Saturday, November 24, 2012

The roctuplets

  • Octomom's Kids Book Live Singing Gig As 'The Roctuplets'

    "The staff at Chapman Rehab have been amazing and have changed my life, I am forever grateful for the valuable tools they gave me to help deal with my anxiety.

  • Octomom's Kids Are Releasing A Holiday Song As 'The Roctuplets'

    Billed as "The Roctuplets," the tykes have created both a music video, currently featured on their website, and a single set for release on iTunes Friday.

  • Video: Octomom's 'Roctuplets' Release Christmas Single, Scrooge's Head ...

    Taking a cue from their controversial mother, Nadya Suleman's brood has sung into the holiday spirit by forming a band and belting out a festive Christmas single, "I'm Ready for Christmas.

  • Octomom's Kids aka 'The Roctuplets' Release Christmas Song

    Octomom's kids are "Ready For Christmas", but are you ready for their new single? Probably not! But, ready or not Octomom, Nadya Suleman has her entire brood gracing us with a new holiday tune for sale on iTunes and Amazon.

  • VIDEO Nadya Suleman's kids release holiday single as the Roctuplets

    Nadya Suleman's octuplets have channeled their inner singers and will now be known as the Roctuplets. Well, at least for the holidays.

  • Octomom's Kids Are "Ready for Christmas" in New Music Video—Watch the ...

    Octomom is putting her kids to work. Nadya Suleman's octuplets are now a singing group called the Roctuplets. In an "I'm Ready for Christmas" music video released Friday, five of the 14 Suleman kids sing and dance their excitement about the holiday.

  • Meet the 'Roctuplets'

    The "Roctuplets" new website looks like American Idol, but the kids are much younger and they're all from the same family.

  • Nadya Suleman Kids Star in Christmas Music Video

    Nadya Suleman's octuplets are being put to work ... in a singing group called the Roctuplets. Their debut music video, "I'm Ready for Christmas," dropped Friday.


    And now it seems that Nadya "Octomom" Suleman's little ones are spreading more holiday cheer, with "I'm Ready for Christmas.

  • Octomom's Kids Make Christmas Single

    The Octuplets and five of Nadia's other children appear in the video, recording as the 'Roctuplets'. The song is written by rapper Romeo Holloway, who performed at the siblings' birthday in January.

  • ROLL CALL: Twilight Saga Stars – A Look Back At Their Good & Not So Good ...

    Because Nadya Suleman's kids, who are being billed as the Roctuplets, have released a song, "Ready For Christmas." We're ready to never hear Octomom's kids sing!

  • Octomom Kids Sing "I'm Ready For Christmas" Song As "Roctuplets"

    Yes, "Octomom" Nadya Suleman is expanding beyond stripping and porn and into the music market by having her famous octuplets (and her six other kids) record something called "I'm Ready for Christmas.

  • Octomom's Kids Release a Holiday Song Because Mama Needs Cash (VIDEO)

    In fact, she wasn't even present during the recording or filming. The kids are currently with "a team of nannies." Part of "I'm Ready for Christmas" is available on The Roctuplets website, and ... well. The kids are cute, I'll say that. The tune was ...

  • Įvertinkite: daugiavaikės mamos Nadya Suleman aštuonetukas sukūrė kalėdinę ...

    Aštuntukui, pavadintam „The Roctuplets", dainuoti padeda ir vyresni broliai bei sesės. O penktadienį internetinėje „iTunes" muzikos parduotuvėje pristatyta daina jau turi ir savo vaizdo klipą. Be to, mažieji N.Suleman vaikai turi ir savo internetinius ...

  • Octomom lance sa chorale de Noël

    Elle leur a même trouvé un nom de groupe, les Roctuplets. Le morceau de ces jeunes artistes, intitulé «I'm Ready For Christmas», est en vente sur internet depuis vendredi. Les Roctuplets ont déjà mis en boîte deux autres chansons, qui devraient bientôt ...

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