buy or sell extra days, while limiting time carried over from prior years that puts a ...

  • Planning a Disney Themed Vacation: How Long Does It Take?

    We'll think about what time of year we want to visit, whether we want to be there for a particular holiday or event, or if we'd rather go when prices or crowds might be a little lower.

  • Milford school year extended; two days taken from February break

    The Board of Education has voted to change the 2012-13 academic calendar as a result of the hurricane and recent snow storm that closed school for six days. The board voted to extend the school year four days and take two days from February vacation.

  • Vacation cap, out of zone students tabled

    Herndon said as of July 24 158 people were in full-time vacation earning positions. The policy change presented Monday would have employees capped at the number of vacation days they had on July 24 and would not cause them to lose any days.

  • Moms Talk: How Would You Like To See School Days Made Up?

    The current majority opinion on the board seems to be to take two days off from each weeklong vacation scheduled in February and in April.

  • Homestead's December vacation program is scheduled for Dec. 26-28

    MIDDLEBORO - Laurie Amberman, Soule Homestead's children's educator, has announced her December Vacation Program for children 5 to 10 years of age.

  • Taking a Winter Vacation and Why it Might Be Just What You Need

    That was until I took a winter holiday. I've been away on holiday during the Christmas season several times now - and I'm a complete convert.

  • School year longer after Sandy's 6-day cancellation

    She said she is proposing the move because February vacation already was eliminated from the calendar as a "preemptive strike" after the board had to make up days last school year lost to Tropical Storm Irene. "If we start taking them from April, they ...

  • Plan early to avoid holiday stress

    I have to admit I'm a little nervous that there are only 39 days left in which to get my shopping done, especially since I leave this coming Sunday for a week long vacation in Cuba. This week I will spend my free time packing and by the time I return ...

  • Sick Days: Most Workers Come To Work When They're Sick, Contagious ...

    In America, if you take a day off for ANY reason - even if your child is in the hospital, or your mother died - it is grounds for dismissal, and you have no legal protections of any kind.

  • BOE President: School Board Wants to Reschedule Missed School Days

    "The Board felt that we would like to make sure we give back those days that were missed because of Sandy. We're going to look at the calendar to see where and how and if we can do that.

  • School make-up days approved in Somerset Hills Regional

    18, which initially comprised a four-day weekend; on Friday, April 5, which was the fifth day of the spring vacation; and on Thursday, May 23, Friday, May 24, and Tuesday, May 28, all of which were intially pegged as optional snow make-up days. Miller ...

  • Sandy causes Easton, Redding and Region 9 schools to make up days

    "Five days will be presumably added to the last few days of the school year up to June 21. Then additional days will be taken from April vacation starting April 15 and if there are more days we go into February vacation, Tuesday, Feb. 19. Then if more ...

  • How students will make up missed days

    (WTNH) -- Kids in Milford went to school today, but they missed 6 days in the past two weeks, and they're going to have to make up that time. School officials already decided kids will be in school for some of the February vacation week. That could ...

  • Sandy Whittles Away at April School Vacation

    Three of those days will be made up in June, and two will be made up during the April vacation, school officials said Tuesday during the Board of Education's monthly meeting.

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