Thursday, November 22, 2012

The pornography industry

  • Porn industry declares war on new condom law

    The porn industry is looking for ways to derail a voter-approved ballot measure that requires actors to use condoms during filming.

  • Porn industry trade group vows to fight condom requirement

    Porn industry trade group vows to fight condom requirement. November 7, 2012 | 10:16 am. increase text size decrease text size.

  • Porn film industry threatens to quit LA

    Now it may face the emigration of another home-grown industry - adult entertainment. That's the spectre raised by some of the hundreds of pornography producers in LA after voters approved Measure B, which requires performers to wear condoms and ...

  • Porn Agents: The X-Rated Industry Has Agents Negotiating Deals Just Like ...

    This story comes courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter and first appeared in the Nov. 23 issue of the magazine. By Daniel Miller. On a late-summer afternoon in a dingy San Fernando Valley apartment, talent agent Mark Spiegler is having it out with a producer.

  • Unlikely Model in HIV Efforts: Sex Film Industry

    Outside the world of pornography, the industry's testing regimen is not well known, and no serious academic study of it has ever been done.

  • Making porn actors wear condoms is not the best way to protect us

    The term "porn industry" is used to cover a broad range of media, but here I want to talk about the capitalism-driven, heterosexual-oriented adult industry.

  • Ten Facts About Porn Industry: 'All Time 10s' Video Shows How Big The Adult ...

    That's according to YouTube channel All Time 10s, which has compiled 10 incredible facts about the porn industry (video above).

  • Father upset after school principal teaches daughter about porno industry

    DETROIT, MI (WTVR) - A Michigan man is campaigning against his daughter's high school principal who he says taught his daughter about the pornography industry. "The principal should just come clean and say, 'Hey, I made a mistake," says Steve Werner, ...

  • Former adult film star Chrissy Moran to speak on porn industry ills

    With as many as one in four Internet searches relating to porn, chances are you know someone who has viewed illicit material online.

  • Porn industry is changing thanks to 'Tube' sites, says regulator

    In addition, the Tube sites are changing the face of the porn industry itself. Speaking to the BBC, porn producer and spokesperson for the Adult Industry Trade Association, Tom Dennis, claimed that it was hard to justify spending significant amounts of ...

  • Sasha Grey: Music is just like the porn industry

    Porn stars have generally left music feeling a bit dirty and used. Most often, as in the case of Andrea True or Traci Lords, they are reduced to pouting ciphers on dance tracks, while the less said about Pop You in the Pooper by Jeff Stryker, the ...

  • A Habit That Can Destroy Lives

    These disturbing trends do not apply to all pornography. There are many varieties made by hundreds of small producers, but the porn industry around Los Angeles dominates, shaping cultural ideas about sexuality, relationships and intimacy. Just as the ...

  • Mark Cromer: Behind the Latex Curtain of LA's Condom War

    Judging from campaign contribution reports, the multibillion-dollar porn industry has ponied up less than a half-million bucks to fend off the mandatory wetsuit measure, with some of the best-known titans of titillation refusing to put much skin in ...

  • Make Love Not Porn

    She wants to rock the mainstream pornography industry and broaden the public conversation on sex. And while she's at it, she's not adverse to calling out the technology, advertising and marketing industries on their own conservatism and prejudices.

  • Jackie Kemp: Children are being exposed to porn, and no-one knows its long ...

    They will probably be turned into heavy consumers of the porn industry, a habit that could stay with them for life, linking them at least to the content produced by people who inhabit this shady underworld.

  • Porn takes the fun out of hysteria

    You know, people complain about the porn industry a lot, and with just cause. It is degrading, it's male-centric, it makes people think they need to pour hot wax on their fun parts in order to be attractive; these are complaints we hear about the ...

  • Mandating Pornography

    "Don't screw with our porn!" That's what the very successful Los Angeles pornography industry is saying to the 56 percent of L.A.

  • Here's What Female Porn Stars Get Paid For Different Types Of Scenes

    Spiegler's boutique firm, Spiegler Girls, represents a small group of elite women and is regarded as one of the industry's top agencies in the Hollywood of porn: The San Fernando Valley. "We are the buffer - so the girl doesn't look bad. We take the ...

  • Porn Stars of Color Face Racial Inequality and Wage Gap Too

    For instance, I have found that women enter the pornography industry because they are enthusiastic about its potential for lucrative, flexible and independent work.

  • It's a wrap: Porn biz says it's fleeing B

    With runaway production already vexing the Los Angeles-based entertainment biz, the passage of Measure B could rub out what's left of L.A.

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