Sunday, November 25, 2012

Tax hikes

  • Lindsey Graham: 'I Will Violate The Pledge' To Not Increase Taxes

    WASHINGTON -- Several congressional Republicans said Sunday that they would be open to increasing the amount of money the government collects in taxes, with a senior Republican member of the U.S. Senate going so far as to say he is willing to break ...

  • Canada Report: Officials: No 'risky' tax hikes ahead

    Canadians need not be concerned about any tax increases or "risky new spending schemes" in the next federal budget. Finance Minister Jim Flaherty made the comments, saying the Conservative government is moving toward its goal to balance the budget ...

  • Experts say prepare now for massive 2013 tax hikes

    Obamacare alone contains over $800 billion in tax increases, and the first wave of those increases are set to occur in 2013-14.

  • 10000 march in Dublin vs. new round of cuts, tax hikes

    The demonstrators were from a wide range of anti-tax campaigns, labor unions and community groups, most of them with a hard-left bent.

  • Tax hikes at the center of 'fiscal cliff' talks

    When push comes to shove, you think you can avoid doing that, you think you can head him off and negotiate away from tax hikes on the rich? HATCH: Well, we hope so, because none of us are for rate increases. We are for finding enough revenue to satisfy ...

  • Voters have already spoken on tax hikes

    How dare Commissioner Tom Collins demand to raise property taxes? On Election Day, the people of Nevada said no. Who does he think he is?

  • Tax increases could factor in MLB negotiations

    Some players are wrangling for as much money as they can get before the end of the year to avoid tax hikes in 2013. This much is known for now: Starting Jan. 1, there is an additional 0.9 percent Medicare tax on wages above $200,000 for individuals and ...

  • Sales-tax increase on March ballot would close Los Angeles' $216M budget gap

    On the same ballot, voters in 28 out of 36 California cities OK'd local sales tax hikes. Now, Los Angeles voters will decide whether the willingness to increases sales taxes continues into 2013.

  • Daniel Mitchell: Tax hikes the 'bad' fiscal cliff

    America actually will fall off two fiscal cliffs in January, but only one of them is bad. The good fiscal cliff is the so-called sequester, which is the inside-the-beltway term for automatic spending cuts.

  • Reality says tax hikes on table

    In fact, Norquist maintained, if you think there's any erosion of support for his Pledge, which forbids any net increase in taxes, Norquist would like you to know something. "You're mistaken," he said. "The entire Republican leadership has been elected ...

  • Possible tax hikes spur special dividends

    More than a dozen said they acted because of a pending dividend-tax increase. Congress is poised to let the rate on dividends, which was lowered to 15 percent during the George W. Bush administration, increase after President Obama won a second term ...

  • Congress Is Thinking About A Sneaky New Scheme To Raise Taxes — And A ...

    The primary Fiscal Cliff challenge is this: Democrats insist on raising taxes on the rich. Republicans, who are terrified of Grover Norquist and primary challenges (and who generally hate tax hikes) refuse to do vote for tax hikes. So the question is ...

  • LA council votes to place half-cent sales tax hike on March ballot

    Over the protests of former Mayor Richard Riordan and leaders of a labor union, the Los Angeles City Council voted 11-4 on Tuesday to place a half-cent sales tax hike on the March 5 ballot to avert what it said would be significant cuts in services for ...

  • Local tax hikes? No. Nope. No way. A thousand times no

    If you put too many elected officials in the same room for too long, their sympathy for government eventually gets the best of them.

  • Looming tax increases could factor in baseball free agent negotiations

    As the president and congressional leaders try to keep America from falling off the fiscal cliff, their talks are having an impact on contract negotiations for one group in particular - baseball's free agents.

  • Congress returns to Washington under pressure to reach budget deal, avert ...

    Awaiting them is an American public uneasy about potential tax hikes or perhaps losing some of their benefits from such entitlement programs as Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security.

  • WRAPUP 3-Obama says tax hike has to come first in 'fiscal cliff' deal

    Obama won't sign off on more tax cuts for the wealthy. * Republicans say Obama's plan not realistic. By Andy Sullivan.

  • Tax hike bad for blood pressure

    Nov. 15 headline "Hanover considers hiking taxes" - it is rare for me to read the headline of our local paper and feel my blood pressure rise immediately.

  • Republican rep opens door to tax hike talk, while Senate Dems make new ...

    A House Republican appeared to open the door Thursday to the GOP caucus considering tax rate hikes, stepping away from the long-held party line on the eve of high-stakes talks over the so-called "fiscal cliff.

  • Geithner says Treasury cannot delay tax hikes

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The Treasury Department does not have the authority to delay the tax increases that will take effect at the end of the year if the White House and Congress are unable to stave off the "fiscal cliff," Treasury Secretary Timothy ...

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