Tuesday, November 20, 2012


  • Twinkies, Ho Hos and the unhealthy fear of fatty foods

    By now all of the Twinkies, Ho Hos and other Hostess baked goods have been stripped from grocery store shelves - and countless tributes paid via Tweets, blogs and Facebook posts.


  • Hope for Twinkies as Hostess, union go to mediation

    (Moneywatch) There may still be hope for consumers shut out of last week's great Twinkie binge: Hostess Brands and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union have agreed to mediation following some prodding by a ...


  • Thomas Sowell: Twinkies and golden eggs

    Killing the goose that lays the golden egg is one of those fairy tales with a heavy message that a lot of adults should listen to.


  • Twinkies squeezed, still alive

    ... fell last year to 100, with serious bedsores accounting for 41 of the incidents, according to a study released Monday.Today 3:00 am.


  • New Bidder Says It Will Keep Twinkies Flowing, And Workers Employed

    Fortune has the scoop on a possible buyer for Hostess Brands: private equity firm Sun Capital Partners, which says it would re-open the factories, offer the workers a"slightly better" deal, and invest in the future in a way management in the last ...


  • A Simple Recipe For Do-It-Yourself Twinkies

    When news broke Monday that beloved treat-maker Hostess would not be forced to shutdown after all, Americans breathed a joint sigh of relief.


  • Hostess, Twinkies: 5 Game-Changing Strikes

    It's been a sad week for those with fond memories of Twinkies, Ho Ho's and Ding Dongs. Hostess Inc., the company that manufactures the sweet confections with the never-ending shelf life, is ceasing operations after striking employees refused to return ...


  • UPDATE 4-Twinkies not dead yet, judge tries to save Hostess jobs

    liquidation of the maker of Twinkies snack cakes and Wonder Bread. Hostess, its lenders and the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM) agreed to mediation at the urging of Bankruptcy Judge Robert Drain of ...


  • Ho-ho hum over the loss of Twinkies

    For reasons that will shortly become clear, it's worth noting that I've never actually purchased a Twinkie. Not at the grocery store, not from a convenience store, not out of a vending machine.


  • Twinkies maker Hostess, union head to mediation

    2012 - Twinkies live on - at least for one more day under Hostess Brands ownership. The bakery giant and its labor unions have agreed to a Tuesday mediation session over a crippling labor strike the company cited as the final trigger for the emergency ...


  • Will mediation save Twinkies?

    LABOR. Will mediation save Twinkies? Twinkies won't die that easily after all. Hostess Brands and its second-largest union will go into mediation to try to resolve their differences, meaning the company won't go out of business just yet.


  • Twinkies may survive after all!

    Twinkies may survive after all. And Twinkie hoarders -- you know who you are! -- might get all the credit. Twinkies, Ding Dongs, Ho Hos and other Hostess snack delights have been flying off supermarket shelves ever since it was revealed last week that ...


  • Save the Twinkies!

    The changing economy has claimed more than a few victims -- such as Blockbuster Video and Woolworths -- but no, please God, not the Twinkie! Twinkies are as American as apple pie or hedge funds. Losing Twinkies is like losing Cracker Jack or the ...


  • Twinkie History Spiced With Murder Hints Icon to Survive

    "My wife ran out and bought a box of Twinkies and a box of Ding Dongs, because there are warm memories," said Brant Ward, 39, who runs a website on the history of the original Ward Baking Co.


  • Twinkies maker Hostess lives at least another day

    Hostess Brands Inc. and its second largest union agreed on Monday to try to resolve their differences after a bankruptcy court judge noted that the parties hadn't gone through the critical step of private mediation.


  • Twinkies hope? Hostess puts off liquidation, agrees to mediation

    There may be hope for Twinkies after all: Hostess Brands Inc. and its striking union agreed to a mediation that will forestall the company's planned liquidation for the time being.


  • Twinkie, where art thou?

    The Hostess Brands bakery has announced that it will be going out of business after more than 80 years of creating Devil Dogs, Yodels, Ding Dongs, Ring Dings, Ho Ho's, Sno Balls, Suzy Q's, and the company's blond bombshell, Twinkies. Holy cannoli!


  • Twinkies' bankruptcy too sweet for managers opponents say

    Nov 19 (Reuters) - Hostess Brands Inc, the maker of the iconic Twinkies snack cake, will square off in a bankruptcy court on Monday against an agent of the U.S.


  • Twinkies: They Were on the Verge of Extinction, and Now They're Baaaak! Did ...

    Twinkies, Ho-Ho's, Sno-Balls--we thought they might be a thing of the past when we learned that the Hostess company's was planning a complete shutdown of 33 factories (laying off 18,500 workers).


  • Death of Twinkies on hold as judge tries to save Hostess jobs

    WHITE PLAINS, New York (Reuters) - Hostess Brands Inc agreed in court on Monday to enter private mediation with its lenders and leaders of a striking union to try to avert the liquidation of the maker of Twinkies snack cakes and Wonder Bread. Hostess ...


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