Sunday, November 11, 2012


  • Republicans say deal can be done on US "fiscal cliff"

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior Republican senator voiced confidence on Sunday that U.S. lawmakers would forge a deal on the year-end "fiscal cliff," while a top aide to President Barack Obama signaled a willingness to compromise over raising tax rates ...

  • Mitt Romney Latino Loss Shows Republicans 'Have Been Their Own Worst Enemy'

    "He said, 'Lionel, Latinos are Republicans -- they just don't know it yet.'" The idea that Latino voters represent a sort of lost Republican tribe in need of a GPS remains pervasive in the GOP. But Sosa and other Latino conservatives said that when the ...

  • Graham Says Republicans to Resume US Immigration-Reform Talks

    A divisive congressional debate on immigration in 2006 and 2007 "built a wall" between Republicans and Hispanic voters, Graham said on CBS' "Face the Nation" program.

  • Republicans need to dust themselves off: George Will

    Most voters already favor less punitive immigration policies than the ones angrily advocated by clenched-fist Republicans unwilling to acknowledge that immigrating -- risking uncertainty for personal and family betterment -- is an entrepreneurial act.

  • Republicans' 'worst cycle ever for polling'

    Across the party's campaigns, committees and super PACs, internal polling gave an overly optimistic read on the electorate. The Romney campaign entered the last week of the election convinced that Colorado, Florida and Virginia were all but won, that ...

  • Obama needs to step up and make nice with Republicans

    But given the strained relationship between Obama and Republicans, the Reagan-O'Neill kind of easy, informal get-together seems highly unlikely.

  • Dems, GOP fight brewing over curbing filibusters

    WASHINGTON -- A brewing and potentially bitter fight over Democratic efforts to curb filibusters is threatening to inflame partisan tensions in the Senate, even as President Barack Obama and Republicans explore whether they can compromise on top tier ...

  • Advice for Republicans in 2016

    By Halloween, Republican insiders were starting the blame game. It was Hurricane Sandy and that turncoat Chris Christie who did in Mitt Romney, and he didn't do himself any favors by running TV ads in Ohio that drew rebukes from Chrysler and GM.

  • Still stunned, Republicans start courting Hispanic vote

    WASHINGTON: Republican leaders are abandoning their long-standing opposition to granting 11 million illegal immigrants the right to stay in the US after Barack Obama's overwhelming victory among Hispanic voters in last week's election.

  • Weak showing among minorities has Republicans rethinking strategy

    While the Republican nominee campaigned almost exclusively among white voters - whose share of the electorate has been shrinking for decades - President Barack Obama was rebuilding a dynamic coalition of young voters, women, African-Americans, ...

  • Tom Coburn: Republicans 'didn't explain to people what we're for'

    One lesson of the 2012 election is that Republicans must do a better job of explaining what the GOP stands for, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.

  • Their View: Republicans should combine pragmatism with purity

    On the one hand, Tuesday's election results offer Republicans no silver lining. In addition to Mitt Romney's loss, Republicans were creamed in too many gimme Senate elections. GOP candidates came up short because the party turned itself into a ...

  • LETTER: Republicans are sore losers

    Per your report in the paper today, the Republicans are outlining strategies to keep Ritz from reversing policies she campaigned against during the elections.

  • Republicans in state of shock

    It is very difficult to fully understand at this time the reason for Gov. Mitt Romney's defeat in the presidential race just concluded a few days ago.

  • Republican losses show Inland Empire's political shift

    In 2010, voters in both counties favored Republican Meg Whitman over Brown in the gubernatorial race and Republican Carly Fiorina over Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-Calif.

  • What Republicans can learn from the 2012 election

    Much to think about here going into the future thinking is always good and maybe step back and and give it at least some time to think that you wrote -- this -- the Republicans really don't need to change their principles. Of fundamental principles ...

  • Republicans make inroads, but most Jewish voters stay with Democrats

    Jewish voters' support for President Barack Obama slipped in South Florida in 2012, but Republicans failed to peel away large numbers of Jews from their long-standing allegiance to the Democratic Party, despite a multi-year effort and millions of ...

  • Congressional Republicans' 'Compromise': Everyone Should Accept Romney ...

    Seemingly ignoring that over than 3 million more Americans voted for President Obama than Mitt Romney on Tuesday, Congressional Republicans are moving quickly to embrace Speaker John Boehner's (R-OH) call to adopt a tax "compromise" that is ...

  • Republicans blew this election with insults, immature behavior

    Republicans blew this election with insults, immature behavior. Republicans blew it. In the campaign, the party behaved as if there was a revolution.

  • State Republicans have a way back, if they want it

    As of this writing, Rob McKenna has lost his bid for governor, and Kim Wyman has barely won the secretary of state's race. That's a shame - for the state, not just them.

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