Saturday, November 10, 2012

Richard carmona

  • Richard Carmona Fares Better Than President Obama, but Jeff Flake Will Be ...

    Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona pulled in more votes in Arizona than President Barack Obama, but that still left the former U.S.

  • Richard Carmona Election Results: Jeff Flake Topples Democrat In Arizona ...

    Democrat Richard Carmona came up short in his campaign for U.S. Senate in Arizona on Tuesday night. Carmona lost the contest to Republican Rep. Jeff Flake, who will now go on to fill the seat currently held by GOP Sen. Jon Kyl.

  • Carmona reflects on painful, inspiring race

    Dr. Richard Carmona has gotten hundreds of e-mails since his U.S. Senate opponent Rep. Jeff Flake was declared the winner of their race.

  • Richard Carmona letter undercuts Jon Kyl account

    Arizona Democrat Richard Carmona's campaign produced evidence Monday raising questions about Sen. Jon Kyl's account that he only had "one phone conversation" with Carmona to recruit him for an open congressional seat.

  • Richard Carmona moves to fend off anti-women attack

    It's been Democrats' mantra this campaign: Republicans are waging a "war on women." But GOP Rep. Jeff Flake is flipping the script on Democrat Richard Carmona just as he surges in the Arizona Senate contest. Flake's attack ads have raised questions ...

  • Jeff Flake Election Results: Richard Carmona Defeated In 2012 Arizona Senate ...

    Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) emerged the winner in the Arizona election for U.S. Senate over Democratic rival Richard Carmona on Tuesday night.

  • Senate hopeful makes pitch via 'Monday Night Football'

    2012 - Talk about a captive audience: The last ad of Democrat Richard Carmona's Arizona Senate campaign will air on ESPN's Monday Night Football.

  • Arizona Nonpartisan Senate Guide, Richard Carmona vs. Jeff Flake

    Are you looking for a nonpartisan guide to the Carmona/Flake US Senate race, one that contrasts candidate stands in a fair way?

  • Republican Jeff Flake wins US Senate seat in Ariz.

    Jeff Flake overpowered former Surgeon General Richard Carmona on Tuesday to capture an open Senate seat after a vicious campaign that became one of the nation's biggest-spending races and ended up being closer than Republicans originally expected ...

  • Richard Carmona and Jeff Flake Heat Up Battle for Arizona Senate Seat

    Jeff Flake said that his Democratic challenger Richard Carmona lacks the temperament for the job. Senate Democrats fired back with their own spot accusing Flake of voting against bulletproof vests for local police.

  • Richard Carmona Criticizes Jeff Flake Committee Attendance

    Democrat Richard Carmona's campaign has compiled a study that said Flake, a six-term congressman, has missed two-thirds of scheduled committee and subcommittee meetings during his tenure in Congress.

  • Due to career politician Jeff Flake's tea party extremism, Richard Carmona ...

    Richard Carmona led our last Arizona Senate poll, in early October, 45-43. What's happened since then is pretty straight forward- the Republican base has unified around Jeff Flake.

  • Carmona apologizes for calling male debate moderator 'prettier' than Crowley

    Arizona Senate candidate Richard Carmona apologized Friday for joking at a debate that the male moderator was "prettier" than Candy Crowley, the veteran female CNN journalist who moderated the presidential debate earlier this week.

  • Seeing as we're talking about Jon Kyl's public statements on Richard Carmona...

    Richard Carmona, the former surgeon general under President George W. Bush and the current Democratic Senate candidate in Arizona, recently came under scrutiny after Senator Jon Kyl revealed a memorable conversation the two had about the perks of ...

  • Jeff Flake Takes Arizona Senate Seat

    Former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, a Democrat, was unable to overcome Republican Rep. Jeff Flake, keeping the Senate seat from Arizona in the GOP column.

  • Richard Carmona Arizona Senate Effort Copies 'Team Awesome'

    Instead, Democrats are concentrating their energy on former U.S. surgeon general Richard Carmona, who is running for U.S. Senate, and former police officer Paul Penzone, running for Maricopa County sheriff.

  • AP: Arizona Election Updates

    Republican Jeff Flake has beaten former surgeon general Richard Carmona in the race to fill Arizona's U.S. Senate seat held by retiring Republican Sen. Jon Kyl.

  • Despite Arizona's many independents, third parties still face long odds

    WASHINGTON - Marc Victor's spokesman is realistic: The Libertarian nominee does not expect to break through the high-profile Senate standoff between Republican Jeff Flake and Democrat Richard Carmona. It's not for lack of trying. Victor made enough ...

  • Jeff Flake Wins Arizona Senate Race

    Jeff Flake will defeat Democrat Richard Carmona in what became a surprisingly competitive battle for Arizona's Senate seat, ABC News projects.

  • Flake, Carmona vie for Arizona's open Senate seat

    Congressman Jeff Flake, the Republican and former Surgeon General Richard Carmona, the Democrat, are locked in a tight race, vying to fill the post being vacated by retiring GOP Sen. Jon Kyl.

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