Thursday, November 22, 2012

Syria crisis

  • Syria Crisis: Damascus Suburbs Bombed By Syrian Warplanes

    BEIRUT - Syrian warplanes bombed Damascus suburbs and rebel-held areas in the country's north Wednesday as the government blasted the European Union for endorsing a newly formed opposition coalition.

  • Turkey asks NATO to deploy Patriot missiles, citing threats from Syria crisis

    Istanbul, Turkey (CNN) -- In a potential escalation of the Syrian conflict, Turkey asked NATO on Wednesday for Patriot missiles to bolster its air defenses against its southern neighbor.

  • NATO, Russia clash over missile deployment in Turkey

    It says the crisis in Syria must be resolved without foreign interference, particularly military intervention, and that Assad's exit from power should not be imposed as a precondition for a political solution.

  • Syria and Gaza in Crisis- Another Twist in Turkey's Road to Europe?

    Moreover, bilateral policy-making during the Syrian crisis has arguably brought the EU and Turkey closer together and can be seen as a turning point in Turkish-EU relations.

  • Lebanon opposes Syrian refugee camps as crisis grows

    HALBA, Lebanon: Thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon are urgently seeking temporary shelter similar to the camps set up in Turkey and Jordan, but with its troubled history of refugees, Beirut and the UN reject the idea.

  • A Precarious Balancing Act: Lebanon and the Syrian Conflict

    Syria's civil war is spilling beyond its borders and threatening Lebanon's stability. More than ever, it is crucial that Lebanon's leaders address the fundamental shortfalls of their governing structure, which exacerbate factionalism and leave the ...

  • France supports Syria 'disassociation' — Mikati

    Paris: Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati on Wednesday said France supports his government's policy of disassociating the country from the Syrian crisis, speaking after a meeting with President Francois Hollande in Paris. According to Mikati ...

  • Ending foreign support for insurgents solution to Syria crisis: Poll

    The opinion poll found that 65 percent (3,485 respondents) of the 5,394 respondents believe the solution to the Syrian crisis is ending foreign military and political support for insurgents. Some 18 percent of the respondents (998 participants) said ...

  • News Analysis: Recognition of opposition coalition may aggravate Syria crisis

    The head of the new coalition, former Muslim preacher Mouaz al-Khatib, called on the international community to render qualitative arms to the rebels on ground to tip the balance in Syria's 20-month-old crisis. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC ...

  • Syria crisis: UK to open talks with opposition militants

    Britain is to break new ground in its response to the crisis in Syria by opening talks with armed opposition groups, as ministers acknowledge that militants are increasingly setting the agenda.

  • 'Tehran meeting positive step towards resolving Syria crisis'

    Syrian deputy prime minister for economic affairs Qadri Jamil has described Syria National Dialogue in Iran's capital, Tehran, as a positive step towards resolving the country's crisis. Jamil said on Monday that the meeting is also a positive step ...

  • Syria crisis: Refugee children 'face winter risks'

    International charity Save the Children has warned 200,000 Syrian refugee children are at serious risk from freezing temperatures, as winter sets in the Middle East.

  • France eyes Middle East influence, image with Syria gamble

    As the former colonial master in Syria, it makes sense for France to be a leader in solving the crisis and its economic ties with Assad's government have been modest in recent years.

  • Turkey asks NATO for missile defence against Syria

    A major player in supporting Syria's opposition and planning for the post-conflict era, Turkey is worried about Syria's chemical weapons, the refugee crisis along its border, and what it says is Syrian support for Kurdish militants on its own soil ...

  • Syria Crisis: Golan Heights Border Villages Taken By Rebels, Israel Says

    ... Arabia and Qatar - met Wednesday in the Saudi capital Riyadh to discuss the crisis, according to the official Saudi News Agency.

  • International dimensions of the Syrian crisis

    Of the population of Syria, 74 per cent are Sunnis, 10 per cent Christians and the rest Druze and other minorities, among whom are the Alawites who govern Syria through their Alawite president, Bashar al-Assad. Since March 2011, the crisis has assumed ...

  • 2,5 mln people in Syria have urgent need for humanitarian aid, over 430000 ...

    The biggest risk of the crisis in Syria to the EU is the crisis growing from a civil war in one country into a regional conflict.

  • Syrian crisis unabating despite int'l mediation efforts

    Furthermore, violence has long managed its way into the capital Damascus which was relatively peaceful in the first several months of the crisis. On Wednesday, at least 12 people were killed in three explosions that rattled the Syrian political center.

  • Syria: the quagmire that we can't avoid?

    Nobody knows how the Syrian war will end. But it is safe to say that no one wants the crisis to finish with a large European stabilisation force patrolling Damascus, Aleppo and Homs.

  • Why Oil Markets Are Watching The Wrong Middle East Crisis

    Not if it wants to be a beneficiary of Levantine regional power, rather than a perennial casualty, as events in Palestine and far more importantly, Syria, currently attest. That's the real Middle East crisis oil markets need to be watching right now ...

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