Thursday, November 1, 2012

Sandy survivors

  • Celebrity support for Sandy survivors; Bon Jovi, Springsteen to sing at benefit

    On November 1, celebrity support for the millions of people who have suffered due to Sandy's wrath has amped up big time.

  • Superstom Sandy survivors strive for normalcy, search for missing

    (CNN) - Survivors of Superstorm Sandy struggled Thursday to balance their need for normalcy with the emotionally devastating weight of tragedy.

  • Obama promises sustained relief to Sandy survivors

    Obama promises sustained relief to Sandy survivors. To view this site, you need to have Flash Player 9.0.115 or later installed.

  • Help Superstorm Sandy Survivors By Making A Donation To The American Red ...

    You can now help Superstorm Sandy survivors by making a donation to the American Red Cross via iTunes and the App Store on your Mac or iOS device.

  • Survivors of HMS Bounty sunk in Hurricane Sandy leave questions unanswered

    The US Coast Guard continued Thursday to search for Robin Walbridge, one of two sailors lost when the 180-foot HMS Bounty, a 1960 replica of a famous 18th-century merchant vessel, foundered and sank in the throes of hurricane Sandy on Monday.

  • Katrina, Joplin survivors offer advice to Sandy victims

    They want Sandy survivors to know a few things: You're probably on autopilot right now. You're moving through it. Stand in the ruins of the life you had before the disaster.

  • Hurricane Sandy Jersey Shore Survivors Left Cold And In The Dark

    ASBURY PARK, N.J. -- Before the storm, Kimberly Brooks went to the store and bought some extra food. Now her fridge stinks. "I wasn't thinking it was gonna be like this," she said.

  • Hurricane Sandy survivors post photos of their 'storm meals'

    NEW YORK, Nov 1 - Victims of Hurricane Sandy have been cleaning out their fridges, getting creative with their leftovers and posting their storm and post-storm meals on photo-sharing sites like Instagram.

  • Sea Bright survivors express shock, determination to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy

    RUMSON - Bruce Springsteen, New Jersey's poet laureate and Monmouth County's native son, wrote the song "My City of Ruins" in dedication to Asbury Park, the place where he began to make his musical dreams a reality.

  • Dazed flood survivors gather in Teterboro shelter in Sandy's wake

    TETERBORO - Yesenia Tolentino slowly peeled off about a half dozen layers of thin, trash bags from her sneakers. The makeshift coverings, she explained, were designed to protect her feet as walked through water-logged streets near her flooded home in ...

  • Sandy's survivors survey OC damage by light of day Tuesday

    The problems caused by Monday morning's high tide intensified with Monday night's high tide, which occurred during a full moon around the time of Hurricane Sandy's landfall just north of Ocean City. During a Tuesday afternoon press conference, Mayor ...

  • Comcast Unlocks Its Wi-Fi Hotspots to Hurricane Sandy Survivors

    Comcast Unlocks Its Wi-Fi Hotspots to Hurricane Sandy Survivors. by Andrew Tarantola. Paywalls guarding the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal fell first.

  • 4 Things Hurricane Sandy Survivors Can Get For Free

    As the East Coast assesses the damage from Sandy, it's nice to see some businesses and public services have decided to help out in whatever small way they can –– by giving people lots of free stuff.

  • East Coast Slowly Recovers from Sandy

    Rescuers searched flooded streets and swamped houses for survivors, drivers lined up for hours to get scarce gasoline and millions remained without power on Thursday as New York City and nearby coastal towns struggled to recover from one of the biggest ...

  • Storm survivors: Atlantic City's celebrated boardwalk cats return home

    So it was no surprise that these cats, who have survived many storms before, would seek shelter away from the beach during Sandy. The roughly 120 feral cats are the legacy of one of the most successful Trap-Neuter -Return (TNR) programs in the nation.

  • Cold, gloom can hurt survivors' safety, mood

    "Fire, warmth, light and interaction" are as critical as other basic needs to Sandy survivors' emotional well-being, said psychologist Joshua Klapow, an expert in disaster mental health at the University of Alabama-Birmingham.

  • Volunteers caring for Sandy survivors

    While the national news media focused on flooding, high winds, and predicted costly damage expected to be inflicted by Hurricane Sandy, volunteers across the Mid-Atlantic region were caring for evacuees in shelters and thousands of residents who have ...

  • Minnesota flood victims empathize with Sandy's survivors

    THOMSON, Minn. - Living among the 150 residents of Thomson, photographer Alan Johnson could not be more removed from New York, City.

  • Barack Obama comforts superstorm survivors

    TONY JONES, PRESENTER: US president Barack Obama is about to resume campaigning after taking time out to tour parts of New Jersey devastated by Hurricane Sandy. Ordinary Americans are also trying to get back into their routines, but that is proving ...

  • It could have been worse, say Sandy survivors

    VERMONT resident Apisai Tuiqere says while Superstorm Sandy was as destructive as predicted, the situation could have been worse had she maintained strength when she pummelled into East Coast America on Monday night.

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