Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The truth paitning barack obama

  • Barack Obama Depicted As Jesus: 'The Truth' Painting Draws Criticism For ...

    The painting was "meant to be displayed as an art installation in New York's Union Square Park on President Obama's 100th day in office," according to D'Antuono's website. "The painting was to be in a mock voting booth for people to view privately and ...


  • Controversial Obama Painting to be Showcased

    To mark President Barack Obama's 100th day in office, artist Michael D'Antuono decided to launch his latest painting, The Truth, that shows the president posed as Jesus Christ on the cross. The painting was to be unveiled in Union Square Park, New York ...


  • Bunker Hill Community College artist depicts Obama as crucified Christ

    FOX News - A painting that features President Obama posed as Jesus Christ crucified on a cross is on display at a community college art gallery in Boston.


  • Birth Control Debate Surfaces Awful Arguments

    With these bold guidelines out and the Obama Administration's birth control mandate in effect, momentum is building to make contraception available and affordable for all American women.


  • Obama to speak at Myanmar campus scarred by past

    In this picture taken on Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012, workers take a break from painting the fence of Yangon University, where President Barack Obama is scheduled to deliver a speech on Monday, Nov. 19, 2012, in Yangon, Myanmar. .... "This is a prominent ...


  • Who's Closer to the Truth? CNN or Nate Silver?

    More importantly, it's a similar story in the key battleground states that will decide whether President Barack Obama or Republican nominee Mitt Romney will be victorious on Tuesday.


  • Letter: Clueless backed Obama

    What it proves is that many black and Hispanic people are in the tank for President Barack Obama, with the help of our liberal and very biased media.


  • Americans For Prosperity 'Extremely Disappointed' In Rick Scott After ...

    In a statement, AFP said that Scott's recent signal that he was willing to consider implementing key provisions of President Barack Obama's health care reform law was a step in the wrong direction. .... To this day, the shorthand for this outrageous ...


  • Jared Olar: A failed president achieves success

    For those of you who have been living under a rock, or who just came out of a coma, last Tuesday, defying historical precedent, President Barack Obama managed to eke out a 50-48 victory in the popular vote over former Massachusetts Gov. ... It had a ...


  • Anti-Obama Artist Jon McNaughton Reveals Newest Painting, 'Runaway Slave ...

    ... Slave Documentary, Arts News · Jon McNaughton, an anti-Obama artist notorious for his particularly inflammatory political paintings, is back with another creation just in time for next week's elections. ... Another work, named "Obamanation ...


  • The Rev. Dr. Lillian Capehart: Native Americans profoundly shaped our cultural ...

    President Barack Obama proclaimed November 2012 as National Native American Heritage month calling upon all Americans to "commemorate this month with appropriate programs and to celebrate November 23, 2012 as Native American Heritage Day.


  • Support For Obamacare Repeal Hits All-Time Low, Poll Shows

    A week after President Barack Obama's reelection, opposition to one of his signature first term accomplishments has reached a low ebb, according to a Kaiser Family Foundation Poll released Tuesday.


  • The Undecided: Have they made up their minds?

    He watched the debates and talked to supporters of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, but he wasn't satisfied with anybody's answers.


  • College Essay Tips: 5 Things You Shouldn't Put In Your College App Essay

    Take notes from President Obama. ... Imagine that they're allowing you to color in one or two paintings at the art gallery that is your life.


  • Obama Calls Out Bullies From the Bully Pulpit

    Freed from the restraints of a reelection campaign, President Obama responded defiantly to some of the foreign-policy and national-security controversies that have dominated headlines in recent days.


  • 'Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose': 'Friday Night Lights' Star, Producer ...

    As the two authors note, Barack Obama signed the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act -- a move Britton says would have enabled her character to make sure she received equal pay for her work as a college admissions counselor.


  • Barack Obama Deserves A Second Term

    There is a difference, however, between an open election and one in which an incumbent president seeks re-election. Obama has not, in truth, made an overwhelmingly persuasive case for a second term but nor, again, has Romney offered an obviously ...


  • Dad's Boys

    After the debate, family members of the protagonists come together on the stage and greet each other in camaraderie, an image that conveys far more truth than the differences voiced in the main event. ... When I see Barack Obama and Mitt Romney locked ...


  • Presidents' kids talk about White House life

    President Barack Obama and leaders of the lame-duck Congress may be just weeks away from shaking hands on a deal to avert the dreaded "fiscal cliff.


  • A new low for China bashing

    Nowhere is that more evident than in the fixation on China - singled out by both President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, as a major source of pressure bearing down on American workers and their families.


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