Thursday, November 15, 2012


  • Newark teachers union approves landmark contract including merit pay

    The three-year deal, which awards merit pay to teachers who earn a rating of "highly effective," was approved, 1,767-1,088, with almost 62 percent of the membership supporting it.

  • Summer Larsen, Declo Elementary School Teacher, Under Fire For Student ...

    Summer Larsen's students at Declo Elementary School needed to meet a reading goal of 10 points, KMVT reports. Those who failed to attain that goal could choose one of two punishments: have their faces drawn on by fellow classmates or miss recess.

  • Singapore hit by sex scandals involving teachers in blow to its strait-laced ...

    More surprising is that such egregious cases have been recorded in Singapore's highly regarded educational system, where both teachers and students are conditioned from first grade to be disciplined, rule-fearing and committed to academic excellence.

  • Teachers Deserve This 'Thank You'

    With unemployment lines growing shorter, and the hopes of a regular paycheck starting to rise, our nation continues to push forward to get more Americans back to work.

  • Teachers No Longer United

    Windhoek - Some teachers remain defiant in the face of the recent court interdicts and have vowed to stay the course until their demand for a 40 percent increment is met in full.

  • DC teachers union wants to unionize city's charter schools

    Washington Teachers' Union President Nathan Saunders said Wednesday that he wants to unionize the city's charter schools and will push for legislative changes to make it easier to organize their teachers, who educate a growing number of D.C. students.

  • Board pledges more talks with teachers

    "The Board of Education is committed to negotiating increases to its teachers' salary and benefits package that are fair and reasonable," Board President Jim Smith said.

  • Teaneck teachers, students return to class

    Barbara Pinsak, the Teaneck Superintendent, said that attendance last week among students and teachers was very high, despite the struggles some were still dealing with as a result of the storm.

  • If the President Can Make Time for Parent-Teacher Conferences, So Can You

    Decide what you want to ask the teacher. Discuss the forthcoming conference with your child to see if there is anything she/he would like you to talk about with the teacher. Check with your spouse and decide which aspects of your child's schoolwork are ...

  • Marple Firing 'Shocks' Teacher Leaders

    The presidents of the two teacher organizations in West Virginia call the decision by the state Board of Education to fire state School Superintendent Dr.

  • Portland Business Alliance to schools, teachers union: We're done

    Editor's note: The Portland Business Alliance sent the following letter this week to the co-chairs of the Portland Public Schools Board and to Gwen Sullivan, president of the Portland Association of Teachers. The PBA sent a separate letter asking ...

  • Frustration mounts for Antioch teachers over pay

    The amount teachers have to pay for medical benefits for their families is also slated to increase in January, said Lenore Navarro, a Kimball Elementary teacher and member of the bargaining unit for the Antioch Education Association. "It's a virtual ...

  • Teachers give online math textbooks a failing grade

    Online math textbooks launched this year in Fairfax County Public schools are receiving harsh reviews from teachers and parents.

  • Garner elementary teacher wins national award, $25000

    GARNER -- Teacher Tiffany Lachenmayr arrived at Timber Drive Elementary in Garner on Wednesday morning thinking about preparations for the day's field trip for her fourth-grade students.

  • Analysis Examines LA Teacher Characteristics

    Los Angeles has an unusually wide spread in the relative effectiveness of its teachers, according to an analysis released today by the Strategic Data Project, an initiative housed at the Center for Education Policy Research at Harvard University.

  • Dream jobs: Athletes, reporters, teachers, astronauts

    Girls dreamed of being teachers (11.4 percent), veterinarians (9 percent), and writers, journalists or authors (8.1 percent).

  • Jordanian teachers strike to protest price hikes

    AMMAN, Jordan (AP) - Jordanian teachers went on strike to protest price hikes Wednesday as anger mounted over a government decision to lift fuel subsidies, fueling tensions among a population already straining under high unemployment and poverty.

  • HISD again delays teacher evaluation plan

    HISD Superintendent Terry Grier's staff acknowledged that after about a year and a half of planning, teachers still did not understand the evaluation system, the new computer program involved failed repeatedly, and exams used to rate teachers still ...

  • SC education board: Teacher letter grades won't happen

    COLUMBIA - State education board members assured teachers Wednesday that the Education Department's proposal to give teachers letter grades will not be part of South Carolina's performance-based evaluation system, which is set to start statewide in ...

  • Waukesha considers pay-for-performance for teachers

    One of Wisconsin's largest school districts is considering changing its salary structure to reward teachers based on the quality of their performance, rather than on their seniority and education.

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