Thursday, November 22, 2012

Teacher fired

  • Stadium Elementary Teacher Fired From Rhode Island School For Punishing ...

    A Rhode Island substitute teacher has been fired after he reportedly sent two third-grade children out in the cold as punishment for talking in class.

  • Teacher fired over relationship

    After years of enjoying a teacher-student relationship that included exchanging CDs and sharing personal information, Rich East social studies teacher Rocco Rado went out for coffee with an 18-year-old female pupil in April, police said. When they ...

  • teacher fired for porn site wants job back

    STOCKTON (AP) -- A California teacher fired after she was accused of operating pornographic websites from a school-issued laptop is fighting to get her job back in hearings that began this week.

  • Hearing for St. Tammany Parish teacher fired over political cartoons ends with ...

    St. Tammany Parish school leaders committed a "rush to judgment" in wrongfully firing social studies teacher Robert Duncan over controversial student political cartoons, the teacher's lawyer told a panel Wednesday in asking that his dismissal be reversed.

  • Teacher fired, $2 mill. tech bonds at LSC

    LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) - A Lafayette School Corporation teacher is fired after authorities say he lied on his application.

  • Teacher fired over porn says she lost herself

    OXNARD, Calif.—A former Oxnard school teacher fired after it was revealed she had appeared in porn films says she deserves a second chance at her job.

  • Teacher fired over porn pleads to get job back

    A fired Southern California science teacher is begging for her job back, telling an administrative hearing she was desperate for money when she decided to perform in pornographic videos.

  • Toledo Teacher Fired for Wearing Bulletproof Vest to School

    A Toledo teacher was fired for wearing a bulletproof vest to school. Brady Hineline, 39, had donned the vest "for the purpose of surviving the rest of the school year," according to Ohio Department of Education records.

  • Stacie Halas, Former Haydock Intermediate School Teacher Fired For Porn Star ...

    At a hearing Thursday, Halas made an emotional plea, saying that her first porn shoot made her feel "dirty" and "shameful.

  • Firing recommended in PSSA cheating probe

    SCRANTON, Pa. (AP) Administrators at one Pennsylvania school district are recommending a teacher be fired following an investigation into cheating on state standardized tests.

  • Abusive China teacher fired after Weibo outcry

    Abusive China teacher fired after Weibo outcry. Posted by Olga Khazan on October 26, 2012 at 12:59 pm. Smaller Text Larger Text Text Size; Print · Reprints.

  • Iowa teacher aide fired after school officials learn of role in 1965 killing

    An Iowa teacher's aide was fired Tuesday after school officials recently learned she was the member of an Indianapolis family who tortured and killed a girl in the basement of their home in 1965.

  • Lauren Vaughn, California Teacher, Says She Was Fired For Speaking Out ...

    Encino, Calif. teacher Lauren Vaughn is claiming in court that Westmark School officials fired her for truthfully speaking out about the school board chair offending students and parents with racially insensitive attire at a Tom Hanks-led fundraiser ...

  • Olentangy teacher fired over pot growing in her house

    The Columbus Dispatch reports that the Olentangy school board voted Wednesday to terminate the fourth-grade teacher. An attorney for the 48-year-old woman said she'll challenge the firing. The attorney said she had no idea her husband had grown ...

  • West Ottawa: teacher fired for poor performance, 'abysmal' attendance, not ...

    PARK TOWNSHIP, MI - West Ottawa Public Schools disputed allegations that former high-school teacher Susan Brennan was fired because her brief stint as a stripper came to light. The school district, in court documents filed Friday, Nov. 2, said she was ...

  • Marple Firing 'Shocks' Teacher Leaders

    West Virginia American Federation of Teachers President Judy Hale says the way Marple was fired is more surprising than the fact she was let go.

  • Chinese Teacher Fired for Picking Up Student by Ears and Photographing It

    A teacher in the Chinese province of Zhejiang has been fired after an image was posted on the social networking site Weibo showing the smiling teacher lifting a screaming student up by his ears. 20-year-old Yan Yanhong posted over 700 images, all taken ...

  • Lake Brantley teacher to be fired over brothel visits

    "I felt like a lot of the parents had problems with him as a teacher anyway, so I feel like eventually he was going to get fired for something," said the unidentified student. Eyewitness News was told that during the district's investigation Dalland ...

  • Substitute Teacher Fired Over Relationship With Student

    (Helena-West Helena, AR) A substitute teacher is off the job after she's accused of being involved with a 15-year old student.

  • Walled Lake Western High School teacher fired, accused of having porn on ...

    (WXYZ) - A teacher at Walled Lake Western High School accused of having porn on his computer in class has been fired. The district immediately removed the teacher from the classroom as soon as it was discovered last week. A new teacher is in place.

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