Sunday, November 25, 2012

The expired meter

  • No public showed for meter hearing

    PORTSMOUTH - No one showed up at a public hearing held Tuesday night at City Hall on a proposal to increase fines for expired parking meters. As a result, the council passed the second reading of the proposal without any discussion. The council will ...

  • Increasing fines for parking flubs on city council agenda

    PORTSMOUTH - The City Council at tonight's meeting will hold a public hearing on a plan to increase fines for expired parking meters. The council passed first reading of the fine increase last month without any discussion. After hearing from the ...

  • Clearing up confusion over DC parking rules

    At 7:58 p.m., I was given a $25 ticket for an expired meter. When I saw the ticket on the windshield, I reread the signs and went over to the meter.

  • Gotesco has new victim: Evercrest Golf Club

    Remember Gotesco Investments (Gotesco), the company that was able to have a 22,585.80-square-meter Caloocan City-owned lot worth more than P182 million titled to its name without paying Caloocan a single centavo and there built the first Ever-Gotesco ...

  • All Share Services

    A: The collective bargaining agreement between owners and the players' association, that was in effect since the last lockout ended in 2005, expired on Sept. 16. Because a new deal wasn't in place then, the NHL locked out the players and said the ...

  • Erie Parking Authority Changes Handicap Parking Regulations

    We found the same vehicles, parking pretty much in the same spots, all day long, with an expired meter. They'd put up a handicap placard, and never get a ticket.

  • No place like home

    Guo, originally from Shaoyang, Central China's Hunan Province, bought a 117-square-meter apartment in a good area by the West Third Ring Road in 2001, four years after he graduated from college.

  • Facing backlash, Ridgewood stops parking enforcement for next two days

    Facing backlash and negative feedback from residents and others who patronize Ridgewood's Central Business District, the village has suspended parking enforcement, particularly ticketing for expired meters, for today and Saturday. NJMG FILE PHOTO ...

  • Gift advice that'll bring you Knope and joy

    Throw in the Green Smoothie Bible ($10.17) for 300 delicious recipes that don't involve roadkill or expired canned goods.

  • Think your job is thankless? Try these

    If it's not dumping snow, Farrell patrols on a bicycle with a hand-held computer that tells her which meters have expired. "You never know what you're going to get when you meet someone who just got a ticket," she says. "You'd be surprised who is ...

  • Free Holiday Parking is Now Underway

    It includes a breakdown of $34,808 in lost meter revenue, $15,820 in a loss of revenue from citations for expired meters, and $235 for staff to instal and remove decals.

  • No free holiday parking in WB

    For years every Thanksgiving the city would initiate its holiday free meter parking program to allow downtown shoppers and diners to be worry free of getting a ticket if their meter time expired. Mayor Tom Leighton had said in previous years the ...

  • So to Speak | Joe Blundo commentary: Buckeyes not first to face misfortune

    But, 10 days after the race in which he would have competed, Beardsley broke the world record in the 200-meter butterfly. He was among many athletes who lost their one chance at Olympic fame because of the boycott.

  • Girls Gone Wild Get Special Treatment

    The parking police will be busy standing by a car waiting for the meter to expire to give someone who works downtown a ticket.

  • Toronto should bust out-of-province drivers who don't pay parking fines

    When a car with New York plates sits next to an expired meter all day - sometimes day after day - amassing tickets that will never be paid, other drivers are denied a parking spot and Toronto is deprived of revenue.

  • Get Garcia, Get Results: Fighting an Unjust Parking Ticket

    When Brian Demonberun returned to his car parked at meter number 707 on La Brea in Mid-Wilshire, he didn't expect to find a ticket on his windshield.

  • Golden wonders beyond the reef

    It was here, in 1965, that the "meter maids" were born. Gold-bikini-clad women were paid for by businesses and deployed to abate anger at the introduction of parking charges.

  • Report Says Broken Courthouse Meters Costing County

    12, 2012 report, "parking meter revenue could approach $200,000 annually, yet it has dropped to $28,000." Another $150,000 in revenue could potentially have been realized with fines for parking at expired meters. The $18,000 annual operating budget for ...

  • Paulsboro Crimelog includes theft of kitchen sink

    A 39-year-old male was committed to Gloucester County Jail in default of $59,029 bail. - A burglar or burglars stole the kitchen sink, a small amount of copper tubing and the water meter from a vacant home on Pennline Road, police said. Officers ...

  • Mobile woman admits marrying Nigerian track star for cut of Olympic winnings

    According to Kemp's plea agreement, Awoleye needed a green card to stay in the country after his student visa expired. He married Kemp in Saraland in 2006 ... He also competed on the school's 1600 meter relay team. Awoleye graduated in 2007. Awoleye ...

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