Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Star wars 7 expectations

  • 'Star Wars 7': Big Expectations Could Mean Big Letdown

    LOS ANGELES -- Darth Vader is dead. The evil Emperor exploded after being thrown down a shaft. And Luke Skywalker and his allies destroyed both Death Stars, restoring balance to the Force. For The Walt Disney Co., the prospective new owner of the "Star ...

  • Disney Not Stopping at Star Wars 7: 3 Films and More Coming!

    Back when Lucas was announcing plans for Star Wars: Episode 1—The Phantom Menace back in the 1990s (those high expectations we harbored were so long ago), he indicated that he envisioned both three prequels and three sequels to kick off and cap ...

  • Star Wars Episode 7: 5 Reasons To Stop Bashing George Lucas

    Since 1999, bashing George Lucas seems to be the done thing. The Star Wars prequels didn't live up to everyone's expectations (but let's be honest, they probably never could) and were problematic pieces of cinema. Even Lucas himself knew he'd gone too ...

  • Transgender Flag Flies In San Francisco's Castro District After Outrage From ...

    The Brazilian supermodel was discovered by Givenchy designer Riccardo Tisci when <a href="" ..... their differences. I ...

  • Will J.J. Abrams Or Jon Favreau Direct 'Star Wars: Episode VII?'

    The studio recently nabbed Star Wars creator George Lucas' Lucas Films for $4.05 billion and tapped Michael Arndt to lead the way on Star Wars: Episode VII, which is set for a 2015 release. Spielberg, JJ Abrams, and Brad Bird were reportedly sent ...

  • Rumor: Darth Vader Will Return in Star Wars Episode 7

    Upon learning of this rumor, fans stoically and silently accepted that the new Star Wars movies might not live up to their expectations if dumbass things like bringing back Darth Vader were going to happen. Several moments later, George Lucas edited ...

  • 'Breaking Dawn' doesn't quite break box office records

    Expectations were high for the opening weekend box office tally of "The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2," with Summit Entertainment looking to celebrate what would be a franchise-best for a series that's been highly lucrative right out of the ...

  • Does America's Asia pivot have content?

    In fact, after raising Asians' expectations of a more robust U.S. response to China's growing assertiveness, the Obama administration has started to tamp down the military aspects of its "pivot," emphasizing instead greater U.S.

  • Disney profit meets expectations, lifted by parks, ESPN

    The company that recently announced a blockbuster deal to buy "Star Wars" producer Lucasfilm reported diluted earnings per share of 68 cents.

  • George Lucas Met With Screenwriters, Mark Hamill & Carrie Fisher About 'Star ...

    Two days after it was announced, the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney and the revelation of a new trilogy of "Star Wars" films on the way continues spur discussion, excitement, speculation and more.

  • Disney Paints A Cloudy Picture For 2013

    ... be the most incredible year in studio history -- "Star Wars Episode 7" and "The Avengers 2" should both be absolute blockbusters.

  • David Petraeus Scandal: The Fall of a General

    7, and the CIA director was the keynote speaker at a high-minded foreign-policy conference in Washington held by the World Affairs Councils of America.

  • The future of the Western role-playing game

    The era of Diablo and Baldur's Gate evolved into The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind and Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, for example.

  • The iPad mini won me over (and Star Trek is to blame)

    Science fiction has a lot to answer for, at least for my expectations of tablets. Some sort of thin, highly ... Regular people aren't particularly bothered by platform wars, they're more interested in what a device can do for them. Like the characters ...

  • What's on this weekend?

    When and where: On now to 17 November 7 pm. Tickets ... It kicks off in the Star Wars theme - Julie Bishop is there with her death stare.

  • Sportsnet Mag: The book on RA Dickey

    Journalists pack into the area—cameras and microphones drawn—looking for a quote from the 37-year-old all-star, suddenly one of the best pitchers in baseball, the ultimate underdog.

  • Windows 8 Fail: 42% of Prospective Buyers Going Apple

    Antivirus software maker Avast surveyed more than 100,000 US Windows PC users and discovered what analyst expectations for Apple's business going forward - Macs sales will continue to do well and iPad sales will boom.

  • Surface Diary: Microsoft's tablet finds a home in our house

    And yes, it was a very good sign when Angry Birds Star Wars was available at launch for Windows 8. The problem, for Microsoft, is that these things represent the basic expectations when comes to tablets these days. They make the Surface a viable ...

  • New game birds play cuckoo in Nokia's nest

    Last weekend its new Star Wars version of the birds game took top spot in global download charts from Supercell, which had led for weeks with strategic battle game Clash of Clans.

  • 'My military hero'

    My papa Gary served in the Army during the Vietnam War. He was drafted to serve his country on December 7, 1967 at the age of only 19.

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