Friday, November 23, 2012

The choice

  • Imran Khan : the choice of youngistaan

    What makes Imran Khan the choice of youngistaan... designer clothes, slick wheels, trendy gadgets... super intelligence nah... it's the simple looks and attitude which is attracting many young legs all over especially the females.. The choice of the ...

  • The Choice to End Poverty

    On Monday, at an event marking the release of the Half in Ten campaign's new report—"The Right Choices to Cut Poverty and Restore Shared Prosperity"—Angela Sutton, a Witness to Hunger in Philadelphia, talked about why it's so critical to protect ...

  • Chevron's Choice Of Metal In Richmond Refinery Fix Questioned

    The choice of metal for new pipes at the fire-damaged Chevron oil refinery in Richmond could complicate restoration of the plant to full fuel production.

  • The Choice: Who knows what president will face but voters get lots of ways to ...

    WASHINGTON - It's a choice sure to touch the lives of all 315 million Americans, some in profound ways - their livelihoods, their health, their sense of freedom or confidence in the future, maybe even whether they go to war or live in peace.

  • Market considerations behind VTB, Sberbank choice for floating Belarusian ...

    MINSK, 23 November (BelTA) - The choice of VTB Capital plc and ZAO Sberbank KIB for the roadshow (presentation) and the floatation of Belarusian eurobonds has been necessitated by the market, BelTA learned from Mr Vadim Iosub, a financial analyst of ...

  • The Choice Confronting Republican Governors

    Republican governors and legislators routinely rail against federal intrusion in activities that they think would be better managed by the states.

  • Too Many Tablet Choices? How to Buy One This Holiday

    Tablets are at the top of many wish lists this holiday season. But what to get? The choice used to be pretty limited, with the iPad dominating the latecomers.

  • North's Byrd makes college choice official

    Byrd, who will play next year at IUPUI, had her official signing celebration with family and friends on Wednesday in Charger Gym. Byrd said the choice to attend IUPUI was not difficult and she is happy to have the decision behind her. The Charger guard ...

  • Barbra Streisand Says Obama Is A 'Good Man' And Reiterates 'The Choice Is ...

    Barbra Streisand appears in a new pro-Barack Obama ad released by the National Jewish Democratic Council and repeats her belief that this election, "the choice is clear." It's a message she's shared before. Streisand wrote a blog on The Huffington Post ...

  • Deadlines approaching for students to enroll in Salem, Cumberland School ...

    Under the School Choice program, New Jersey school districts can apply to become choice districts, allowing them to open seats to accept non-resident students at the expense of the state.

  • Fischer, Kerrey: Defining the choice

    Rounding the final turn toward Tuesday's election, Senate candidates Bob Kerrey and Deb Fischer on Sunday defined the choice for voters in starkly different terms. Fischer pointed to "a clear contrast" between them on issues, repeating her ...

  • Codecs & workflow: Making the optimum choice. Part 2 - delivery

    In part one, I described how tapeless cameras offer a wide choice of codecs, with some also having the ability to output raw and/or uncompressed files.

  • The choice doesn't end on November 6

    Between the broadcast ads, stump speeches, and debates, American voters have been inundated with the differences between policies that President Obama and Gov.

  • The choice for voters ... a limited or paternalistic government?

    The choice, as President Obama has said, could not be clearer. Is our country a giant ATM, dispensing money and benefits to increasing numbers of people while requiring little, if anything, of the recipients?

  • Tablet market offers plenty of alternatives

    "What's different about this holiday season is that consumers have not just more choice, but really good choices," said Sarah Rotman Epps, who studies consumer computing trends at Forrester. "There have been many iPad wannabes but no real quality ...

  • Forum: HHS mandate takes away the choice of the church

    However, the choice remains ours. With the Health and Human Services mandate, the Catholic Church will be required to provide services that directly contradict the teachings of the faith: sterilizations, contraceptives and abortifacient drugs.

  • Question 2: The choice to die

    The choice, in a real sense, is between life and death. Should an individual who is terminally ill have the right to end his or her life?

  • For Bouquet, the choice was easy

    Some people have a wrenching choice to make when it comes to picking a university to attend. Dana Bouquet is not one of those people.

  • VOTER'S GUIDE | The choice is clear

    6, the Penn community faces a stark choice between two competing visions for America's future. That choice is clear - President Obama better represents our values and interests than Mitt Romney.

  • 'The Choice' at Appleseed Productions explores issues of Down Syndrome and ...

    Despite a weak script, "The Choice" at Appleseed Productions, under Pat Marzola's direction, offers some memorably excellent performances.

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