Friday, November 2, 2012


  • Wonjongkam announces retirement

    Maybe he will change his mind like many fighters do, but former two-time flyweight titleholder and Thai legend Pongsaklek Wonjongkam has announced his retirement, according to the Bangkok Post. The 35-year-old Wonjongkam, with 93 fights to his credit, ...

  • Retirement in MMA: Walking Away from the Cage Can Be a Difficult Choice to ...

    Earlier this week UFC president Dana White announced the official retirement of Stephan Bonnar. For more than a decade "The American Psycho" gave MMA fans a reason to get excited any time his name was on the card.

  • NASA's last space shuttle heading to Florida retirement home

    CAPE CANAVERAL, Florida (Reuters) - NASA's third and last surviving space shuttle will move to its retirement home on Friday after a 10-mile road trip from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

  • Mood of the Nation: Some optimism amid struggles

    People were asked about jobs, housing, gas prices, retirement and other issues. Among them were: - Adrienne Cragnotti, 46, and Mike Eiler, 41, of Chicago.

  • Retirement Weather: Avoid Superstorms In These 5 Overseas Destinations

    Lots of retirement locales are lovely. Some offer sandy shorelines while others boast a lower cost of living. But how many destinations can really provide you with absolute certainty that you will never have to endure the wrath of a storm like ...

  • Retirement and the Fiscal Cliff

    Retired investors appear to have a better grasp of the issues surrounding the fiscal cliff, and many plan to reallocate their retirement assets should Congress fail to soften its impact, according to the latest monthly poll from Millionaire Corner ...

  • ING's Lindberg on Retirement Income Planning for Advisors

    On Tuesday ING Financial Partners, the broker-dealer of ING U.S., announced a new retirement income planning practice management program for its 1,400 advisors offering training and education on various aspects of the planning process.

  • New York Yankees Offseason: Mariano Rivera's Retirement Is Best Option

    Mariano Rivera is the best closer in the history of Major League Baseball. That's not an opinion, that's a bona fide fact, accepted and defended by anyone who can be considered a baseball fan.

  • Retirement Advice Tops Agenda of Young Investors

    Young investors appear to appreciate the importance retirement planning and are more likely to seek retirement advice than help with any other financial issue, according to a recent Millionaire Corner study of Main Street Americans.

  • How to Reinvent Yourself in Retirement

    Retirement offers the promise of living the life you have always wanted to. You now have the opportunity to take it easy or explore a brand new career.

  • Future Hall of Fame Tight End Tony Gonzalez Likely to Retire After This Season

    When asked about his great start to the season, Atlanta Falcons' tight end Tony Gonzalez was quick to credit quarterback Matt Ryan first and foremost.

  • Will Seadrill Help You Retire Rich?

    With decades to go before you need to tap your investments, you can take greater risks, weighing the chance of big losses against the potential for mind-blowing returns.

  • Will Donovan regain inner motivation?

    The face of American soccer has grown droopy. It appeared on television again Wednesday night, in close-up, with sad, bloodshot eyes, looking haggard and melancholy.

  • Are These the FTSE 100's Ultimate Retirement Shares?

    LONDON -- The last five years have been tough for those in retirement. Portfolio valuations have been hammered, and annuity rates have plunged.

  • 46 Huntsville educators take retirement incentives on first day

    HUNTSVILLE, Alabama - A total of 46 Huntsville educators signed up Thursday for a new retirement incentive program aimed at giving the school district extra time to line up replacements.

  • Nearing Retirement? 5 Must-Do Steps

    Take a look at any pensions from current or former employers. Depending upon the rules of the plan, you may have several decisions to make with regard to your pension benefit if you are covered by one.

  • Lexington Resident Considers Retirement After $2M Win

    For now he plans on heading back to work, as a supervisor in Lexington, but says that early retirement may be a real possibility for him now, depending upon the performance of investing the winnings.

  • The 10 Commandments of Retirement Investing: Part II

    After spending some time yesterday to discuss the first part of an abbreviated form of Richard C. Young's "10 Commandments of Investing," let's take a look at the final five commandments and how they can help prepare investors for retirement.

  • Kroeger serves up retirement plans

    "I don't regret anything that we tried, but some things we only tried once." Kroeger hopes to spend more time with his grandchildren and have the opportunity to travel in his retirement. "I want to stay close, and I'm still going to go to the football ...

  • Retirement party planned for undersheriff

    A retirement party has been organized for recently retired Warren County Undersheriff Robert Swan. Swan retired last month after a 33-year career with the Sheriff's Office and Warren County District Attorney's Office. The event will be Nov. 15 at The ...

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