Friday, November 16, 2012


  • Why Do So Many Teachers Quit Their Jobs? Because They Hate Their Bosses

    What's the reason so many new teachers quit the profession or move to a different school? The heavy workload? Low salary?

  • Deborah Bishop, Mississippi Teacher, Uses Thousands In Game Show ...

    Poster teacher for the initiative, Sara Ferguson, was featured in a Philadelphia Inquirer piece reporting that Chester Upland teachers had resolved to keep working without pay "as long as we are able." Since the piece, she has represented the local ...

  • Marathon contract talks on teacher salaries fall apart just short of deal, as ...

    After negotiating for seven hours Thursday night, the Palm Beach County School District and the union representing its 12,000 teachers were within a breath of reaching a tentative contract agreement that would give most teachers raises of at least $1,500.

  • The Record: Best teachers

    MOUNTAINS can move. It happened Wednesday, when Newark teachers approved a contract that includes merit pay. The majority of teachers in New Jersey are represented by the New Jersey Education Association, not the American Federation of Teachers ...

  • It's Broken (Not Broke); Fix It

    Just last year, one of the very best teachers in my school was laid off because there isn't enough money in the system to pay for all of our teachers anymore. But he got hired last fall by another school in our district which supposedly doesn't have ...

  • Why teachers take so many sick days

    Mr. Rodricks seems have forgotten that many educators are women and that at least some of the 35 percent of teachers who took 10 or more sick days during the 2009-2010 school year may have been on maternity leave.

  • Muncie teachers get their iPad tablets this week

    Laura Sloan (left) and Melissa French get a quick iPad tutorial while other teachers file in to recieve their iPads at Northside Middle School in Muncie on Thursday afternoon.

  • Teachers win in court, budget woes, more Jefferson Parish politics links

    The Jefferson Parish School Board has lost another round in its struggles with the teachers union. This time, the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal decided that the board illegally cut teachers' pay by imposing an unpaid furlough day. WVUE has ...

  • Pakistani teachers visit Fairfax classrooms

    Rana Hussain's sequined turquoise sari cascaded to the tile floor in the first grade classroom at Eagle View Elementary as she knelt next to a blonde boy reading next to her.

  • Hundreds protest for negotiated teacher contract

    The Honolulu Star-Advertiser ( says the crowd of about 600 teachers, students, parents and community members are urging the governor to negotiate with them on a new contract.

  • Summer Larsen, Declo Elementary School Teacher, Under Fire For Student ...

    Summer Larsen's students at Declo Elementary School needed to meet a reading goal of 10 points, KMVT reports. Those who failed to attain that goal could choose one of two punishments: have their faces drawn on by fellow classmates or miss recess.

  • The Truth Behind the Chaotic Teachers? Strike

    LEADERS of trade unions affiliated to Swapo have always used workers as a stepping stone to getting a seat in Parliament. The illegal strike by teachers was another opportunity which some wanted to use to raise their stakes but it all went horribly wrong.

  • NJ teacher-evaluation reform compared to other states

    What it says: The report focuses on states' capacity to implement new teacher-evaluation systems mandated through the federal No Child Left Behind Act and the Race to the Top competition, which provided funding to states to develop such systems with ...

  • Newark teachers union approves landmark contract offering merit pay bonuses

    The three-year deal, which awards merit pay to teachers who earn a rating of "highly effective," was approved, 1,767-1,088, with almost 62 percent of those who voted supporting it.

  • Did DC Reforms Mean More 'Irreplaceable' Teachers Stuck Around?

    Beyonce2_Blog.jpg This summer, the New York-based nonprofit TNTP (formerly The New Teacher Project) told school districts they need to disregard Beyonce: Some teachers are so good that they are, in fact, irreplaceable. Too often, those teachers leave ...

  • Singapore hit by sex scandals involving teachers in blow to its strait-laced ...

    More surprising is that such egregious cases have been recorded in Singapore's highly regarded educational system, where both teachers and students are conditioned from first grade to be disciplined, rule-fearing and committed to academic excellence.

  • New teacher evaluation system coming to Madison Schools

    "We have an outstanding teaching staff and support staff, and I think we have a very competent administrative staff, and if we continue to engage in a dialogue and work together, I believe we're going to come through this process in a very solid and ...

  • Affton teachers receive grants for classes

    Christmas came a little early for 34 Affton School District teachers. The Affton Education Foundation presented them with 27 grants worth a total of $24,450 that will support their classroom projects.

  • School Districts Brace for Cuts as Fiscal Crisis Looms

    In Cleveland, where the district has already lopped 50 minutes off the school day and limited art and music, officials fear they would have to curtail a literary program for struggling fourth and fifth graders, and lay off more classroom teachers ...

  • Teacher accused of student affair did not have high school credential

    Jennifer Tyree, 36, was placed on administrative leave Nov. 2, after her husband told Petersburg police that his wife was having an affair with one of her male students.

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