Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Star wars episode vii

  • 'Star Wars: Episode VII': Lando Calrissian will be in the movie -- report

    There are few facts that are actually known about the upcoming "Star Wars: Episode VII." Fact: it's due out in 2015.

  • Brad Bird Won't Direct Star Wars: Episode VII

    Director Brad Bird (The Incredibles, Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, The Iron Giant) has declared that he won't direct Star Wars: Episode VII. Bird tweeted today in response to numerous fan inquiries, "Not doing Star Wars." He reiterated that his ...

  • Brad Bird Will Not Direct "Star Wars Episode VII"

    His affinity for great action shots and ability to handle an ensemble cast makes Brad an ideal choice for "Star Wars Episode VII." Unfortunately for young padawons, Bird took to the social networking website, Twitter, to vehemently deny his association ...

  • Potential Star Wars Episode VII Director: 'I Will Hopefully Make It Not Suck'

    Of all the names that have surfaced as rumored directors for Star Wars Episode VII, one of the weirdest has been Safety Not Guaranteed helmer Colin Trevorrow… and it might also be the most accurate.

  • Brad Bird and Colin Trevorrow talk directing "Star Wars: Episode VII"

    The list of directors who have said they won't direct "Star Wars: Episode VII" continues to grow longer and longer.

  • 'Star Wars' Rumor Update: Brad Bird Won't Direct

    The "Star Wars" rumor mill is officially self-sustaining. Without an official word from Lucasfilm or Disney since the announce of Michael Arndt as the screenwriter for "Episode VII," there has still managed to be volumes written online about what is or ...

  • George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy Talk More Star Wars: Episode VII

    George Lucas and Kathleen Kennedy talk more about Kennedy taking over Lucasfilm and Star Wars: Episode VII in this new video brought online today.

  • Carrie Fisher set for 'Star Wars: Episode VII'? Not so fast

    Carrie Fisher has had more than a year to think about appearing in "Star Wars: Episode VII," but her involvement -- if it's happening -- isn't a done deal yet.

  • 10 Actors We Want in Star Wars Episode VII

    Whatever the story is for Star Wars Episode VII, there will be a few things we can expect. If the story is set anywhere from a few years to a few decades after the events of Episode Vl, we know now that Luke, Leia, and Han will make an ...

  • Brad Bird Ends Star Wars Rumor: He's Not Directing Episode VII

    The acclaimed director of The Incredibles and Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol simply stated that, instead of working on Star Wars: Episode VII, he's concentrating on 1952, written by Lost's Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen. While we've known about ...

  • Brad Bird Confirms He's Not Directing 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Either

    Over the last few weeks since the Star Wars: Episode VII and Lucasfilm news hit, rumors have been rampant, with real news following closely behind.

  • Brad Bird Won't Direct Star Wars Episode VII

    When Star Wars Episode VII was first announced the internet went nuts suggesting possible directors to helm the project. Fans and journalists alike threw out names like J.J.

  • Brad Bird Rules Himself Out of Directing Star Wars Episode VII

    Brad Bird has ruled himself out of directing the next Star Wars movie. The Oscar-winning director, known for his work on films including Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol and animated classic The Incredibles, was hotly tipped to take on the job of ...

  • Star Wars: Episode VII Rumor Roundup: Will Harrison Ford Return?

    With last week's news that George Lucas had sold his company to Disney - and that Disney would be making more Star Wars movies - came fans' inevitable speculation about what Episode VII will look like. With little concrete information available, ...

  • Star Wars Episode VII: Brad Bird latest director to rule himself out

    You can cross another name off the list of potential Star Wars directors after Brad Bird confirmed that he won't be joining the much-anticipated Disney project.

  • Disney, Lucasfilm 'Star Wars: Episode VII' To Be Followed By 2 To 3 Movies ...

    Another popular name to direct "Episode VII" being bandied about by "Star Wars" fans is Edgar Wright.

  • Rumor: Episode VII Directors – A Scorecard!

    Remember no one had really heard of Irvin Kershner or Richard Marquand prior to their Star Wars directorial debuts, either! Please check back with this article as we work our way towards the official confirmation of the director of Star Wars: Episode ...

  • Brad Bird denies he is to direct Star Wars: Episode VII

    Brad Bird has ruled himself out of the directors seat for the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII movie. Taking to twitter Bird confirmed he was not doing the next installment in the sci-fi franchise adding that while his next film was of the sci fi genre ...

  • Bird not flying anywhere near Star Wars : Episode VII

    Squishing the hopes of many-a-fanboy, "Mission : Impossible - Ghost Protocol" director Brad Bird has announced he's not in the running - much to the disappointment of many, claiming he would've been a great choice to helm the first chapter in the new ...

  • 6 directors publicly refusing to direct Star Wars: Episode VII [Updated]

    Star Wars: Episode VII - the legendary sci-fi franchise's next entry, scheduled for release in 2014 - is hardly your typical movie and it's been inciting unusual interest.

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