Friday, November 2, 2012

Retiring abroad

  • 11 Things to Know Before You Retire Overseas

    After three international moves across three continents with two kids, a dog, a turtle, a husband, and two businesses, I've learned a few things about relocating overseas.

  • Cost Of Elder Care Forcing Germans To Retire Abroad

    Cost Of Elder Care Forcing Germans To Retire Abroad. DIE WELT (Germany). Worldcrunch. BERLIN - A growing number of Germans are now moving to retirement homes in Eastern Europe, Spain or Thailand where aged care costs substantially less thanks ...

  • 5 Great Places to Retire in Panama

    Despite its small size, Panama offers a number of diverse lifestyle options to people interested in retiring overseas. There are appealing retirement choices for people with a variety of priorities and lifestyle preferences, ranging from the ...

  • 6 Beautiful and Affordable Places to Retire Abroad

    6 Beautiful and Affordable Places to Retire Abroad. Photo: REUTERS. Share. Print. Small Letter. Large Letter. Type Size: By MICHAEL FOSTER, Bankrate.

  • 2 Places to Retire Well on a Small Budget

    The most compelling reason to think about retiring overseas is the cost of living. Whatever your budget for retirement, it will stretch much further in many places around the world than it will in the U.S.

  • Marriage, retirement and age

    Q. I expect to marry a woman from abroad about two years after I retire. Does our age difference factor into her spousal annuity?

  • Guatemala Retirement: Better Than Costa Rica?

    Although exact numbers are hard to come by, as many as 3.3 million American baby boomers say they are planning to retire abroad, according to Travel Market Report, the industry publication. In addition to access to inexpensive but quality health care ...

  • Costa Rica: Attractive Retirement Destination for Expats

    Costa Rica News - Costa Rica has come up in the top ten of places for Expats to retire abroad. In particular its Central Valley which is home to the capital, San Jose, and 70 percent of the Costa Rican (or"Tico") population.

  • Spain Crisis Forces Emigration Upon The Young And Old

    According to a survey commissioned by Sigma Dos for the international news channel France 24, 69 percent of Spaniards between the ages of 45 and 64, and 58.2 percent of those who have reached retirement age, would be willing to go abroad. "People ...

  • Collapse in Ireland is Good News for Retirees

    With more than 25 years experience covering this beat, Kathleen reports daily on current opportunities for living, retiring, and investing overseas in her free e-letter.

  • 'Guam a good place to retire'

    HAGÅTÑA - Retirees now living on Guam may not agree, but a national website, MSN Money, has identified Guam as one of six "cheap places to retire abroad." Described as an "up and coming" destination where retirees can "easily live on an income of ...

  • David Stern's departure places greater focus on 2014

    Stern's decision to retire after 30 years has allowed many to reflect on the titanium-fisted reign of one of the greatest commissioners in the history of professional sports.

  • Sun rises in East, retires in West for expats: survey

    PARIS - Asia is fast becoming a top destination for professional people and executives who go abroad for their companies, their careers and their bank accounts.

  • Nigeria seeks to beef up farming industry

    Some people retire at 65 and move abroad in search of sun. Graham Hatty travelled to the middle of Nigeria to carve a farm out of tropical forest.

  • Edwin Q. White, former AP Saigon chief, dies

    The usually imperturbable journalist - who had planned to retire with his family in Vietnam - later said the biggest regret of his career was ''joining the big bug-out from Saigon in '75, something .

  • Wash U Dean, St. Louis Police Chief Named Eisenhower Fellows

    Jennifer R. Smith, PhD, dean of the College of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis, is one of eight U.S. citizens selected to go abroad in 2013 as an Eisenhower USA Fellow. Retired Gen. Colin L. Powell, chairman of Eisenhower ...

  • NBA Commish Stern announces 2014 retirement

    The Larry Bird/Magic Johnson era ushered in the Michael Jordan era and that's when Stern really saw the dollar signs, not just at home, but abroad. Stern, resistant at first, allowed NBA players to compete in the Olympics, starting in 1992. Remember ...

  • Disney's Marvel-Like Lucasfilm Deal Sees Many Avengers: Real M&A

    Lucasfilm has sold its products abroad via distribution deals with third-party agents, which can be cut out under Disney's ownership, said Evercore's Gould, who's based in New York.

  • Brain drain dims achievements

    Unhappy at poor pay package and other facilities at home, and attracted by greater opportunities abroad, at least 300 scientists went into self-retirement from the public research institutions under NARS over the last one decade while 30 percent more ...

  • Rich Chinese want to buy happiness -- by emigrating

    They're not going abroad for economic opportunity - they're already wildly successful - or political activism, but for a quality of life that money can't buy in China.

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